SSN source: Ade deal likely to happen


In a dramatic turnaround today a transfer correspondent from Sky Sports News has claimed that negotiations are continuing between Tottenham and Manchester City over the transfer of Emmanuel Adebayor and that Spurs are confident of completing the signing.

Exact details remain thin on the ground at this stage as the correspondent talked very briefly of the subject live on air on Sky Sports News just a few hours ago, but the tone of the report was definitely one of positivity over the deal being completed.

The potential transfer of Adebayor has changed from what looked like a done deal to a saga in the space of the last month when it was announced a fee had been agreed between the two clubs. Mixed reports have been announced as to why the talks had stalled but this news may finally see some positive word on the issue after the deal had looked dead in the water following weeks of frustration.

As mentioned this report has not been verified yet and is therefore cannot be confirmed as true at this stage.

By @TottenhamMan777

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  1. god no!! lord help us if he comes on a 4year contract and big wages. it is monaco,arsenal,mancity all over again. why thye hell cant we go after damiao??? all the money and warchest talk at the start of summer was all a smoke screen??? ade will be trouble, and alot of it. just watch his behavior agains city right now, it says it all. he should be awoided at all costs.

  2. He done well for us last season but the £ is his god, thanks but no thanks, on a long contract he'll be hassle and nobody will want him after they see that he does the same to us as he has every other club he's played for.

  3. If we sign him on a four year contract we'll have the problem of trying to offload him when things go wrong and no one will want to pay his wages. We'll be paying £170k a week for someone in the reserves. This equates to paying him £35m in wages over four years without signing on fees or bonuses. I think the money would be better invested in a younger striker such as Damiao who at least will have a sell on value if things go wrong. Can't believe that Levy is contemplating this.

  4. well, mixed feeling about this, i was kind of hoping it would fall through, yeah ok he did well for us but i just dont like him, hes trouble, would rather we went for leandro damiao

  5. He's class and we need him. Hope this deal goes through. He's not a prat like he's made out to be, he's changed since the Togo bus shooting and seems like a genuine guy. I don't blame him for wanting as much money as possible I'd do the same if playing in a league where I don't support a team. City might end up just giving him money so he goes, am not worried I think the deal will happen.

  6. certainlly dont approve of ades greedy ways but nearly all players nowadays are at it one way or other. but he is a top player that spurs need and theres not many about, i would like to see him lead the line this season.


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