Airline chief defends ripping off Spurs and Liverpool fans

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

When Lucas Moura scored his third goal against Ajax deep into injury time, Spurs fans were sent into dreamland about appearing in their first ever Champions League final.

Supporters were also left with a battle of how to get to the final in Madrid on June 1st, after Liverpool had booked their place in the showpiece 24 hours before after their comeback against Barcelona.

The all-English final in Spain has seen frustration among both sets of supporters with many having been priced out of making the trip of the lifetime to make the trip to the continent.

Airlines have substantially increased their prices along with hotels in Madrid who have astronomically raised their rates due to the final.

Easyjet have staggeringly defended the increase which have seen some air fares rise over £1,000 for a return trip from the UK to Madrid putting it down to a surge in demand.

“That is actually how the system works,” EasyJet’s chief executive, Johan Lundgren told the BBC.

“The whole pricing picture is very dynamic,” he added that at peak booking times, EasyJet could fill a plane in six seconds.

“That’s how quickly this goes and this is how the system reacts.”

Lundgren added: “I can understand if people think that the prices are high on this occasion, because it is higher than the average.

“But there’s no doubt that this was an occasion where the prices went very high because the demand was enormous.”

EasyJet flights from London Gatwick to Madrid are sold out on 1 June, but seats are still available the day before, at prices ranging from £350 to £750.

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  1. Easyjet are pure and simply extorting the situation. Yes they have a demand supply model that dictates the prices of seats. But the model has parameters. At no other point with max capacity (ie demand is over 100% ) do they sell seats at such s hike over average.
    This is pure and simple greed. It stinks of the petroleum pump rip off when there was an oil shortage.
    I have no problem with the situation they use, I admit I e had £20 fares before and been grateful. But they have acted without any thought to PR.
    I for one will never use them again. More of us should stand up in this. Until they apologise and admit they were wrong.


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