Soldado fires parting shot at Valencia president ahead of Spurs switch


Roberto Soldado has launched a scathing attack on Valencia president ahead of his proposed move to Tottenham Hotspur.

The Spanish international is to undergo a medical with Spurs on Friday and claims that one of his main motives for a move were to get a clean break away from president Amadeo Salvo.

Soldado told a gathering of media at Valencia airport which appeared as a video on Youtube, Spurs fan @spurspanyol kindly summarised the interview for us…

He said he didn’t believe in the project and since the first day he met Salvo he wanted to leave. He says because of Salvo a lot of lies have been said about him and his agents; who are like family to him.

He decided to leave as soon as he lost faith in the project. The president has lied to me personally. He made me lose my illusion. He feels he could of done things better but he wasn’t told the truth a lot of times. He said he hopes he’s wrong and it turns out to be the best era in Valencia’s history. He said the offer from Tottenham was the best for him and for his family.

Soldado continued by saying he was satisfied with the negotiations but says they could of been done more sincerely and that he is still another Valencian.

He concluded by saying that he “hoped” Bale would stay at Tottenham.  

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  1. Come on bale stay with us one more year you won’t regret it you will love it and enjoy your football more than ever.

  2. He can hope all he wants but Bale will be gone within a week. Do you honestly think Levy would be throwing close to 50m around if it wasn’t coming back with interest. I’d love Bale to stay for another season and be part of what is shaping up to be a very solid looking team but at the same time 90+ million can buy the goals he scored and more so the transfer makes sense to me. Jamie redcraps comment about “spurs are a selling club” is to throw away. Yes we’ve sold our star player a few times but other than the two big Spanish clubs, who hasn’t? At least we always get top top dollar, unlike others I could mention…..arse!!!

      • Fiscally it makes every sense for that money! He's just not that good, for all the amazing goals he's scored that people cant get out of their heads just doesn't make up for the thousand times he took a shot last season from a ridiculous position rather than lay it off for a tap in. There is a direct correlation between Defoe and Adebayor's terrible stike record and Gareth Bale not passing. Amazing potential, could be the greatest player in the world, would definately benefit him to stay at Spurs but 80 odd mil. Bye Gareth, thanks very much. X I

        • You talk nonsense. You might aswell just shut up

          Your clearly not a spurs fan and don’t live Anywere

          Near north london. Get out

  3. Gareth Bale has let us down, cash in and get rid. Didn't have the balls to put in official transfer request. They way Real Madrid have conducted themselves has shown they are not a real club. Personally I would have thought Barca or Bayern is better option offer stability and don't change manager every season. Bale is just a small pawn in the presidents games and when he gets bored bale will be forgotten about. Bale you are no ronaldo or messi

    • I'm not a fan of slagging people off on the internet but you are a moron.
      How has he let us down?
      Show me a quote in ANY of the B.S. articles you read where he says anything other than positive things about being happy at Spurs and Working with AVB.
      Didn't have the balls to put in a transfer request?
      What a knob you are

  4. Who was the last British player to succeed in Spain or Italy in the last 10 years. Take BECKHAM out of the equation as he did not play many games and was a show pony. Remember who takes virtually all the free kicks for Real ? Ronaldo. I want you to stay at the lane GB, and I doubt if you will get more than 17/18 goals at Real.

  5. Sick of the Bale saga now – let’s not forget that we have now brought in 3 very , very good players now this summer Soldado is who we have been waiting for : let’s not forget we have finished in the top 4 in two of the last four seasons and -WITHOUT ANY SORT OF STRIKER FIREPOWER. Chadli is a great signing and will give us the speed and assists that we have been lacking on the wings since Bale moved inside , and we’ve all seen what Paulinho can do . Lets celebrate our new stars – now is the time fire their limelight :) if Bale really wants to go then so be it , obviously IF he wants to go and finish second in the league every season behind Barcelona and pick up his embarrassing paycheck every week and is content with that , instead of becoming a Spurs Hall of Famer , there’s no point him sticking around . But we are a better , more powerful side now , with it without him . COYS

  6. Totally agree with you Adzspur. If Bale wants to play for money (cos he's a professional), so be it. If he wants fame & fortune, who can deny him? Most players are like BAE's mould. They play for money, not for their hearts. Players come and go but there is only one player that made me shed my tears when he hung up his boot. He is The Best Is, The Best There Was & The Best That There Will Ever Be……………..Long live THE KING. So what I'm trying to say is…………this is life…….Get On With It.


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