Six Questions Every Spurs Fan Should Be Asking


1. Will we actually sign a top striker?

A few weeks ago the question was “Who will we sign as a striker?” If things continue the way they are going, in a few weeks the question will be “Are Defoe and Adebayor good enough to win?” If you answered no to all three of these questions, then either we are doomed as a club or you should put down your half-empty glass of water and come up with a solution.

I am a little disappointed as we continue to make excuses on why we should not sign certain strikers. ‘Villa is injury prone,’ ‘Damiao is unproven,’ ‘Benteke is worth half of that.’ The fact is we are a better team with any of those players. We need to stop making excuses on why it’s ok to miss out on these strikers and start showing some urgency to sign one. I think we are close to getting what we need but if not, we must believe that our other improvements still give us a fighter’s chance to reach top four.Andre Villas-Boas

2. Who has a bigger crush on AVB, me or my wife?

This past season, my wife has taken a little more interest in sitting down and watching games with me. About half way through the season I realized this was because she has a thing for our young Portuguese coach. But what can I say? She has good taste, look at her husband. I cannot help but be a huge fan as well. The energy and hope he has brought to the club is refreshing, and that’s before you get into his fitted suits and sculpted facial hair.

A friend of mine, who is a Chelsea fan asked a good question. “Why do you Spurs fans love AVB after you fired the guy who had you finishing one spot better in the table?” My answer was the only thing I could think of: “We believe.”

Gareth Bale

3. How much money will it take for you to part with Gareth Bale?

Gareth Bale is not for sale at any price.– That sounds great but we all know it is not true. It shouldn’t be true. I am not willing to part with Bale for the reported offer from Man U, but we are getting closer when we start talking about Real Madrid’s supposed offer. I do not want to see Bale go, but as logical people, we must recognize the point where it is unintelligent NOT to sell our best player. Even if you believe the number should be astronomical, you must have a number. Ask yourself, if you were in charge of the club, ‘what would my price be?’ Then ask what your backup plan is. I hope I am wrong, but I think we will be looking for a backup plan before the season starts.


4. What will Kyle Walker decide for his opening day haircut?

Where does he come up with these haircuts and how does his hair grow back so fast to get a new design in his head every week?  I am assuming that Kyle Walker is a good guy because he is trying to supply lost business to Tom Huddlestone’s barber.  An old coach of mine told me not to draw attention to yourself unless you are good enough to impress people with that attention.  Garreth Bale should be the guy carving stars into his head every week.  In fact, with some of the performances of our crazy hair-wielding players (Walker, Huddlestone, BAE), it is no wonder Sandro shaved his head.  I, for one, think Walker will have a great season this year, but pick a hairdo and embrace it.

Benoit Assou-Ekotto

5. What is our situation at left back?

Every three days or so when looking through our transfer rumors, the left back position comes up. Will we sign a new left back? Is it smart to be looking to spend money there? Personally, I believe our situation calls for us to stick with Benoit Assou-Ekotto primarily because of our financial situation. Anyone who chooses to play for Cameroon over France is ok in my book, however, with statements like “I don’t have feelings with French players” we have to wonder how his chemistry will be with Kaboul and Lloris. We may have a new left back, but probably not until the summer of 2014.

Arsene Wenger

6. Are Arsenal fans really ignorant enough to think Arsene Wenger’s jacket is ok?


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  1. The only question that really interests me is the first one, "will we eventually sign a top striker?". Looking back over all the transfer windows where Levy has been in charge of the recruitment I have to say I don't think Spurs will.

    Let's look at the evidence. I remember some windows ago when we were supposedley in for Aguero for a fee of over £40 million and to this day I am not sure why he never came…was the bid genuine? Look at all the bids Levy has made where we ran out of time to get the bid through…Moutinho, Damiao and Willian. Let's look at the Damiao bid. Internacional were after £20 million and Levy bid £13 million for him, almost half what they wanted so was that a genuine bid or was it just going through the motions?
    We are currently bidding for Soldado a 28 year old and a prolific goal scorer and the bid is £22 million some £2.5 million short of what Valencia want. It's the same old trick by Levy. He really doesn't care if he misses out because it saves him money. Internacional want £22 million for Damiao who is 4 years younger for the same as what we have bid so why don't we switch to him…because the deal would go through. All this is a ploy by Levy to leave it so late we have to buy what we can for as cheap as possible and it has happened time and time again.
    One day Levy will put the team first before anything else like other clubs do and don't tell me we don't have the money because that is not true. In the last five windows Levy is £23 million in profit with all monies laid out coming from player sales. There has been no actual real investment by Levy/Lewis for quite some time now and as long as the Levy supporters keep sucking up to him the longer he will carry on. At the moment he is living off of his Van der Vaart deal which has inflated his ego to him thinking he is the master of the transfer window and he is far from that. Van der Vaart was the exception but look at all his other signings besides Lloris, Vertonghen, Paulinho and Dembele. They are the only decent signings in five windows but NO STRIKERS.

