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The newspaper headlines and various football enthusiast websites have all recognised Tottenham’s need for a striker, but reports of ‘last ditch bids’ can surely only be a fantasy? The window only opened thirteen days ago!

Unless they mean last ditch bids before the player signs for another team- this perhaps, is more likely.

This would not be an uncommon occurrence, players have their preferred destinations, they have their preferred competitions to play in, and they have their preferred wage structures (often leading to a club in the Borough of Kensington rather than Haringey, when we consider Hazard, Mata, Oscar etc).

To a certain degree this is understandable. However, one would hope that first team football would account for something, and that is something that Tottenham can definitely guarantee to a top class forward player, but also, that the challenge of breaking into the Champions League and really achieving something would be appealing?

Surely more than simply playing in it to get to the quarter finals year after year, like our red-suited brethren from the other side of North London.

Who honestly knows, but I fear simple idealism guides my way rather than that ever burning desire to earn £150,000 per week, rather than a mere trifling £110,000. Such an amount is insulting really, and impractical….especially if you want to become king of your own third-world country, which I am sure is the true aspiration of so many members of the footballing playing staff elite.

But I digress.

Below is a list of forwards with price tags ranging between approximately £10 million and £40 million.

Christian Benteke
Loic Remy
Mario Gomez
Roberto Soldado
Alvaro Negredo
Robert Lewandowski
Klass Jan Huntelaar
Erik Lamela
Edin Dzeko
Demba Ba
Fernando Torres
Lisandro Lopez
Leandro Damiao
Stefan Kiessling
Viktor Fischer
Stevan Jovetic
Luis Suarez
Wayne Rooney

Exactly how available these players are and what fees they will command I do not know- I am a man of the law rather than an experienced football agent/chairman/manager/director of football, but what I do know is that at Tottenham they will get to line up alongside Gareth Bale, Sandro, Jan Vertonghen, Moussa Dembele, Paulinho, Kyle Walker and Hugo Lloris; all players which can comfortably hold their own against the best in the Champions League.

Surely one of these players would be willing to come to Tottenham to form the spearhead of a side which has an abundance of quality and strength? Surely one would be willing to turn our fortunes around and provide us with that killer instinct which could make us win 2-1 away at Norwich, Cardiff , Fulham or West Brom, when they have battened down the hatches and all we need is a touch of inspiration (if Gareth is absent or having an off day!)…

I truly hope one of these players will embrace my idealism, because for a club with as much to offer as Tottenham, breaking into the top four just one more time, could see a gradual rise not only to the quarter finals of the Champions League, but to the top of the Barclays Premier League.

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When finding time away from the cut and thrust of the courtroom and student exams, Glenn is an avid Tottenham Hospur fan, so apologies for any hint of bias appearing within the articles (But then this is a Spurs site, so what do you expect!) He combines an eternal optimism with an intellectually stimulated cynicism when it comes to his beloved Tottenham, and feels that best piece of transfer business in the last few years was selling Jermaine Jenas for ACTUAL money! An actual fee was paid! He still can't believe it!


  1. Exactly! One centre forward to support Bale and Defoe. I have a feeling that, like the proverbial London bus, once we get one, another will follow pretty quickly!

  2. Like you Glen, the other week I posted a paragraph or two of optimism!

    I suggested if we could get any of your, 30 million+, 170,000 a week+, players through the door of
    our state of the art training ground to seduce their eyes with the facilities whilst seducing their ears
    and appealing to their competitive nature and ego even, by explaining how they would be the final link
    to an emerging force! Becoming part of football history! A new era of the game! To go down in the clubs
    history, as the greatest and most consistently successful side ever! EPL Championships! CL Champions!

    We lay this challenge at your feet! We challenge your desire to make and become apart of, not only the
    clubs, but football history!

    Then the small print would read " for 3 million a year less than you'll get with any of the top European clubs"
    But it would be to late by then because……………

    Imaging it! DL with his arm firmly around the shoulder of Robert Lewandolski, and marching him up
    and down his office, like Mel Brooks, with Hedey Lamar in Blazzing Saddles, mouth trumpeting too
    only breaking off to deliver a speech, something similar to the above!

    I can see it happening!


  3. Like you Glenn, the other week I posted a paragraph or two of optimism!

    I suggested if we could only get any one from your list through the gates of our state of the art
    training ground, seduce their eyes with our amazing facilities, whilst attempting to seduce their
    earS by appealing to the inner competitiveness and ego!

    Tell them, that they would be the missing link, in forming a new force!
    A new era of The EPL and CL Football!

