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I’m not happy… The name Leandro Damiao rings in the ears of every Spurs fan, and has certainly been the cause of a few stress headaches. The long pursuit of this undeniably talented player has been shambolic. I was all set this week to write a piece about our newest opinion-divider, Lewis Holtby, but the saga surrounding the young Brazilian has distracted me. How many Transfer Windows has Spurs been linked with Damiao? 4? 5? Feels like an eternity. And every time the Window closes, we fans are left wanting. The closest we came was an apparent Eleventh Hour punt on the last day of January’s Window, but still with no success. However, these past few days it has been very widely reported by just about every Sports news outlet – almost with a distasteful sense of glee – that Southampton are seriously targeting Leandro’s signature. My first reaction was to laugh it off, to say: “if WE, serious Top 4 contenders, can’t get it done, how in the world could the Saints get it done, finishing a poor 14th last season?” But then I remembered two things…that stranger things have happened, and that Spurs has dreadful luck when it comes to the transfer market. I’m still not overly convinced by Southampton’s potential bid, but still…there is something lingering at the back of my mind.

Let’s forget Southampton F.C. for a moment, and consider who is to blame for the shambles surrounding the relationship between Tottenham and Damiao. Clearly, someone’s to blame for our failure to catch him thus far. Seems to me that there are three suspects, and at least one of them is responsible.

The first suspect surely has to be Spurs’ own Top Brass. Once upon a time, Daniel Levy was both feared and respected due to the reputation he had garnered as a staunch negotiator. But as time went by, his reputation was tainted by a string of botched pursuits – all due his miserly tightening of the purse strings. Indeed, his ‘stinginess’ undoubtedly contributed to our failure to land Leandro back in January. Similarly, Levy loves to wait until the last minute to do business, so he can squeeze every shilling, and obtain the best bargain. Now fiscal responsibility is all very well and good. Managers should seek out bargains where possible…but not at the price of completely bungling a high priority transfer! There were, of course, other factors working against Damiao’s transfer in January, for example 3rd party ownership, but these could easily have been settled if the price was right. It wasn’t.

However, Levy might not be the only guilty party here. Leandro’s club, Internacional, have probably been complicit. Their asking price for Damiao is impossible to fathom, given the complicated structure of player ownership over in Brazil. At times it has been reported that the Centre-Forward could go for as little as £13 million. Then it was £17 million. Now it seems to be around £21 million. Levy may have his transfer-related faults, but there’s no denying that signing Damiao is like wading slowly through a minefield…having to tip-toe past each stake-holder for fear of the transfer blowing up in your face.

The third suspect taking the blame for the Damiao saga is definitely the least popular – the frenzied Sports Media. Sports journalists have a knack for sensationalising every rumour, and they are very successful at turning a whole lot of nothing into a complete sh*t storm. Essentially, what I’m saying is that the Damiao saga probably doesn’t even exist, but is an annoying concoction…a figment of Sports Rags’ imaginations. Spurs have been linked with Leandro for over 2 years, but there has only ever been one bid, and that looked half-hearted. Does a single bid, in a single Transfer Window really justify 2 years of intense media speculation? I don’t think so.

The saddest thing about the Damiao saga is that Spurs fans have started to blame the player…assuming that, because we haven’t signed him, it’s his fault; he doesn’t want to come to us. The anger is misplaced. If the Top Brass REALLY wants him, they can go and get him. He’s available, and even appears to have a semi-concrete pricetag of £21 million. His agent is apparently in talks with the Saints, because, on the face of it, they are really interested. Clearly, then, if 14th placed Southampton can chase him, so can we. Levy, Baldini, and Villas-Boas just look to have lost interest. This, I submit, is a massive mistake! It’s no secret in my family that I’m intensely fond of the player…and am frequently criticised by my brother for replacing Fred for Leandro on FIFA 13 when I play as Brazil. Damiao has tons of talent, he’s young, but still mature, has time to improve on his already fine ability, and is, frankly, a steal at the £20 million I think we can get him for.

I have major doubts about Benteke, Soldado has been massively over-priced by Valencia, given he has recently turned 28, Seville are trying it on with a £24 million asking price for Negredo, Gomez is excellent, but probably just a bit out of reach, Hulk was bought for £52 million a year ago…there’s no way Spurs could ever get close to that. I’m very happy that a bid for Villa is materialising, but a single striker, at 31 years of age, and a history of injury, really needs at least one youthful partner on the pitch. For me, that is most definitely Leandro. GO GET HIM!

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  1. Spot on James,Damiao is the man for us. At 23 he's the perfect age. Will I rate Villa and I think he would be a good signing we probaby need him and Damiao. With a bit of competition it might bring the best out of Defoe and Adebayor? We need thm to play in Europa League and keep the two new boy for the games on Sunday !!

    • What everyone is forgetting is that Saints are one of the richest clubs in the prem-we are owned by the Liebherr family,who are worth billions,and have given the go ahead to chairman Nicholas Cortese to bring in the players needed to achieve the dream of European action for Saints in the not too distant future.
      So PLEASE, stop calling us a 'small club'-watch us go next season if we land some of the players being linked to us!

