£2m and Benayoun for Pavlyuchenko?


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Liverpool are reported to be ready to offer £2m and Yossi Benayoun in exchange for Roman Pavlyuchenko.

The Russian international was linked with a move to Anfield during the January transfer window, while he was still out of favour at Tottenham.

Reports in the Daily Mail claim that Liverpool would prefer a straight cash deal for Benayoun, who they value at around £10million.

Pavlyuchenko’s form in recent weeks has dipped and it remains to be seen if he’ll still be at the Lane next season.


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  1. ROFLMFAO, What is Rafa the jaffa on this week? yeah sure we'll do that deal, lol what a bunch of fcuking skint bin-dipping arswipes they really are!

  2. I'm sure this is just paper talk. Why would we get rid of one of our best strikers? Benayoun is 30 and worth about 8m, Pav is worth at least 20m. We should be going to Liverpool and trying to buy the likes of Carragher.
    They are a 7th placed team now and a move to Spurs would be attractive for the likes of Carragher.
    We are a top four club now, we must take advantage of this. We don't have to sell our top players anymore.

  3. 2m & Benny for Pav's old discarded boots you mean? Isn't that what the headline should be? The Spanish waiter trying to unsettle players through the papers again… Why do they all fall over themselves to help him and the Govan grump? Enjoy the Europa Rafa, if you're still there in August that is.

  4. What are you guys on about? 20million for Pav? He isn't very good and people need to realise this. He's lovely and easy to like. But he's not gooood. Definately not good enough for us. He went on one little run which made people forget that he's never been good. He got better but wasn't good. His 8 goals in 8 or whatever, if you look at al the goals, he mishit nearly everyone and the amount of chances he misses he was bound to score. He is very clever with his runs and that but he has a good shot 1 every 10….

  5. Mike, I'm afraid your wrong. When the guy was given a consistent run in the team he scored plenty of goals.
    He's a very cool finisher and has proved he is a good player. He is easily worth 20m at least and I want him to stay at Spurs. In fact the fans love him. Super Pav, Super Pav!

  6. I didn't say I didn't love him. I sing the songs too. Lovable character. I'm just saying he's not as good as people think. They mistake their love for him actually being good. When he was given a run he scored lots, then went onto not scoring like usual. Look at his goals. All taps in bar the Bolton goal where he mis-hit it and it ended up in the goal. Most of his shots are mis-hit and scuffed or completely missed. He is not a cool finisher. Chelsea 1 on 1 with Cech? And thats happened about 20 times.

  7. Look at the goal he scored against Wigan away from an acute angle, the great volley against Fulham in the FA cup replay, All strikers miss chances. The fact that he was in the correct position was good. I'm not sure he's missed 1 on 1 chances 20 times, more like a couple. All strikers do this. But his goal return in relation to the matches he's played is very good simple as that. He put in a great shot in the Chelsea game too, remember the save Czech made. Also against City, Fulop pulled off a wonder save. He should stay put.

  8. I want him to stay. But he's not worth 20 million. About 12 is right. He has missed 20 sitters. Definately. And his long shots are 1/10 on target. But yeah whatever, I still want him to stay, your all just rating him too highly. If he is to stay he shouldn't get in our line up. Bench player easily. If Crocuh had a foreign name, you'd put him at 20 million too.

  9. We will see, it's going to be an interesting summer. I think he is worth more then we paid, which was 14.5m I think.

    I hope we make a couple of good signings. Up the Spurs.

  10. £20mil…..where the feck is this figure coming from?? – He cost us about £15mil and has done (as Mike says) VERY LITTLE since joining us.
    If you managed a club in the prem, would you give £20mil for him??!
    He was down as a replacement for Berba and he has never settled in properly.
    Another Heskey type player who needs a cuddle and a pat on the head to make him play.
    So like Heskey, every now and then he'll look ok but for the most part he is very average.
    To get hte best out of him you need to play him with Arshavin.

  11. He is not worth 20mil. At the same time, Benayoun is a has been. Had a miserable season with Liv and we don't need him. But i think Pav's style would suit us well in the Champs League. He has a cool head and he can hold the ball up. We need that. Selling him to club who we will be competing against for a Champs League stop next season is not a very good move.

  12. Would not go as far as £20m, but certainly re-established his original value. Got to be worth around the £14-15m mark seeing as around £10m and perhaps at a stretch £12m before his goal run towards end of season was considered an achievable value. Unfortunately this pro-longed run of games after so long out of the picture and then having to play some 4 games in around 2 weeks against the very best in the Prem might well have taken its tole and perhaps fatigue played its part in a lack of goals in those games aswell as the increased quality. In his first season he hit goals against Utd, Liverpool etc so no doubt he can score against the best and also has CL experience and goals which is also vital. Have to agree with what some have written above, to get the very best out of him would need to play with a creative 2nd attacker in the hole with liberty like Arshavin, etc.

  13. Arguably we have Modders, who creativity wise one would have to say probably yes, but does not score enough and size is also a factor because on top of being small, there is not much of him and against big Prem CB's have to worry about getting out-muscled etc. Its one thing to hold your own at LM or even in CM but completely another up front against big CB's. Perhaps Kranc, but he seems to be at his best cutting inside and arriving from deep. The links to Benayoun could be interesting and perhaps even VDV from Real Madrid, if Harry could squeeze him and Modders into the same team. Quickly Modders, hopefully can score a lot more like his last against Burnley, which was a cracker. Back to Pav, the only genuine player who has a bit of everything to play the lone role up front if we wanted to play like that. Defoe although a lot stronger etc, is ultimately too small for it and Crouch does not have the pace nor goal threat and neither does Gud and both of these ideally need a nippy, fast partner like a Defoe or even a Pav.

  14. The Hunt would be a great signing no doubt, but then how to fit them all into the team would take some planning, not to mention keeping them all happy. You cannot really go wrong with the Hunt for 15m Euros or so, because if he takes off your looking at 25-30 in a season and even if he does not you will still end up getting back double figures, so its a small risk with massive potential upside. He could also play with Defoe I think and would be nice to see them form a partnership. Pav and Crouch would still get shite loads of games and like I say Pav would remain the ideal candidate for the one man up front role, even Hunt does not have the pace to really make it in that kind of role. Keano's days may well be numbered, but there will be no shortage of takers and for good money aswell and he will still have plenty to offer and a point to prove on top. As for Gud, having potentially 5 strikers might not be such a bad thing chasing on 4 fronts after a world cup summer and Gud can always drop back to an attacking midfield role, so it could be possible to accomodate a 5 pronged attacking force.


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