  2. I disagree with everyone's hysteria over getting a 'top drawer' striker. I agree that Defoe clearly has injury issues and Ade has attitude issues but I don't think spending £25m on a 28 year old who plays in a team with distinctly different playing style to ours makes much sense. I would have liked Villa at <£10m (albeit with v. high wages) as this would have potentially left enough chance to get a younger prospect to replace him in a year or two's time. Benteke at £25m was nuts – RVP went for a total of £24m (albeit with seriously high wages) but he was proven over a number of seasons in the premiership given Man Utd. unlimited opportunities to scout him as well as having perfomed in both the Champion's league and internationally. People need to keep in mind how much we spent last season (Dembele, Siggy, Dempsey, Lloris, Adebayor and Vertongen would have eaten into the money we got for Modric et al) and how much we've spent so far in this window. £25m on a striker who is either a big risk or has no resale value makes no sense to anyone with a sensible head on their shoulders. I know football is emotive but it really does make our fans look ridiculous in an era where clubs are going into administration or have serious financial problems and are just about managing to stay afloat to be demanding that we spend like we're backed by Arabs or Russians (and don't get me into the morals being happy for money swindled/embezzled from nations who could actually quite use it, and being spent on financing the luxury lifestyles of footballers and their agents). It's the one thing that really riles me when speaking to Arsenal fans is their lack of gratitude to Wenger and their lack of realism when it comes to competing in the transfer market. They've got lukas Podolski who is 5th on the all time German scoring charts (behind Voller, Klinsman, Klose and Muller – not bad company to be keeping) as well as Giroud who got 17 goals this season they're still not happy and insist that the answer is to spend more. Bottom line is that we've signed Paulinho – who scores goals, Bale scores goals, Dembele before he arrived at spurs averaged a goal every 3 games, Defoe when he was fit in the first half of the season was averaging a goal every couple of games, Chadli has got a lethal shot on him and can score goals – do you see where I'm going with this. What we need is a striker who can complement an outstanding midfield and I think Adebayor has this quality in terms of his ability to link up play. Defoe finishing is lethal when he's firiing and I think we really need another attacking midfielder to orchestrate the play a la modric (if AVB doesn't think that either Carroll or Holtby as our best natural passing midfielders apart from Hudd who looks like he's on his way out) a 3rd striker at about £10m and I'd like to see us sign another defensive midfielder to cover Sandro just in case. That would I feel be a more considered use of £25m if that's what we've actually got to spend. I think we're better off doing that and looking for our goals to come from a rampaging midfield than to put so many eggs in one basket with a hyper expensive frontman – and if we did then I would prefer to spend £21m on Damiao who at least will be hungry to get a brazil place and who we could at least make something back on!!! Yours Sincerely F. Baldini's spirit guide

    • Like your style, lets go for damaio it's makes perfect sense. I was never happy with the benteke nor Saldado romours. We should keep all of deuce, ade and JD. Little tommy Carroll looks sweeter this year, along with the expected progress of holtby and gilfy. We have great cover for left back, so no need for investment there. The only other position we need extra cover for is right wing….. I would love Bernard there, competing with young azza blud. Well that's sorted now then, I think we can challenge for the title! Ave it.

  3. Fairplay to feenix, I realise that I'm in the minority in terms of my views. But 2 things I did want add were that I forgot to mention Aaron Lennon, if he can be revitalised, is another potential source of goals. My final point was Soldado vs Adebayor, Soldado doesn't pose the ariel threat that Adebayor does (remember what he did to us when he was at Real Madrid) which is crucial in the premiership and particularly for us. With all the excitement at Bale's goals, don't forget he's also one of the best crossers of the ball around at present. As a post script I'd like to apologise of the spelling and grammatical errors earlier – as I said, football is emotive!!!

  4. Parker, Tom, livermore, Ade, Townsend, BAE, Gomez and possibly Naughton will be sold so we should get around 20m back for them. If we spend the 25m on Soldado then we have enough left for Coentrao and Bernard or Damiao. This would put us in the best position possible as we will be covered in all areas on the pitch with great players if we are hit with injuries.. I can dream and live in hope, I just want the Spurs to WIN it all!!! COYS

    • Would agree apart from Townsend and BAE. Not sure what everyone's problem with BAE is exactly, he was coming back from injury last season so I wouldn't have expected him to be on top form. If anything keep him with Rose as cover as the one thing last season showed was that we need cover in key positions. Which brings me onto Townsend, Chadli has made clear when at FC Twente that he prefers to play on the left or through the centre which means that (assuming Bale plays in the centre and Chadli on the left) we only have Lennon on the right and whilst I rate him more highly than a lot of others I do have to admit that these days it's difficult to expect a full season from him which means keeping hold of Townsend makes sense. He was exceptional at QPR last season and I think if we can keep him motivated and out of betting shops he could potentially displace Lennon. Another point is who wold buy parker, livermore and Gomez – we seem to be having a bit of trouble moving Gomez and Ade. I love to dream too and I genuinely think with 3 out of last seasons top 4 having new managers this could be our chance but I'd hate to see us put together a great 1st 11 only to be disappointed when someone vital is injured and we have no adequate cover. Am hearing rumours that Soldado fee might have been agreed so can only hope that he shoves my words down my throat next season – if he's wearing white, he's alright!!! COYS

  5. Question number 7: Who will make a step up from our youth to first team squad? I think Rose at left back has been good pre-season; his final ball being as good as Leighton Baines. Townsend also has similar ability to that of Bale; the ball sticks to his feet.

    Question number 8: Which fringe players do we sell? Especially in midfield where we have 18 over 21y/o players.


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