In my last article, I stressed the necessity of a certain Mr Levy to authorise the purchase of an out and out goal machine and days later, the industrious Soldado was purchased. That great piece of business also looks to ease the nightmares and trauma caused by Adebayor to Spurs fans by pretending to be a striker for the most part of last season. But this is a new one!

The mouth watering prospect of witnessing arguably one of the most talented batch of players at Spurs ever, is well and truly a thought that is bound to lubricate the imagination into the furthest parts of the galactic universe.

Now speaking of the galactico’s, a peculiar and annoying picture comes to mind. Heralding from the capital of Spain in the unmistakable Estadio Bernabeu, Real Madrid have literally become a thorn in my beloved Tottenham’s side. Not only have they meticulously attempted to unsettle our prized Welsh asset but if reports be true, they also want to make their purchase in instalments over 5 years! Florentino Perez must think the HP on our shirt means hire purchase and with whispers that they haven’t even finalised the £35m payment of Modric from last year, it remains to be seen how they can bankroll the speculated world record transfer fee for Bale. The question being repeatedly asked is, will Bale go or won’t he? Shakespeare’s sililoquy of ‘to be or not to be’ comes to mind and in my personal opinion I think it’s a win-win situation whether bale goes or not. That I will explain in detail in another episode.

For the time being, suffice me to elaborate on our chances, which look very good on paper, of a highly productive and successful season. The facts are however, the games are not won on paper and its what happens on the pitch that counts. We have no reason to fear my fellow Tottenham comrades in this coming season, the future is bright the future is lilywhite…

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  1. There is a danger in assuming everything is going to run smoothly a Tottenham this season.

    The new signings are exciting but there is no guarentee of success. the English heartbeat and nucleus of the team is being dismantled and this may become apparent if things don't go well.

    Expect inconsistency during the transition and I it doesn't happen be thankful. The current expectation is getting too much.


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