Recapping Spurs Trip To The Rockies

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Denver quickly turned into a Spurs’ party ground over the last week, as thousands flocked to the Rocky Mountain State to watch their beloved Spurs. The MLS All-Star Game atmosphere was excellent, with videos of Spurs fans crowding bars and chants ringing out of them. Judging by the pictures of the Spurs’ Twitter account, they enjoyed themselves as well, especially Nabil Bentaleb. After a few training sessions, and press events, Tottenham settled into Wednesday night’s game ready to prove their worth to Mauricio Pochettino.

There were no real surprises for Tottenham’s starting eleven, other than Eric Dier lining up next to Bentaleb in the midfield, and Danny Rose not drawing a start. We got the first look of a potential back four, as newly acquired ,Toby Alderweireld, lined up next to Jan Vertonghen. The typical defensive lapses showed themselves quickly as the game opened up, but then Spurs enjoyed much of the possession as the game settled. Nacir Chadli conceded an early penalty kick off a hand ball. There was no controversy on the call, given Chadli came in with his arms raised like he was under arrest. Kaká punished the ball into the bottom corner, and Spurs already dug themselves an early hole. The second goal from the MLS All-Stars came quickly after, with a world class setup and finish, from two world class players. David Villa buried Kaká pass by Michel Vorm no more than three minutes after the PK. Harry Kane was denied quite a few chances by the Galaxy goalkeeper, Rimando, displaying why he is the best in the MLS. It did not stop Kane from punishing a ball into the top corner for a top notch goal in the 37’ minute.

The second half sputtered out chances here and there for both sides, but was an overall  dud to close out the game. Spurs fans got to see the prized youth get on the pitch with guys like, Dele Alli, Harry Winks, and Tom Carroll. Kevin Wimmer and Kieran Trippier found some time on the pitch. Over the next week or so we will see the list of these players dwindle down, making these fixtures very important for the young guys. It is hard to say anyone really shined in the second half, although Alli showed a lot of good qualities out there. The American, DeAndre Yedlin, was a hot topic from the American side of it all, given him being one of the few U.S. born players in the Premier League. He got his time in the second half, making a few runs down the right side, but nothing coming of them.

It is very hard to speculate on a fixture like this, and I know we are quick to hit the panic button, being a handful of days away from Old Trafford. My concerns to take away from this game are still; we rely on Kane heavily up top, and not having a stable back four. The transfer window is not over, and the rumors are swirling for a few targets to come in and provide help up top. A game in the states, especially in the high altitude of Colorado, is not a place to jump the gun and overanalyze a match. Over the first part of the Premier League is when we can heavily speculate a starting eleven. It was a fun week to watch the guys enjoy themselves, even though they came out on the losing end. The real work begins now.

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  1. Of course you do realise that a loss, any loss albeit a meaningless friendly in the States, will awaken the merchants of doom and gloom where THFC are concerned, probably more so than any other club it seems. Poch will again be labled the wrong man for the job and Levy a dunce by their critics. Never ceases to amaze me the amount of bullshit written about Spurs, generally from people masquerading as journalist better suited to writing for comic books.

  2. Completely agree with you Ray. This game was nothing more than to see some of the younger players out there, and a match to boost fitness levels.

  3. I agree with Ray too. I never read too much into pre-season friendlies. This game was enjoyable to watch though, and it's always good to see the youngsters get a game, some of which we won't see once the season starts.
    It was also fun listening to Brad Friedel getting overly excited on every single attack.

  4. Come on fellas. Let's face it. Unless you are the Russian shady money tossers from Fulham Rd, the dodgy billions in damp has-been Manchester, the system is rigged against us. We won't be able to buy anyone really decent upfront until August 31 because that's the date when players with ambition realise that a good Chumps League side (ie Bayern, RM, Barca) isn't going to buy them so they might as well sign for Spurs, Woolwich, Citeh, Southampton, Swansea and, er… Liverpool.


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