Spurs fans react after Benteke signs new Villa deal


Tottenham’s race to sign Aston Villa striker Christian Benteke is over after the forward withdrew his transfer request and signed a new deal.

The Belgian is now contracted at Villa Park until 2017 and means that the search for a new forward to lead the line at Spurs continues. Villa boss Paul Lambert described his discussion with his player as full and frank”.

Benteke told the press :”This is a great club and it has given me a lot. Now I have to give back to my team-mates and the fans who have always been right behind me.”

Spurs fans took to Twitter in reaction to the news:-

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      • love to know what proof YOU have of this? your welcome to him anyway i'll stick my neck on the line and say one season wonder, i was never sold on the idea, has the look of a hesky type

      • In what way was Benteke 'tapped up'? Retard. I'd have had Benteke at Spurs but he's done the right thing. He's stuck by the team who took a chance on him and brought him to the Premier League. I didn't appreciate as a football fan the way Benteke slammed a transfer request on the table after a season, so from a footballing perspective I commend him for having the balls to do a U-turn.

    • I believe in Levy, get off his back. We only need a rapid left winger and one striker (two if Ade goes)to challenge for the top. We'll play Bale as a striker and support him with two wingers.
      Have the belief, this season is going to be amazing.

    • You haven't. Benteke wanted the move but Levy met his match in Lerner who wasn't going to budge on price. The new contract Benteke has signed is the same that was on offer before he handed in a transfer request.

  1. Thank feck for that! At least we won't have weeks of wil he/won't he, just to be told that the money was there, but we missed signing him by a nanosecond on deadline day.

  2. He probably signed a new contract and swore allegiance to Villa because no one actually came in for him. It is likely he was never on our hit list. All paper talk as usual.

  3. £20M + for a player worth about £10m…? Always thought it was being overhyped – too many criss cross signals. Pheww! So lets move on and get someone worth the money?

    • You mug lose out on a player and then slag him off fucking mug…facts are he's too fucking good for you small shite club & Bale will be off so who's left ??

      • Where did our small shite club finish last season? Oh yeah that's right – 10 places and 31 points above the mighty villa, hahahaha

    • £10m, you are having a laugh. The guy would have been a massive signing at £25m, but thankfully he is staying for one more season at villa and will then leave with fans best wishes

  4. Sorry guys as per poster above some of your more arrogant fans had this one pegged down. Never underestimate Lerner.

    • Errrm. Would that be the Bale that only yet again pledged his season to AVB and Tottenham. Must be strange,being a Villa fan, to understand the concept of a loyal player. Well played Benteke's agent to secure an increase in wages for a player with no loyalty. From hero to pariah to hero all in less than a month. And to think I used to think Villa fans were fickle…….Our prat of a Chairman has got us to consistent top 5 whilst Le(a)rner has got Villa from top six to relegation battlers. Good job he's not the prat!!!!! DOH!

    • Spurs fans mugs, blimey don't YOU need a lesson in reality hasn't it sunk in yet that he only used other clubs to get a bigger wage contract and the garbage he is coming out with now he has got says it all about the bloke

  5. Thank god we didn't sign him he was over priced for a player that could struggle in his second season go for soldado a proven European goal scoring machine

  6. This one is simple. When Spurs wouldn't meet Lambert's price, and there were no other takers, Benteke resigned for the higher wages.

    Spurs could pay what was demanded by Lambert to trigger Soldado's release clause, and his club will have no say in the matter.

  7. Guys, we were all taken in and fair play to Benteke's agent for using the Ace card in order to get what can only be a much improved contract for his client. We should all take any news from the press and the so called people in the know as a load of old bollocks. Like mugs, we all got carried away with the Benteke idea because it's obvious that we are in desperate need for a couple of new centre forwards. It does make me wonder though if Spurs were indeed after his signature in the first place and just let the papers and bloggers get on with it.
    Perhaps now we'll here hear that Bale has signed a new much improved contract on the back of this and a totally unexpected announcement that we have signed at least one new striker under the radar.

    • As soon as 25 million was mentioned most rational Spurs supporters knew the Benteke deal wouldn't happen.

      Don't forget about Loic Remy at QPR. He is to good for Championship and Harry likes Townsend, Parker and Defoe.

      We missed out on Berbatov last season which was a real disaster. We have also missed out on Wilfried Bony in my humble opinion.

      Bony scores with both feet and his head. He is big, strong and better than Benteke. I can't believe Swansea were the only club in for him. I would not be surprised if Bony scored more than Benteke this season.