  2. Yes, I agree Damiao is a better bet than say, Soldado, three years older and apparently at least 5 million more expensive. And comparable strike rates — Soldado at 58% over the past three seasons and Damiao 55%. Plus with the Brazilians already at Spurs I'm sure Damiao could help make some great combinations.

  3. Gomez is the one, he would come if he thought the money was good enough. Unfortunately it is the way of the football world now, not just the prem.

    • Yes I I think that it should be Gomez , with another striker maybe Loic Remy and Bernard . And bring In some of our young lions to play alongside them .

  4. What a load of old rubbish based on hear say and conjecture! You know nothing factual about any dealings for this player by Spurs or even if he is any good. Have you watch him play at all? I doubt it, I suspect you are probably more of a baseball kinda guy!

  5. Rubbishspotter…I think you should write an article since you seem to have it figured out. Don't sit an criticize. I liked this particular article and I do not enjoy other articles, but I appreciate the time and effort all fans put into writing. Most fan articles are going to be opinion based or else we can just look up the statistics and numbers on the internet. Remember we're all on the same team.

  6. You know we have a link with his club right? Couldn't it be just be that we are being lazy with this after so long to focus on other targets? When or if Southampton bid is accepted can't we just go " we will match it". Then they have done all the talk to get the price down and we go in with a bigger contract and European football and he is ours?

    I'm probably being optimistic, but hey I'm a spurs it's what we do.

  7. Don't doubt that Southampton will pay £21m, a lot of fans at other clubs (mainly Liverpool fans when they signed Gaston Ramirez last season) are guilty of underestimating them because they have only just been promoted back to the premier league. The truth is they are owned by the Liebherr family one of the richest family dynasty's in Europe and reports are they have £50m to spend this summer with £8m already spent on the centre back Lovren from Lyon, they have had a £12m bid accepted by Celtic for Wanyama, and also look like signing Ever Benega from Valencia. The chairman down there wants to be playing in Europe very soon. I think spurs heads may be looking elsewhere other than Damiao now anyway.

  8. why would he want to go to horrible London when theres a chance to play on the beautiful South coast and the New forest, reckon he is coming to Southampton pal.

  9. look damiao does not want to come to tottenham, so it's a no brainer, let him rot where he is, and go after soldado and benteke, at least we know what we are getting, forget damiao………..

  10. I'd be interested to know how much all of you people screaming for Damiao have actually seen of him.

    His club clearly want rid (they've been fishing for what, 2 years?), but nobody is showing an interest, other than Southampton. If he were that good, there would likely be more clubs interested.

    This has been built up so much, I sense disappointment would be an inevitability should he sign.

    Move on. Please.

    • He was the top scorer in the Olympics with 5 goals, and yes, I did watch him. Great player! And his club are looking to cash in because of the contractual situation ie the pizza ownership.

  11. Did you guys not see him play in the Olympics in 2012? He is regarded in Brazil as better han Fred & Jo. My mate lives n Brazil and seen him play a few times last year and said he has it al to play in the Premiership. He would have playedn the Cnfed Cup but for injury.

  12. Mate, how can you have doubts about Benteke who scored 19 goals in the PL alone, and then sing Damiao’s praises when he scored a COMBINED total of 18 goals including cups and for the internationa team? Also, Benteke is younger, faster, stronger, starts for his national team and is arguably a better finisher than Damiao, in fact, the only thing Damiao beats Benteke on is his flair, diving, and clever use of tricks.

    Honestly, the article wasn’t bad and I do think Damiao is a quality player. I just think that statistics don’t lie and that currently Benteke is better and has a higher ceiling than Damiao. Also, I really don’t understand how you can have doubts about Benteke when he performed phenomenally in the PL and yet you (seemingly) have none for Damiao who is plying his trade in a foreign league. Very confused about it.

  13. I think Spurs have simply awakened to the fact that this Damiao would just not be good enough for a team looking for top 4. Better they get someone who has more of a physical presence like Benteke, or Solado.

  14. Our he just don’t want 2 go 2 a one man team if it wont for are ex player you lot won’t even of been in the top 4

  15. you spurs fans are just like scouses, think they are big clubs still, ha ha , why not come to us weve got more money and will be champs league in 2 years time

  16. I have been informed by a Brazilian reporter on this matter and the Southampton interest is very real. Last years deal fell through at the 11th hour because Damiao's agent wanted too much for players wages. Everything had been agreed but the agent got greedy. Now to put another twist in here Zenit have now shown interest. We cannot hope to get into a bidding war with them but what we could offer is a way out for want away striker Hulk. I have also been I formed by the reporter that no one in Brazil rates either Damiao or Hulk. So I guess we can go for either it won't make a difference. I can say I would prefer Hulk if we could get a loan to purchase deal happening just cause AVB has gotten the best out of him before.

  17. Damiao is going to Napoli. They are raising their bid to €21 million and Internacional are in the process of trying to sign Saviola in brazil to replace him. So Damiao is done for Spurs. The people I talk to in brazil don't rate him highly anyways. Fred would be a better by or Bernard


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