Poor refereeing costs Tottenham again


As I said in an article in April which i repeated again in on 6th May, poor refereeing would cost us again this season. Many disputed that with me, saying we shouldn’t blame the refs. I will be giving my end of season report during the next week or so, but for the moment iIwill reiterate what i said before that referees would have a massive say in our season – and so it proved to be.

Fortunately we still beat Sunderland even after Andre Marriner’s pathetic performance where we had 3 stonewall penalties, yet he unbelievably booked Bale for our first penalty and then the 2 handballs which the ‘so called’ referee could not see. Is it any wonder that we did not get One Penalty in the Premiership during the whole season and why we have not had one penalty at WHL in 2 years.

But it was our old friend Howard Webb, some 300 miles away in the North East, who once again ruined everything for our club. I made the point before that Howard Webb was actually one of the worst, but in all fairness, every single one of them are useless. But Mr.Webb allowed the Woolwich Wanderers a ‘goal’ that was a yard offside against Newcastle that ended our Champions League place.

So unfortunately, what I said came true, but until the referees give fair decisions to all teams and not just to the so called top four, every single supporter of all the other clubs should treat all the referee’s with the contempt they deserve.

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  1. You would struggle to find a more nailed on penalty since the start of the season and yet once again we have been denied and come away with a yellow card instead!! I don't blame Marriner (he never was an y good) – I blame the officials who appoint these sub standard referees. It's so unfair and I can ay that I've never seen a crowd so incensed at a wrong decision. If we had been awarded the penalty which we were entitled to it would have put more pressure on the Gooners and could well have changed the final outcome. It appeared that the referee was deep in conversation with Bale before the start of the second half and from the body languageI and gestures it appeared as if he was apologising! Bit late!! I always check before our games to ensure that we haven't drawn Webb or Clattenburg – now I'll need to add Marriner to the list

  2. Pointless article as our league position is not the result of poor referees but the inactivity in the transfer windows to replace the creative players we lost i.e. Modric and VDV, as well as trying to get through a whole season with only to strikers neither of which are either consistent or good enough ! Levy should have put his hand in his pocket and invested but chose to gamble on getting top four on the cheap. Well done Levy, AVB did his part but didn't do yours, time to sign quality not quantity ! ps don't buy Villa to old and wont cope with EPL.

    • You prick Cas. Of course it was'nt a pointless article. Referee's HAVE cost us this year. Also, not directly in our particular matches, but the biased ref decisions for arsenal against Norwich and Fulham where they gave them 6 points – which made a complete diference to us.

  3. I dont support Arsenal or Spurs but I can honestly say that this moaning from the Spurs manager and fans about not getting a penalty, which they may or may not have scored, affecting a game taking place about 300 miles away is as ridiculous as Ive heard! I actually think Spurs have the better squad but for the second season running you have blown a massive lead over your main rivals…and you blame a ref for not giving you a penalty in a game which you won anyway. Spurs fans, take a bow, youre the most bitter, childish sore losers of season 2012/13.

    • Sam… You are wrong of course as last year we got 4th but no CL because Chelsea won the CL place so even though they finished out of the CL places they ended up with the 4th spot…Not a Chelsea supporter by any chance?


  5. i think the referee was very poor and it would of put pressure on Arsenal if we scored earlier . But also some stupid spurs fans shouting and screaming for no reason suggesting that Newcastle had scored did not help i watching the game on tv as soon as i heard the fans shouting i turned over the channel because i thought newcastle must of scored but they didnt even shoot

    • The reason some fans were excited was that some loverble gooner had put on twitter that Newcastle had equalised – even Lord Sugar was taken in. But of course it was'nt true, but you cant blame the fans for getting excited at the thought.

  6. St David Dein always intercedes for the Arse !!! His influence is the Ref Olympus is still great.
    He will nevertheless kick the bucket someday !!

  7. Oh Cheeky, why are you always right. If people read all your articles everyone will realise you are nearly always 100% right. It is a shame you are though as if you'd have been wrong just once we would be playing Champions League next season. But is is so refreshing to have someone speak as they find and give their opinion and not be worried by the cretinous replies you sometimes get. I am slready looking forward to next season, not just for the football but for your articles. Please keep up the really great work, and please be wrong at least once next time around lol.

  8. Well of course Cheeky you were right again and no doubt the refs have once more influenced the outcome of the Premier League. One rule for 4, another rule for the rest. Until we get total fairness things wont change.

  9. Well of course Cheeky you were right again and no doubt the refs have once more influenced the outcome of the Premier League. One rule for 4, another rule for the rest. Until we get total fairness things wont change.

  10. The FA, the referess's the politics of the premier league are all thats wrong with our game. Of course Man U, Man C, Chelski and the Scum dont want any change, why should they when they get 'everything' thrown at them for their own wellbeing.

  11. Grow up spuds you just were not good enough

    I have a lot of spud mates and you all the same

    Accept you are the lesser north London side

    Stop blaming silly things

    Like it was cos of the ref we didn’t qualify for

    Champions league over one match

    And look back over 100 years the stats don’t lie

    • Your right, gooner, the stats dont lie. Your club Paid to be put in the league at our expense years ago, and have probably been paying – through avid Dean – every year since. Bribary and corruption have the Arsenal name all over it.

  12. As an avid Spurs fan – Im finding it very hard to swallow that we are once again left without C.L. football next year. However- to blame refs for not qualifying is totally ridiculous. Think back to the game against Everton (2 -1 up with about 5 minutes left and drawing 2-2) and defeats against Fulham and the like have all contributed to our 5th place.
    At times this season , We have not played with the conviction of a team chasing a C.L. place. The chopping and changing of our back 4 has been a nightmare and conceding many goals to set pieces and corners have left me wondering why we are so jittery at the back !!
    I think AVB has learnt a lot from this campaign and will be better prepared next season -( I feel some of his team selections and tactics were a bit naive this time round.)
    We definately need to strengthen the squad with some quality and despite some crucial goals at the end -Addie just isnt "IT"
    I feel we need 2 solid quality defenders and a top class striker to bolster what I think is a quality team in the making.
    As a last comment – I live in South Africa and we do see many more live games then the UK does (about 8 or 9 live games per weekend and most mid -week games) but occassionally our game is not broadcast . Can anybody tell me where I can pick up the streaming broadcast on the net – I cant seem to find any reliable site !!


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