  8. As much as I wanted him up front for Spurs I’m happy for the Villa. Good club that were once great (morley, shaw, mortimer and Withe). They have a good manager and chairman. Good luck and wish you all the best. Now COYS let’s get Osvaldo/Salgado or dare I say it Hulk. Wishful thinking I guess.

  9. Its simple Levy just could not afford him ! All bullshit talk from the start ! UTV sotc x Nice comment Hodgod 10 !

    • Being in the top 11 richest clubs in the world for at least the last 8 seasons (the last time Villa made the list they were not even worth a 1/4 of Spurs' value) we could obviously afford it. We refused to pay it because the player on the strength of one season simply wasn't worth it.

  10. Still need a quality striker and the market is drying up….let Aston Villa keep the one year wonder..remember we already have our own 1 year wonder that we can't get rid of…..if we don't get a couple more signing the Spurs
    management know there will be lots of backlash from supports…this has to be the year that we show the football world we are a contender…not a SELLER! Let's go Levy and Baldini….show us what you have up your sleeve!!!!

  11. Bad luck Spuddahs, I’d be pissed off with Mr Levy if I were you too. If you had Tekkers and Bale you’d be CL bound for deffs. Just shows how ego can work against you Mr Levy – you let your boys down. No malice against Spurs, you play the right way and are entertaining. Shame you’re led by a fool, this will help Man U dicks to nab your crown jewel..

    Up the Villa….Ooooh Christian Benteke!!!! Hehehee

    • No one let anyone down. Spending £25m on a player who cost £7m a season ago and has only had one good season in a top league would be stupid. That is why Villa kept the player as NO club in world football was interested at that price.

      The only fool is you happy that a player only agreed to stay because the club's valuation was so inflated no one wanted him.

      • Ok, thanks for the offer ‘fellatio’ but that’s f&cked and best kept between you, Mr Levy and your like minded friends down clapham common. As for the situation you describe re. over inflated valuations I think, amongst your other confusion, you’re describing the Bale situation.

        Benteke is going to be bigger than Jesus and you know it.. But im guessing maybe you don’t believe in him either?

        Good luck shifting Adeba -EYOR!!!’ Hahahaha

  12. I am getting worried now no sign of a much needed striker!! What the hell is going on in the boardroom at spurs!! Levy sucks never acts on things makes me fucking sick… :(

  13. So , bent eke is staying put, good , congrats villa hope he keeps you up again .Levy was never paying over 15 million for benteke we all know that .Bale isn't playing tonight so brace yourselves for more garbage about him leaving in the papers tomorrow.Tito is leaving barca so AVB will naturally be linked by the "press" to that job , by the time the Sunday red tops get published it will be reported he had a fist fight with levy over benteke and now he's going to barca or something along those lines .for 3 transfer windows I was convinced we would get damiao, now I pay no attention to the rumour mill, I read the different stories and 99% of the time I can see they ate crap , ne only one I'm interested in is soldado!

    • well he won't be getting you top 4. Running out of strikers now and none of them have EPL experience or that would actually come to Spurs. But never mind you still have EOR on £100,000 a week and tones of people coming in to buy the other crocks you are flogging. Primark Hotspur Champions league on the cheap. 17 million to break a record…HAHAHAHAHA
      Your club makes you look like a right bunch of Dicks

  14. one good season. thats all. the agent has done a rooney and got benteke a better deal ( hand in tansfer request = get a better deal one way or another!) cant knock him for that. there was no way in million years levy would spend as much that was reported on someone with that could well be an Andy Carrol ( one seaon wonder ). Spurs WILL get damiao or Soldado, levy is not stupid and knows tottenham need a world class striker (or as close to that as possible) to be top 4 contenders again….and as for Bale, he will leave next season but not this one.

    • Why does everyone think the agent has worked a scam for a new deal? Villa had already stated they had an improved contracts for the youngsters if it was deserved, performance related, therefore there were improved contracts already waiting to be signed on return from their hols, Wieman..signed, Clarke..signed , Lowton..signed , Westwood..signed Baker..signed all happy at the club and what Lambert is trying to achieve, it is clear to me got back off hols after having his head mixed up after being tapped up, Spurs advised to try and force Villa's hand, Spurs withdrew realised what he had and how Spurs let him down, and thought you know what I'm better off where I am and signed like the rest. Hope you get the striker you need, I like the way Spurs have built progressively unlike the Chelski, and with your new stadium your drawing capacity and revenue will go sky high, just need to be patient, good luck for the new season UTV

  15. lambert is a shit manager. he's got some great players at villa and he nearly took them down. with a good manager they could of finished about top 8 last yr with that team.

