Three More Words


Disappointing, disappointing – very disappointing.

And before you ask NO they are not the words I had in mind – they will come in a moment.

We had more possession, we had more chances and more corners. We played the better football but they won the game. Why? No, not because they scored the solitary goal, although that did help.

They won because THEY WANTED IT – there the Three More Words. Not only did they want it – they wanted it far more than we did.

They had the ambition, while we had the ball, we had more control but they had more desire.

Even when we were chasing the game in the last ten minutes, there was no urgency and our only option seemed to be to deliver high balls into a packed area where we were outnumbered and outmuscled. Far too frequently we got our wide men in good positions to deliver crossfield balls but there was no-one – apart from Soldado – to aim at in the penalty box.

If Plan A doesn´t work – winning the ball off them quickly and counter attacking on the break – what is Plan B? There isn´t one !!! Or at least it doesn´t seem there is one.

Admittedly it is early days in the new revitalisation of our beloved Spurs but where was the committment that was there against Que Pasa and Swansalona – the closing down and the winning back of the ball before the opposition even knew they had it in the first place?

Did we believe our own hype or did it backfire into firing up Le Arse to such a degree that THEY WANTED IT? And they wanted it more than we did.

Two weeks break until our next match – but no time to work on tactics as virtually the entire sqaud is jetting off somewhere around the globe for World Cup qualifiers.

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  1. Apart from a mistake from our CBs I thought we were marginally the better team. Not bad given that our new team that is trying to gel was playing a team that have not had to incorporate anyone new. This early in the season such things matter. What really matters ultimately though is where we are come the end of the season in May. Levy and co have done well. Have some faith.

    • Yes but Mark how many players did Arsenal have missing today? We hardly created any chances and had no urgency or incisiveness.All in all a poor performance.

    • may be the debut-ant to this derby did not really understand the stakes. I think AVB should be talking to some of the boys like Rose and Townsend- they were quite wasteful especially Townsend. His is trying to hard to impress which is costing us alot as he will tend to shoot when he can just lay through passes for an easy score by another fellow. To think of it that we could not make one successful through pass is a shame

  2. Like the writer of this article I am based in Spain so could only watch the match via internet streaming; not guaranteed to give the best picture – in both senses of the term!
    But on the basis of what I saw, yes, disappointing, very disappointing.
    My impression in the first half that Spurs players were half a yard slower than Arsenal's. A lot of times Arsenal looked much sharper in the tackle and interceptions, and came away with the ball when I was expecting a Spurs player to do so. So I do agree with Graeme in saying Arsenal wanted it more.
    Hopefully this is not a long-term problem or indicative of poor attitude, and is a symptom of several new players needing to get used to the pace of the Premier League.

  3. Disappointed about the result but its still early in the season. Hopefully, the team (particularly the new signings and promoted players) will gel & improve as the games come

  4. I very much agree with you, they wanted it more than us. our lads had no passion and they played quite disorganized. AVB didnt seem to have a plan. I hv watched liverpool lately and one can easily notice their stlye of play now short-onetouch football, the B. Rodgers style. Sadly I can tell that of spurs. AVB spurs is mauch slower than Redknapp. most time in the game spurs players were standing and watching play like us the spectators whiles Arsenal boys were moving around constantly. We need urgency and creativity in the game. Hope Erikson can help us. When I saw the lineup of rosicky, ramsey and wilshere I knew they will not physically match but technically prevail. Their attacking and midfield have ball sense in abundance.

  5. I agree about the wanting of the result but for the life of me I cannotunderstand that a team of such so called qality canot score onegoal besides penalties in THREE league games!!


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