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Please tell me what planet some of these footballers are from?

Jermain tells Sky Sports News that Gerrard, Lampard and Terry are not over the hill as far as international football is concerned.

May I suggest they never got up the hill as internationals in the first place.

England are always seeded to get to quarter finals of the two major competitions, so are we the dopey fans hoping they carry on ???

Four years ago they were not good enough, this year they looked as if they couldn’t be bothered. Every England fan I come across has had enough of the Golden Generation and would rather play less talented younger players.

Don’t you realise how badly let down the country felt this time round, it’s not going to go away after a couple of weeks..

I am glad to see Jermain wants to stay at the Lane for life and with Harry signing up for 3 years we now have a chance to move onwards and upwards.

With extra European games this season the bare bones swingometer will burst into the red, I go for 25 as a minimum. But it’s always nice to see Harry using it in his interviews.

Now we wait for August 6th to see who we play in The Champions League. Be kind to us Mr. Draw man. I’m an old geezer of 49 and can’t remember us being in Europe’s top cup competition, so the group stage is a must please.

By  Steve Turner

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  1. Defoe nailing his mast to the colours is greeted with mixed reception- I may be a little harsh but he was useless the 2nd half of the season & went off the boil. Arry really persevered with him & he owes the club a full seasons worth of play. Problem is Defoe keeps getting himself on front pages rather than the back ones. He needs to start listening to good ole mummy!

  2. Defoe may not be world class but he's a great striker and players who can score approx 20 goals a season consistently aren't easy to come by so whether he's first choice or a squad player I think its excellent for spurs that he wants to stay for life. If anyone disagrees with what I've said I'd like to hear your reasons?

  3. Totally agree Alex. Defoe like any striker you can name, blows hot and cold. but always gives us the best he's got on the day. There is not a defender in the PL that has ever said he likes playing against JD. He scares them silly.

  4. errrm…. Alex, can you tell me when defoe last scored 20 league goals?
    The last time I checked it was never!!!
    He's a great player toi have in our squad, but we need a real top draw striker if we wish to keep our top four status. defoe just not it!


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