  16. Pissed off Spurs fan of 30 years It was never on Levy will

    Not spend that kind of money on a striker We haven’t got

    50 mill to spend either all Bull shit Same old for next season

    Ade , Defoe and Dempsey why would Bale stay with that shit

    Up front

  17. Whether we were or not in for benteke all we seem to do each tear is stall we get our hopes up about a player who might be on his way just to hear weeks later he's not leaving his club or we aren't offering enough I agree we shouldn't be held to ransom for any player but isn't it time we actually got a target we went for without stalling.

  18. jinksy go look at your gooner site you fuking mug! I dont see any yids looking at your shite and moaning, do one!! anyway if we had really wanted we would have got him! keep on with the higuian trail!

  19. To all the le arse fans jumping on the bandwagon,when you lot sign someone of signifigance then starting getting a hardon! Oh i forgot what a signing sanogo is!!! Wankers

  20. Whether we were in for Benteke or not is irrelevant – the player has signed to stay and we are less than one month from kick-off and still two strikers light. No wonder Defoe and Ade go off the boil, they've no real competition and since Berbatov we've never gone and got a top man up front – time was when Arnesen was Director of Football deals were done fast and players came in and out at least there was continued improvement of the squad – now we've reached a level where we need some fine tweaking. Paulinho is a good addition and sure he'll do well but he must adapt to language, culture and speed of EPL. An experienced set of strikers or even one with a young prospect is what is required and perhaps a left-back to give BAE some comp as we seem not to bother about young Danny Rose who I reckon AVB can improve – so trust is Levy we say but now season on season we are light up front so come Levy you got rid of HR, brought in Mr. Baldini to lighten your load and we know it's tough work but let's stop the fucking around and get these two or one top notch striker in early doors so he can bed in with the team and let's hit the ground running come August 17th!

  21. I think it really does show the mindset of Aston Villa fans that they need to troll Spurs on a spurs website. Not quite sure where they got the view that spurs fans are arrogant. You do realise that we're the north london team that play in WHITE not red!!!! Anyway, I think that Benteke moving to spurs for £25m would have been a nightmare – price tag would have placed huge expectation on him and reproducing his Villa form would have been difficult as we won't necessarily be as willing as Villa are to structure the team around him (given Bale being our main man). Good luck to Villa, hopefully he can keep you entertained. Pretty much everyone on this seems to have forgotten that it's just a frikking game! Tottenham will be exciting to watch next season – marque striker or not. People really do need to look at Ade's goals in the 11/12 season, virtually all tap ins. If we can get some attacking flair through the middle I don't see the striker being as much of an issue as people make out. Remember Defoe was carrying an injury through the second half of last season

    • Agree. When Modric & VDV left and who did we replace them with? We did not have a decent playmaker in the middle. Putting Bale in the middle is just notright. He needs room to roam. He belongs to the flanks.

  22. Ha ha he wants to stay at a big club, not so cocky now eh!!! Bale will move to a big club soon, but dont worry you've still got Ade lol UTV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. You villa fans are all fucked up lol I guess benteke enjoys being the only able footballer in the team and is tied down to saving your shit crippled asses from relegation again!! So spurs are a small club? If you’re all so fucking big and learner is so fucking great. . . Why didn’t you finish where spurs did in the league? Ok worst scenario bale leaves. Gutted however I think our youth players led the prem table near all season and only just lost out to united. Your youth team did what???? So I guess we have a few prospects to fill some able boots, and if needs be I’m sure we will get some quality to fill the void I mean lets look at what we have had at the Lane in the past. . . Modric awesome, van der vart, awesome, ginola, fuckin spectacular, the list goes on but as for you bunch of west ham strip stealing pikey fuck pigs lets see who’s laughing when we smash you all over the park home and away this season. Admit it you’re fucking gash lol bunch of spack head mugs playing Sunday league footer trying your hardest not to look like cunts every Saturday afternoon. Well done for dealing atleast one able bodies player but you know what? Ill be pissing myself when he proves his freak one season spoils his price tag and lets face facts maybe he knows that hence the cold feet on signing for a better club and jobbing into an extension with you mugs!!! I believe there was never a bid tabled by us anyway, soldado is 3 times the player. That’s a genuine bid!!! So good lick and get fucked :-)

    • Sorry mate but didn't our youth win the Next Generation Competition? Beat the best in Europe including the Highly acclaimed Sporting Lisbon 5-1 away , the clear favourites and spanked the bought youth team of Chelski. Where did Spurs come? You may think the futures bright at Spurs mate but the Next Gen of Villans will join the Bakers, Clarke, Gardner, Bannan, Weimans , Carruthers, Johnson etc in the first team squad, how many others can both those figures. I agree we might be desperate now but won't be long before we are competing for top 6 again. Form is temporary my friend class is permenant. Good luck for the season and look forward to our games this season

    • Are you pissed off that Levy never stumped up the cash ?

