5 reasons why Pochettino will stay at Spurs rather than join Chelsea

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Tottenham Hotspur fans have been waking up this morning to the newspaper speculation that Chelsea are considering a move for Tottenham Hotspur manager Mauricio Pochettino, should they decide to part company with Antonio Conte.

Personally, I think it’s no more than newspaper b*llshit, but it did get me thinking of why would Pochettino stay at Spurs, rather than move across London to Stamford Bridge. Here are five reasons why Pochettino will be with us next season.

1. Dignity

The Spurs boss has previously spoken about how he would rather be a farmer than manage Arsenal, I would like to think this would apply to Chelsea also considering the rivalry.

2. Champions League

Would Pochettino really want to go and manage in the Europa League after guiding Spurs to a third successive Champions League campaign? Chelsea may have enjoyed success in recent years, but we are still the bigger club.

3. Roman Abramovich

While the Russian is happy to open his purse strings more often than Daniel Levy, it comes with massive uncertainty. Abramovich is known to be rash and has no problem in showing his managers the exit door if they don’t meet his expectations.

4. New Spurs stadium

Pochettino has spoken about building a project at Spurs and would certainly want to lead the team out for the first campaign at the new stadium.

5. Daniel Levy

Probably the most important point of all is Daniel Levy. The Spurs chairman knows just how important Pochettino is to his football club, he is the glue that keeps everything together. If Poch went, it would create a huge level of unrest amongst the players, which would likely lead to some of our stars wanting out.

Pochettino has also previously spoken of the excellent relationship he has with Levy, something he would unlikely have at Chelsea.

In summary, Levy needs to back Pochettino in the transfer market, share his vision to take the club to the next level and the rumours will go away.

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  1. more tripe being drivelled out by various ‘sports media ‘ sources trying to unsettle a spurs side flying above the darlings of talk shite radio – chelsea

  2. Chelsea have the best youth team in the country and they never get a chance. It could be a dream for a manager like Poch if he was allowed the freedom he has had at Spurs. Thing is he wouldn’t have that freedom and therefore the job doesn’t suit him at all. If he were to leave i could bet anything that it wouldn’t be to Chelsea.


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