Spurs linked with swoop for Ajax duo


Following the signing of classy defender Jan Vertonghen from the Dutch champions last year it seems we have been tempted back into the waters of the prestigious Ajax academy.

Firstly our search for a playmaker could be over as it seems that the immensely talented Danish attacking midfielder Christian Eriksen could be ours for £15 million. This would be paltry sum for the criminally under rated 21-year-old who would provide a flair, and subtlety of play unmatched since Luka Modric left. He would bring a more aesthetic style of football to our first 11 and allow Soldado, Chadli and Paulinho to thrive. He or Pjanic of Roma look most likely to come to the Lane next with Baldini’s ties with Roma seeing us linked with a £44 million pound bid for him and Lamela. However he has intimated that he would like to stay at Roma and Eriksen seems to be the perfect man for the job with only a year left on his current deal.

Secondly, we are also said to hold a strong interest in Toby Alderweirald who has stepped up to the mantle for the Amsterdam based club after Vertonghen left the club. He would be a brilliant signing for Spurs as he would not only fill the hole left by Caulker but challenge Kaboul to a spot of the first team. He is also right footed and as versatile as Vertonghen meaning that instead of a sub-par Naughton having to cover for Walker he or Kaboul can play in that position to a proficient standard.

I would be very excited for the coming season if these two join the club with the money from the seemingly finished Bale transfer along with a top notch winger to replace him in the front three.

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  1. where are these links coming from? it's only fans in comments sections on other sites linking us by saying, we would like these players. where did you get this info from?

    • I think we're all assuming that Daws and Verts will be our starting CB pair until Kaboul regains full match fitness and proves that his injury is behind him. As it stands, we could be starting the new season with only Daws ready to play. Kaboul not yet match fit, Verts possibly injured and Fryers not yet ready to start. Why the feck we sold Caulker before getting a replacement in, I'll never understand.

    • Sorry mate but…Dawson is too slow. Runs forward and gets caught there. He's also a crock nowadays. He's never been the kind of player that will take us forward. Big heart and that's what's delights a lot of people. But not me. He has more mud on his arse than his boots at the end of a game. That says it all really, good players don't have to dive in.

  2. Still hoping for Erik Lamela to be the left-footed winger that replaces Bale. If the Bale transfer includes Morata coming the other way (with or without Fabio Coentrao), then the additions of the Ajax duo, or of Alderwiereld and Pjanic, together with the aforementioned Lamela and Morata, should see the end of our very intriguing summer business. I believe it would be fair to say (in MY lifetime, at least) that a close season which brought us: Paulinho, Chadli, Soldado, Morata, Coentrao, Alderwiereld/Chiriches, Lamela and Pjanic/Ericksen has never been previously matched. Indeed, the last incoming transfers to cause such anticipation will have been Juergen Klinsmann and, before him, Osvaldo Ardiles and Ricky Villa. Come On You Spurs!

  3. i really think eriksen would be perfect for spurs and 15 mil a bargain,,would also like us to get another maybe younger striker ,,a couple of defenders and that wing position ,,,also looking forward to see how we lineup against monaco !!!!!!!! COYS.

  4. It would be tremendous signing if Eriksen joined us. He’s a world class playmaker we’ve been crying out for since Luka left us, but I don’t really think it will happen. I don’t think there’s a room for him in our midfield and I’m afraid he wouldn’t fit in. We are definietly going to play 4-3-3 next season and our 3-man midfield consists of Sandro, Paulinho and Dembele which is one of the best, most versatile and most powerful midfields in the Premier League. There are also future Spurs star Lewis Holtby and very good and versatile Gylfi Sigurdsson on the bench. If we bought Eriksen we would have 6 players capable of playing first team football at the highest level while there are only 3 places. Not even mentioning others like Huddlestone, Parker, Livermore and, most of all, Tom Carroll. Each and every one of them would like to play. So now it’s like 10 men for 3 places. 11 if we buy Eriksen.

    I would really love to see Eriksen in a Spurs shirt, but I just can’t see that happening. COYS!

    • Really good point about Holtby I one hundred percent agree however Huddlestone and 1 of Parker or Livermore will be sold and there are a lot of games especially with the Europa league. Also people may be played in different positions. i.e. Eriksen playing as a narrow forward of Soldado in the 4-3-3

  5. Eriksen is not under rated. He really isnt that good. Hes hasn't made any progress in the last 2 years and hes not even close to the level of the Premier League top 5. If we sell Bale we should go after Lamela and Pjanic/Willian.

    • You have not been following Eriksen that Well!! He would be a great signing for £15 mil. He is only 21 and been no 2 Best player in the dutch league 2 years in a row (last season only Bony was better) last season he also started to make goals himself besides all his assists. He would be a fantastic signing – as a BIG Spurs-fan from Denmark I really hope to see Eriksen with the no 10 Jersey in lilly white. lamela and Alderwiereld would be great too. And perhaps Kurt Zouma from st. Etienne.

      • As a Dutch Ajax fan ive seen him play almost every week for the last 2 years and he really hasn't made alot of progress. Hes not better than what we already have in Siggurdson and Holtby. I think if we are going to sign a playmaker it should be someone who has some experience in a big competition like Pjanic has.

  6. Mr levy would u please bid £40mil for edin dzeko he would b perfect 4 the mighty spurs , money shud b no problem now that we r robbing madrid of £105 mil

  7. Don't sell Bale.
    With the new world class players coming in, the return of Kabul and Sandro. Add to that Man city, Man U and Chelsea all under new management Arsenal have bought no one and Liverpool still not firing, there has never been a better chance for the mighty Spurs to become a major force once again.
    Tell the bullies of Madrid and the liars of the Spanish press we ain't selling, end of.
    If only.

