Top 5 Spurs Defensive Midfielders of the Premier League Era


It is one of the most undervalued positions on the football pitch. The enforcer, the midfield powerhouse. It is a position that for many years, Tottenham failed to fill with a good player. But over the years, we have had many top defensive midfielders. Below are my top 5:-


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  1. I'd put David Howells in the top 5. During the bleak early/mid 90's perod, we always payed much better wih him than without him

  2. Carrrick should be number 1. Palacios, in his prime (the year we qualified for the CL before his brother's death) was an absolute beast and should be ahead of Scott Parker, who I've never rated.

  3. Terrible article – waste of time! Zakora was terrible and even though we all love him so was Freund. Sandro and Parker the best of recent years – Sandro could be the best but Carrick was by far the best.

  4. Carrick was more of a deep lying play maker at the moment Parker should be ahead of Sandro but Sandro will definitely be better this season.

  5. Didier Zokora was not a defensive midfieder. You have only described him as such because hedid not score or create chances either.

    He as a bad signng and it is ubelievable that he played 134 tmes and picked up a winners medal.

  6. sandro easy number 1 but gotta disagree with parker he is shocking and so was palacios
    carrick should be in there popescu

  7. I went to the lane when borough were in the league and Stewart downing was meant to be amazing and zokora played full-back and put him in his pocket.


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