Fergie: Inevitable that Redknapp leaves Spurs


Harry Redknapp - Tottenham Hotspur News

Sir Alex Ferguson believes it is “inevitable” Harry Redknapp will become England manager.

The Tottenham Hotspur boss is everybody’s favourite to succeed Fabio Capello, and the talk of Redknapp possibily leaving Spurs is now just plain boring for us Spurs fans.

Fergie has claimed that the public would be up in arms if Harry is not appointed as the new national boss.  I’m sure us Spurs fans will be if he leaves the lane too, Fergie!

“I think it’s inevitable, Harry and England,” Ferguson was quoted as saying by a number of national newspapers.

“I really do. I know the FA are supposed to be drawing up a list, but I don’t see anybody else who is being talked about getting it.

“If they went for someone else they would have the public against them and they would be panicking. The drive and energy is all about Harry.”

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  1. Give it a rest rednose, the world & his brother know what your game is. Trying the same old trick, unsettling the opposing team. Boring, Boring, Boring….zzzzzzzzz

  2. Does Harry really need the grief of the England job? We are probably the biggest under achievers in world football. We flatter to deceive so when it goes wrong at a major tournament the public opinion that is courting our Harry now will be the same ones baying for his blood. Nah Harry should leave well alone stay at Spurs and be a legend.


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