      Take 5, have a break.

      Breathe, and now breathe again…that's it all calmed down.

      I Like Spurs but I really do, but fact is you have won nothing compared to us, Levy is a numpty, you have no funds, no ambitions, you are going to just simmer down. At least with car salesman Harry you had some bite, but seriously mate we are on the up and you ain't.

      Keep breathing numpty

  24. Don't know why Villa fans think Spurs are mugs, you just got conned by an agent who has probably doubled the wages of what might be a one season wonder and is definitely not worth20m. Hope you end up looking up the league at the baggies again SUCKERS

  25. Don't be sad spurs fans,all not lost,the villa connection is not dead,I believe Emily heskey could be available for your,e budget.

  26. He’s done it to fleece villa for more money keep him he ain’t goin places at villa or maybe a lower division end of the day randy learner just got took for a mug by his agent haha c.o.y.s

    • Again and again and again deals were set for the players who performed last season, Westwood..signed extension, Weinman, Baker, Clarke, Lowton, all signed extensions Tekkers has just signed the one that was waiting before he went on his hols for gods sake. His agent and the player were filled with Levys false promises, he's realised Spurs have let them down and signed a new contract to join the others and concentrate on scoring goals to get in the Belgian World Cup squad. Spurs are not doing themselves any favours, how many other players are going to take note of how poor they are in their approach? And as for Soldado don't you think he won't ring is mate Villa who gave Spurs a glowing report before making a final decision. Your a very proud club and I have always admired how you have built a very good squad without bankrolling the club, but I believe he's holding the purse strings for now with the new stadium to come. Then you will really compete with the draw of the capital in favour for most foreign stars and the silly prices to draw high revenue streams for wages

      • So you renewed the contracts of a bunch of non-entities, Good for you. And these would be the same non-entities that barely avoided relegation last season? I can see why you would want to boast about that!

        We have players in the current England squad who can't get a regular seat on the bench at WHL.

        I don't necessarily believe what I see in the sports pages, including the fact that we were ever interested in signing Benteke, but if we barely avoided relegation, we would not be giving our mug players new contracts, we would be looking to replace them with better players.

        I read that the manager had frank discussions with Benteke. Let me have a guess how thw conversation went. "Listen you Muppet. Neither Spurs or anyone else have come in or you.If you don't sign this new contract now, I am going to use it to wipe my arse".

  27. Even to any fool its obvious that Levy is a problem, and I suspect that he has not got the means to buy that big. His own company is rearly very small. Perhaps he likes to think he is a powerhouse, but it is only in his mind.

  28. Two Villa's tucked you up, don't blame us because you can't secure a striker. I hope you get Soldado or that's another piss take coming your way. Good Lick Lads.

  29. Divinheadbut: Villa youth did win the Nextgen Tournement actually. Make of that hat you will but you did ask? Spurs, good club, good football, you got location as your advantage. The Landan media can't resist a 'brummie' comment in relation to anything West Midlands. We weren't even allowed to win the league in 1981 without a gripe about being 'lucky brummies with their brummie accents. Aston Villa is bloody good football club currently in a state of metamorphosis. Hopefully we'll challenge you at that end of the table again soon…..(it actually wasn't that long ago we were!) we are otherwise two similar football clubs trying to make good in a league monopolised by a few extremely rich people who own teams that are constantly porned up the hilt by 'sky'. We got Benteke thankfully. You've got Bale. No enemies to see here. Good luck next season!

  30. Benteke was offered double his wages (from £20,000 a week to £40,000 a week) before Spurs reportedly came in for him. That offer has not been increased.

