We can do well without Bale, but…


We’re all getting a bit sick of the Bale saga. Imagine how we’d have felt if we’d known from the start that discussions about his contract had been going on since last year?!

Anyway, for what it’s worth, here are my thoughts.

Does Bale really want to go to Real Madrid?

Who knows. One of the few things we know for certain is that Real and their publicity machine have behaved like complete *********’s (feel free to insert your own epithet here) for a considerable period of time – tapping up Bale and his Manager long before any official approach to Spurs. (UEFA please note, this is against your rules, so feel free to hand out some serious punishments).

Did Levy really promise Bale he could leave if we failed to get into CL and a decent offer came in – as Bale is supposed to have quoted?

Again, who knows. That sort of vehement attack seems at odds with Bale’s normal gentle demeanor. All we know for certain here is that Levy has stated publicly that Bale is not for sale at any price. Now you don’t need a long memory to recall Levy’s conversation with Luca Modric in similar circumstances. And we all know how that turned out. Levy is not a man to buckle under pressure and Bale’s manager, Jonathan Barnett, can moan all he likes. If Bale refuses to sign a contract extension, all that’s likely to happen is that Bale will remain at Spurs for another year on exactly the same money as last. I doubt that his value will drop much between this year and next. Still, I hope there can be a more acceptable resolution for both parties.

Should we hang onto Bale at any price?

This is a trickier question to answer. Let’s put aside the laughable 52 million pound bid supposedly tabled by Real. Let’s say the ghastly Spaniards do eventually make a formal offer of something around the 85 million mark. If Levy decides to accept this (I’m just being hypothetical here), all we actually have to replace are the missing 20-25 goals that Bale is likely to plundered for us. With Soldado, Paulhino and Chadli added to the team, we have to assume that this is very achievable. And having that sort of money also means we can look at other players previously outside our price range. Perhaps another decent striker and someone to bolster the defence? Someone who knows how to defend a bloody corner perhaps?

This is the argument propagated in the film ‘Moneyball’. It’s a pragmatic view of life without Gareth. It means that, should Gareth go, all is not lost by any means. Yet I feel for Daniel Levy in this, because whichever decision he makes he’s going to be vilified by a section of the Spurs fanbase.

For my part, if Bale does indeed go, I would mourn the lost thrill he brings to the game. I would miss the sheer joy of seeing a consummate athlete and currently one of the world’s top players at the very peak of his game, in a Tottenham shirt. You see I love the idea of us having a player that opposing teams fear and opposing fans covet. And watching Gareth turn on the afterburners or slam in a goal from distance, well it’s a big reason why I go to Spurs. Good luck Daniel. I hope you get him to stay…voluntarily.

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  1. Makes a change to read a good article with honesty in there. I have always been a yid and love watching spurs. Gareth does hive it that little bit more excitement but £85+m is a lot of money. Daniel Levy is a hard man with tottenham at heart it seems and you are never going to please everyone as with the article I hope Gareth Bale does stay but ONLY if wants to and wants to continue growing as a player.

    Fingers crossed he stays :)

  2. Please Gareth sacrifice one year of your golden career for us ! You will be able to play for 8 years in real madrid if you want after that year. We need you Gareth !!!!

  3. over the last 60 yrs seen a lot of players come and go jimmy greaves dave mckay danny blanchflower pat jennings and manny more all i know is spurs go on so what the hell if he goes

  4. Need to keep him, make no mistake. Agree with the defender who can defend a corner comment though – more importantly this has been a downfall for years – do we not work on defensive drills? Or are our coaches not good enough??

  5. I think if he really want's to go then we should not stand in his way as long as it's not to a premier league rival and for an acceptable fee. Saying that I will be gutted to see him leave and really hope he will stay for another season – I am only now getting over the sale of Waddle..

  6. If Spurs quickly get a quality striker ( I would prefer Damiao) Bale may be more inclined to stay. This season I feel the PM is up for grabs. We beat everyone except the Blue s*** last time, we can do even better. I think Bale will give it one more year at WHL.

  7. It would a huge mistake to sell Gareth Bale. Yes, if we can get all this bloody amount on Money we can buy some expensive players and also guarantee them a huge pay. However, Bale is too importante as Spurs´ main marketing tool to market our beloved club around the world. And, for this task, he is currenlty not-replaceable.

  8. Bale is a great player, but it sounds like the best case scenario is he stays on for one more year leaving us to go through all of this again next summer. Sell him at his peak value and buy a handful of quality players who actually want to be at Spurs. £80+ million can buy a lot of talent.

  9. what I want to see is 1000s of spurs fan go down to whl and cheer for bale to stay, sing his name show him where he belongs. they do this abroad and sometimes it works. so come on spurs fan let get down there and do something before its to late not even £100,000,000 will replace bale, and anyone thinking levy will spend all the money on players think again. please bale stay

  10. Keeping bale wont make a dif if wont dnt gt a striker who cn take pressure of him hes going to gt double teamed everyweek 51mil di maria and coentrae could be ok if bale has a bad season how much will we gt for him next year if we dnt qualify for cl whickh I belive we will

  11. Is Gareth Bale distraught is the main question? If I see him on telly and he is and says he wants to go to Madrid, then sell him, if he is not then he should sack his agent who is after all as guilty of tapping up Bale as Real Madrid and Marca. Final thought, there worse scum in the world than Estate Agents – Football Agents.

  12. shame on madrid as usual when they wish a player to wear their shirt. However their money seems to be dirty now if you look at their dodgy land deals et al. it would be like tottenham receiving stolen goods! They dont seem to be able to win the chapions league and neither can we. We loved Gareth but if he's not showing us respect…off he goes for £85 million, fine. Who shall we buy?


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