Top four, no excuses!!!


I purposely waited for the transfer window to close, I don’t like to comment on the “Will he, won’t he’s”…So now it is has closed here are my views…

I start with the current Premier League Champions. Losing arguably the best manager in the world, ever, cannot fail but to hurt. World Class players need World Class managers to lead, inspire and teach them and in David Mo-Yes I feel they have the worse manager in the top part of the league. He is in his 50’s and hasn’t won a thing, in fact, he’s hardly won a match against a top team. If he stays the whole five years, I doubt he will win more than one or two trophies and the Premier League will be way out of their reach. Furthermore, struggled to get the players they wanted, have no left back and Rio’s best days are behind him. Cleverly isn’t progressing the way they would have liked and Giggs has finally lost his legs. Really fail to see how they will dominate matches with that midfield and the outcome will be third-fifth.

One great manager out and another in, Jose Mourinho. In my opinion, one of the top managers out there at the moment although Pep Guardiola really does seem to have something over him. With arguably one of the best midfields and a decent squad of 5-6 defenders, their own vulnerability appears to be up front. Jose will see them to top two and probably Champions.

Onto another manager, Manuel Pellegrini…I really didn’t rate Roberto Mancini and now that he has gone, arguably the best squad of players may well gel better. They lack a little in defence and up front but have a phenomenal midfield. Got to be in the top two…

Onto our rivals and neighbours, one player may win you a few games but rarely win you a trophy and with such a lack of numbers, I really can’t see that trophy ending up in their trophy cabinet any time soon. As per Manchester United, they appear to be on a downward slide and if they lose their manager at the end of the season, they will find out how difficult he is to replace.

Brendan Rogers, wow…I really believe he has improved Liverpool immeasurably. Mignolet, Sakho, Coutinho, Aspas to name but a few. They’ve got rid of fringe players and replaced them with class and as much as it hurts me to say, they are on the up and up.

So that leads me to the Lillywhites…In keeping a young and inspiration manager, somebody who has already won trophies and adding Baldini, we have strengthened immensely. Sure we have problems, losing an irreplaceable player and major delays with the new stadium but on the pitch, we look strong. We have proven internationals all over our squad, winners with a mixture of youth and experience and in my opinion, we are much stronger than we were a year ago.

Onto my point, with the exception of Chelsea and Manchester City, I feel we are right up there. Possibly in the mix for third with Manchester United, as their experience is invaluable but Arsenal and Liverpool are just behind us. With our team, in that league, we are top four quality so without any excuses we should finish top four. With the strength in depth that we have, we should also be able to challenge for a cup and push teams all the way, possibly bringing silverware to the Lane but come what May, I won’t accept anything other than top four!

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  1. Arsenal behind Spurs? May i remind you that this isn't Pro Evolution or Fifa. Just because Spurs have signed good players, we still have to see. Not as easy as it seems when your up against when of the best managers premier league has ever seen. In theory Spurs have replaced Bale adequately with Lamela and upgraded significantly on Parker and Caulker 'supposibly'. So in terms of 'Adding' much more….I think Eriksen is the difference and has given us great balance in hole.

    Not sure how Man City are short up front with Dzeko, Ageuro, Jovetic and Negredo…..

    Its a bit excited to say no excuses for top 4 if top 2 is lets say Man City and Chelsea. Spurs ave to still battle with Man Utd with Van Persies goals and Arsenal with Cazorla, Ozil and Walcott.

  2. My thoughts well we have bought some exciting players who are mainly you tube ones at the moment. I see a hard job for Avb Baldini to gell all our seven new boys 8 if you include the emerging Townsend When we went behind i looked to players like Ady Defoe Bale Lennon to score goals and Huddlestone passes when he returned for the last six we looked balanced and never lost a game. He has gone and we are struggling to shift the ball forward fast enough for the talented Saldado to get decent shooting chances. I watched Erickson and to be honest i think Holtby is a bit ahead of him judging by is return to form and Ufa game. I could be wrong but i would play Holtby alongside Lamela Lennon Defoe Saldado to attack Norwich get goals and bring defensive players on later. We have played to many new players at once and in the premiership you don't have the time to gel quickly every game is a new horizon and a learning curve to get top four you need continuity something Thursday games wont give us. I want us to finish 4th but most of all i want us to play fast football that will eventually get us top four at the moment we gone from possible top four to transition lets hope its quick.

  3. The Squad as far as I`m concerned is full of talent, my concern is AVB, and that is not a criticism just an observation. If we look back at all of our good results last year it was Gareth bale turning poor performances into 3 points he had the ability to change a game. That said I believe he needs to be Braver with selection and shape
    lets get away from this continental style of slow build up play and passing for the sake of passing we look like a very pedestrian team that lacks movement, I agree with a strong spine to a team but I would play all three
    Lemela, Holtby and Eiksen behind Saldado with two holding players so we are creating and joining the main striker quicker, we have the squad let`s use it, i really hope AVB is succesfull but I`m not to sure

  4. Lots of comments based on a reconstructed team that hasn't played together yet let alone train thanks to the International interuption. I am sure AVB is aware that we need an injection of pace and a lock picker. Now the transfer window has closed, business concluded let the team gel and evolve. I don't think we will contend for top three this season whilst genuinely beleive the back end of the season will see us shine and show the true potential that AVB & Baldini have constructed. Yes there may be tweaks to the squad in January and next summer but I don't think they will be pre-retirement 6 month contract players that Redknapp favoured. For the first time in 50years of supporting the greatest team on planet earth (COYS) I think our ressurection continues to gather pace. Our time is coming.

  5. Top 4 no excuses is a bit harsh. We only spent what we brought in and lost the only world class player we had. Replaced him with 5 good ones but they could take a while to gel or might not even gel at all.

  6. U spurs fans are very funny,u dare compare urself with man united and arsenal?well dis is not d first time u people have been barking and boasting about a team who is has not even gelled yet,just continue praying maybe one day u might reach top four.


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