    Tell them, challenge them, to make history, and become part of the greatest and most
    consistently successful Tottenham side ever!

    Be apart of a the new emerging force! Apart of something that will be referred to throughout
    the annuals of time!

    Then in the small print "for 4 million quid less, than you would get elsewhere" But!! It would be
    to late by then, they would have be convinced!

    Imagine it! DL with his arm firmly around the shoulder of Robert Lewandolski! Marching him
    up and down his office, like Mel Brooks did with Hedley Lamar in Blazzing Saddles. Playing
    mouth trumpet too, and only breaking off to deliver a speech, something like the above!

    I can see it happening!


  4. bah needs to get out of chelscum and head our way, the lad's rotting away over there, but will they sell to us i think not.

  5. Here is a list of other players with various price tags:

    Cristiano Ronaldo
    Lionel Messi
    Andres Iniesta
    Xavi Alonso
    Phillip Lamm
    Eden Hazard
    Juan Mata

    Exactly how available these players are and what fees they will command I do not know, but I blame Daniel Levy if we don't manage to sign any of them before 18th August…

  6. Christian Benteke – great pick up nothing more nothing less- the man i want
    Loic Remy – rape investigation
    Mario Gomez – gone to Fiorentina
    Roberto Soldado – expensive
    Alvaro Negredo – expensive, probably going to Manchester City
    Robert Lewandowski – Bayern Munich
    Klass Jan Huntelaar – maybe, just signed a big contact with Schalke
    Jonas – a little old and more of an attacking midfielder
    Hulk – no
    Erik Lamela – young, good, but is he prepared to lead the line
    Edin Dzeko – slow, probably expensive, could work
    Demba Ba – cover but he isn't spectacular and he could sort of just blend in with the Defoe's and Ade's
    Fernando Torres – no
    Lisandro Lopez – a little old, solid pickup
    Leandro Damiao – meh, apparently won't leave pretty much over him
    Stefan Kiessling – on a CL team no reson to leave, old
    Chicharito – maybe but I don't think United will sell with Welbeck performing poorly as of late
    Fred – went to Shakhthar
    Viktor Fischer – Left Winger, good cover but not enough
    Stevan Jovetic – doesn't score enough goals, looks to be going to Manchester City
    Luis Suarez – too expensive and I don't want someone like him
    Wayne Rooney – personally don't want him

  7. Forget all of the above and get ready for Somethingovic from some eastern european mid-table team for £6m or even cheaper next Drogba from Angola or the like.

  8. The first part of my comment is directed @ Keegan and is my opinion, that is all. I agree about most of the players but there is a few points of yours that I disagree with.

    Why did Torres perform so well at Liverpool? Because the supporters LOVED and IDOLISED him. The Chelsea supporters get on his back, constantly. Of course he won't play to his best. The old saying, 'Form is temporary. Class is permanent' comes to mind. The WHL faithful would absolutely adore him, meaning he'd bring back that spark he left at Liverpool. I don't think he'd ever come though.


  9. Rooney. WHY would you not want him? There is obviously something wrong at United. That doesn't mean he is no longer good. I don't remember the last time we had a player as passionate about the game in general as him. He would be a big fish at Tottenham as opposed to competing with the big fishes at United. Again, I don't think he'd ever come but stranger things have happened.

    Soldado is exactly what we need. He is technically sound, can score, has an incredible ability to score with his head which we seriously lack. How many drilled crosses does Bale get in the box and how many lofted balls does Azza get in the box? All we have is little Defoe or 'I can't shoot in a condom' Adebayor to try and finish them. He would be cheaper than Benteke too. £18m? So what if Levy won't get a return on investment on him? He will get us to the CL and he can get his return that way.


  10. Dzeko. He scored 15 times for City last year, mostly as a sub. They have just signed 3 attacking players meaning he is down the pecking order. This will surely encourage him to look for first team Football elsewhere. We could offer that and for around £15m easily, he would be a bargain.

    That being said, there is one player that not many people have spoke about and would be available. Nani. He is a budget Ronaldo. Quick, Skilful, pops up with 5-10 goals a season from the wing AND he has a left foot, something that Azza doesn't have. Also he'd be around £10m.
    Of course, this is my opinion but that is a very quick and strong team. Pace, ability to finish, strength and a huge bite in the middle along with a lot of vision. Bale will get 25+ goals, Soldado will get around 20 and Nani around 10. That is three players who can all score. We had ONE last year.

    Check out my new THFC fan page on Twitter. @SpursShout



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