  31. Get off dan levs back he has bin the best thing that’s happened to

    Spurs ,we r building a team in the right way , I think

    We will sign top striker finish 4 then build on that don’t think

    We will sign soldardo he is to old at 28 no sell on value ,demba ba 4 5million would

    Do me wid Defoe and ade

  32. Get off dan levs back he has bin the best thing that’s happened to

    Spurs ,we r building a team in the right way , I think

    We will sign top striker finish 4 then build on that don’t think

    We will sign soldardo he is to old at 28 no sell on value ,demba ba 4 5million would

    Do me wid Defoe and ade

  33. Is it a crazy thought to think Bale could be our no1 striker for the new campaign? People gawped at the idea of Henry playing as striker for Arsenal. He started on the wings at Monaco and Juventus and never made much of an impact but Wenger saw something in him and the rest is history as they say.

    Spurs seem to be connected to a number of playmakers who can also play on the wings or wingers who could play across the front 3 (assuming AVB has 4-3-3 formation in mind ).

  34. Levy is a numpty, Benteke was there for the taking and I presume Villa made it clear about the short window for someone to come in and pay the £25m. He would be quality, I've seen him last season and he was unplayable.

    Levy is the one that messed this up, he should have stumped it up, but no…

    Spuds are on free fall, we had the same when our bubble burst with O'Neill…

    In youth we trust UTV

  35. stop talking rubbish on here no one from spurs made a bid for benteke everyone just assumed we would as he fits what we might need , for me i am so glad hes staying at villa the way he has behaved at genk and now villa stinks so your welcome to him , he is a good player but his touch is not good enough for what avb is looking for thats why they didnt try for negredo who at 20m is a snip as for soldado i doubt we will sign him either i beleive that martinez is a possibility depending on cost but from what i hear it looks like one striker one winger and maybe a couple of younger players the brazillian connection will be used again , and as for taking the mick about not having the money dream on we are a well run club and the moneys there and i suspect that close to 60m will be spent this season but only on the right players that fit avbs profile . coys

    • Get a decent stadium mate, even WHAM are bigger than u.

      Seven Sisters more like Seven Mothers ?

      Bale in Red !!!

  36. There is no way AvB would stay at spurs without being assured by DL that there is money to spend. 17 mil on a def mid when that was not even a priority posistion to address proves this point. Spurs were never going to entertain 25 mil on bentekea don’t worry levy ain’t stupid he gambled and failed in jan he will not make the same mistake again. How the fuck can villa fans b talkin can u not remember where u finished last season or r u still punch drunk from the amount of beatings u took? Wheneva u make top 6 u can talk till then, know ur place and keep quiet ur pathetic

    • we were top 6 under o’neil dik’ ed. spurs are no bigger than villa bale scored 20 odd goals and u say he’s world class then that makes benteke world class. u had the nerve to label bent 25m.

    • He came from Man U you moron, he has advised Gareth Fail where to stay.

      News coming in…Heskey has just signed to spearhead the Spud heads

      Numpty !

    • He went UTD…Your English inpecable you knuckle dragging brain dead twat…We took a so called washed up drunk from Man Utd and turned him into one of the best players ever to grace the English game!!!

  37. Very happy that this deal is now dead. I only saw it going two ways:

    1- he’s Darren bent mkII, overpriced and not very good.

    2- he has another wonder season and demands a move again as he has done the last 3 years. Not wprth the trouble. Focus on other targets please mr levy.

    • Hey everybody Jay has spoken he spent the whole of last season with his head up his arse…jay if i was you " A thick knows fuck all about football twat" i would keep my gob shut!!!…Benteke is world class and a player you little club can only deam of having!!!!

      • World class ha ha ha. That word gets bandied about as much as the shit falling out your mouth. Bale is world class son!

  38. genually happy about this!! benteke reminds me of another bent…no thanks! levy won't pay 20m + for a 28 yo soldado, so I think we should go back for damio despite claims from the club he won't be sold everyone has a price..

  39. I am glad in a way, while being a good player Benteke worried me by handing in his transfer request 'a la Modric' twice in as many years. For the money asked if he did this a third time it would cause a major loss no matter if we got into CL. I would prefer any striker of the rest Spurs have been associated with to that kind of risk.

  40. dear daniel i like most supporters are a worried lot and quite rightly my fears are no striker in this window once again bale will be with us for one more year then to real or barca then we have only defoe once good but now average this club will suffer from your complacency oin top of this avb will go anyway you already know this i think the ballshit should stop the board should gstart to worry about the future of this club under your transfer farce which is now a complete joke 50 years of support but not much to show over the last 20 show us the supporters some hope ……… i dont think so

  41. Has the world turned upside down?

    What evidence is there other than third rate medis hacks, that Spurs were ever interested in this player?

