Abebayor – My first choice was Tottenham


Emmanuel Adebayor has revealed that he would be interested in a move to Tottenham Hotspur.

The Manchester City striker is on loan at Real Madrid and scored twice against Spurs in a 4-0 UEFA Champions League quarter-final win at the Bernabeu.

Spurs fans were at the centre of unwated attention when a certain song was sung which Adebayor claimed was racist.

“I heard about the chants and I felt so bad because before joining Real Madrid, my first choice was Tottenham,” said Adebayor.

“When I heard the songs I didn’t take it seriously. I didn’t take it in a bad way at all but it was bad because people today have to realise that we are footballers. Today we play for this club and the next day we might end up playing for them.

“I would go there and sign for them. Maybe those fans were furious because I was scoring against them. Maybe they were thinking like that because Adebayor was taking them out of the Champions League and ending their dream of getting to the final.”

“Fans have to try to control their emotions, as we do as footballers,” he added. “They have to tell the fans: ‘please, try to control your emotions. We are all human beings’.

“What is the point in going into a stand and singing a song that you know is racist and then going out into the street and saying to me: ‘I’m not racist, come to Tottenham’.

“Football is a game. Don’t get me wrong, there is money and other things in it too, but it’s still only a game.”

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  1. i have mixed feelings about adeybayor:

    1, he was arrogant when scoring for fun for arsenal against us – negative
    2, he scored against arsenal for city and went mental towards their fans – positive
    3, he was useless for man city, maybe he didnt suit theire play – negative
    4, he sored and played a blinder against us for real madrid – negative.

    the negative of 1 & 4 shows he is a good player.
    the negative of 3 shows he can be hit and miss
    the positive of 2 shows he hates the scum!

  2. Hes not the player we need, Pav is better. Ade is good but for us he will be a 10-15 goals a season man like for city. We need someone consistant who is capable of 20+

  3. we need a striker who will provide goals, and if we want to be a great team, a striker who will score a hell load of them. Adebayor may be an ex- scum, but then so was Gallas and look at him now. Having said that, it is Adebayor we are talking about, so will he ever be accepted?
    Bottom line, we have to go for it, do what the big teams do and take a gamble.

  4. Who, exactly, could we sign who’s better? A proven goalscorer is exactly what we need. And if he’s willing, in face of all the flak he will now receive, to come out and say he would play for us, we should sign him ASAP.

  5. Why would anyone face a load of flak for siging for Spurs? The problem here is the scouting. Everyone seems to assume that improving the squad involves going out and spening 100 mil on the worlds best players but thats crap. It pains me to say it but look at Arsenal…. thay have discovered and signed some of the best playes of the last ten to fifteen years without breaking the bank. We too have done so with the likes of Sandro and Bale but I feel Redknapp does not place the same faith in them. Face it, Bale only started getting regular first tram football due to injuries, it wasnt any stroke of genius on Redknapps part and Sandro has only just started playing regularly.


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