  8. People are talking about Kaboul and Sandro as if they are remotely close to playing. Neither will feature for a few months yet I fear. Cruciate ligaments are very difficult to come back from. Levy doing a great job, just sad that Bale seems to want to go to RM now – nest of vipers that lot, will they even give us the money they agree to give us, and who will bring them to account if they don't? I'm sure DL will do the right thing, but that might be saying 'no' to RM whatever Bale and his advisers want. This is business and if RM can't produce the wad, we mustn't go near this deal. They haven't even finished paying for Luka yet so how can they afford Bale?

  9. Kaboul has the same injury Hargreaves had.Finished.Sandro is always out with his knees.So what are we excited about with them?…without Bale we have no idea what we are supposed to do on the pitch.This is the worst Spurs team in 7 yrs.Our cb problem is going to cost us points at the start of the season.Massive transitional period in front of us.Soldado is my only hope and after what he just witnessed in monte carlo i would be out of there back to Spain.Even pub team managers have enough introspective to have centre backs in their starting 11.daws,kab always injured lately so we need 6 in the squad or this happens.

  10. I wouldn't worry about todays performance or result.

    Looking at the team selection I am now certain Bale is off this week and with Dawson and Defoe picking up 'injuries' I think the deal that any deal that takes Bale to Madrid is going to involve players coming to Tottenham as predicted in the last close season.

    I don't think it is a coincidence that THFC's need for strikers and centre backs is now a crisis, just as the Bale saga enters a new phase. Supporters are being walked slowly into accepting the inevitable.

    Positives today were Danny Rose and Andros Townsend. Townsend looked very decent during his cameo at the end. His goal was well taken but he shifted the ball from right foot to left several times as he cut in from the right side of the pitch. Truth be told he looked sharper and more polished than Chadli who was careless and wasteful. Looked well off the pace.
    Rose was pretty solid defensively and I wish AVB had put Kyle Naughton on at right back and given Rose 90 minutes. Why was Huddlestone not used as a centre back today?

    Parker was casual and at times poor. Aaron Lennon was not his usual self and I am starting to suspect that along with Hudd, Defoe, Livermore and Parker he Azza blud may be on his way.

  11. Tottenham are not interested in Toby Alderweirald, they have already decided he has a problem at close quarters and is too easily turned so they don't feel he'll make it to top class.

    Danny Rose showed he was incompetent at left back today, his positional play and defending was little better than hopeless. Wingers have a field day against him as they did today when he was at fault for several goals.

    Quite how some can say he was a positive is beyond belief, blindness to the point of stupidity.

    • At last someone who can see Rose is rubbish. He was terrible for Sunderland when I tuned in to watch them. He crossed the ball and hit the corner flag, got caught out and dragged players back. TBH he looks disinterested in the LB position.

  12. Is levy making a big mistake selling bale to Real madrid, they still owe us for Modric and apparently they are over 300 million in the red, so when do spurs get the money, and what has happenned to this new regulation about running clubs financially correctly

  13. I tell what we need to do of we want to progress… Get rid of Defoe, Ade, Dempsey, Parker, Huddlestone, Livermore, BAE, Naughton, and I would say Vertonghen is the only decent centre absence have so probably Dawson and Kaboul too.

    Then replace them with players AVB wants, not inherited. Then I’m sure he’ll prove to be a great manager, we’ll play well and maybe win something.

  14. Real owe us just over 20 mil for luka and I believe this money is part of the bale fee.. Ie 100mil for Gareth is actually 80 + the 20 you owe us for modric. This is levy trying to box clever, he knows bale is going to go so hes trying to get the best deal possible. I think if/ when we do sell bale we should look at Damiao and the Porto playmaker again. Wanted them for a few seasons now but were always a few mill short of what their clubs ask for.. Not with 100mil in the bank we won’t be :)

  15. Porto playmaker? I hope you don’t mean Moutinho? Especially seeing as we just played against Monaco. Damiao wants to play in Italy. His agents have been banging on about that for years now. I agree with some of the comments above. Rose can be defensively naive at times, which was overlooked in a struggling Sunderland side. We have a fair few midfielders specifically Huddlestone, Parker or Livermore who won’t have improved from last season and really won’t provide competition for the better players in midfield. Yes there’s the europa league but AVB wants to win it so unless you want league form to suffer when players are rested/injured we need to improve on the trio with two (at least one) others.

    Soldado is a big boost but we still need another striker. In addition to all of this I’m now worried about the cover for the CB positions.

    All in all, I’m pleased with the signings that we’ve made but what we need is ‘quality’ depth if we want to achieve anything next season.

  16. This whole preseason has been one big bumble***k. None of the players we have signed is fit yet. The ones we rely one are injured. No one has player together and the season is but a week or two away.
    Something that no one has touched on is AVB. I think the bloke is well fed up. He's the only one saying Bale isn't leaving and not happy at losing Dempsey. He now has a squad that's got far too many injuries. None of our new signings seem to be fit. None of them have been assembled and given playing time together either, and we're just two weeks off a new season. Our strength at the back has gone. Verts injured, Dawson injured (again) and for some reason (only known to the men in white coats) Caulker has been sold!
    Forget new players and who we might and might not be signing. the one bloke we could rely on last year isn't happy and that's not good. Levy and co need to get this Bale saga sorted and get the players in to replace him so AVB has something to feel good about.

  17. Damioa
    Is rubbish , hes got an average scoring record and ive watched him and hes not worth it. Unlikely we will sign any more than 2 or 3 more players. Capoue , willian/lamela and maybe alderweirld or coentroaor morata


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