    Looking around the Spur's blogs, there were plenty, who like me were saying "£25 Mill for a one season wonder that learned about loyalty from Lucre Modric. And if he had made the grade, as soon as the media said, RM want to sigh him, out would come the ransfer request.

    And for all that Villa fans are gloating at us as if they lust nicked 4th spot in the in the PL from us.

    If Benteke has another good season, and there is genuine interest from a top club, you will have another close season praying you can keep him. The reality is that if they could have found some mug to buy him for £25 mill, you should have taken, because this guy has all the loyalty of a crack whore who has been 24 hours without a fix.

    • Lol soooooooo bitter. If Benteke has another good season then of course he’ll be off next summer, but once again he’ll have 3 years left on his contract so we will get good money for him. I think spuds should go for Carlton Cole because once Bale leaves that’ll be the standard of the rest of your team. Your best players sre your Belgiums.

      • U mean Belgians u illiterate fucktard!! Kinda funny how ur mocking our squad with a team like yours. I don’t know why this thread is even generating so much attention Benteke is overpriced and has done fuck all! Open ur mouth when u have learnt how to write and he has delivered consistently!!

  42. I cant understand why Spurs miss out on the best talent available when they have a budget almost large as that of Man U, Arsenal, Man C & Chelsea.
    Unless they start buying the best, Spurs will never get into the Champions League again, yet alone win the Premier League!!!!!
    Poor long suffering supporters will continue to be long-suffering !!

    • Hahaha are you stupid…Shit Little Small crappy little club…You can have all the money in the world but who would want to play there in that shite 36,000 shed?

      Wake up!!!

  43. please baldini sign 3 striker gamiero of psg is another option soldado in cheap ,and neilton the new neymar and sign keisuke honda he is powerful wing and defence sign contrau of real madrid

  44. With Sir Alex leaving and man u vulnerable this is the year levy needs to step up and spend money. Buy two quality strikers, win the league, and just maybe Bale might stay on. Not to mention revenue from champions league football recouping most of the transfer fees. Maybe I am overly optimistic but CO YS.

  45. My brother in-law works the offices at the club and he has assured me that we are very very close to signing a strike and left back from the spanish league also a left sided winger from the dutch league but he wont tell me who tho,so trust me fellow yids dont worry he is doin his job correctly for the club.

  46. I'm sick to death with every year this is happening, about time mr levy pulled his finger out of his arse mate an, snapped up sold ado, forget benteke, we need that final third, an if we don't bale will soon enough end up going cause we won't be reaching no cl next yer fact look at the likes of man city spent 90 million all ready…….. I just pray it happens…

  47. spurs and Mr Levy need to get moving in the transfer market not doing much to keep Bale at the club top 6 finish if we are lucky

  48. You always knew the potatoe men were gonna change their tune when it all went pear shaped! Maybe the lure of Thursday night football isn't that great after all eh? Bigger club, brighter future blah blah blah, lots of bench warmers on big money, 2 seasons max and you will be going through the same process as Aston Villa! Where will Bale and AVB be then? Spain's my guess :-)

  49. sorry villa, we can't afford him, but man u, madrid chelsea monaco barca and city can always do with proven world class strikers as you villa fans deem him to be, question, why havn't the big guns bean knocking at the door asking for he's signature, what the hell's keeping them, why don't they blow 35 mill on a one season wonder and further more why the hell should we, yeah levy's got mug across he's forehead and so has everyone else for that matter.

  50. Are these villa fans on drugs,good luck in the bottom six dog fight
    The difference between spurs and villa is that we have already signed
    1 17 million pound Brazilian international and will strengthen even more
    Before the deadline.villa will pick up unheard of players no one else is even interested
    In.As for big club,don't make me laugh,you will be in the championship,with equal size
    Clubs like Birmingham and Bolton soon enough,remember he who laughs last laughs longest.

    • ur refering to the blues being as big as AVFC,they cant even fill there shit hole of a ground thats like me saying spurs are as big as arsenal,.

  51. Knobhead 78….Good luck trying to finish 6th and hang on to Bale. When he is gone what you got left? If he goes this year you could be down there instead of us…Who is going to score the goals..EOR?

  52. Either we were never in for him, or he never wanted to come to us, either way are people now going to realise thes ITK's are just twats w*****g themselves off over their keyboards when people start taking them seriously

    Dear oh dear indeed

  53. I feel sorry for spurs only because they have a crap chairman. and for the fans I hope u get CL. also I hope bale stays which I think he will


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