It’s all going wrong for Tottenham

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Well yesterday’s game was a shocker. What still worries me more than the result was the performance. This is probably the most uninterested, least passionate Tottenham side I’ve seen for a while. A lot of the players were to be blamed and the lack of threat from our side gave Chelsea more confidence. It all went wrong.

Tim’s post match interview and press conference clearly indicated there are some problems going on behind the doors and that further worries me. Some of our players are over the moon and some of them are not trying too hard. Although, I still believe that he is blocking some of the players (not playing them) because they don’t suit his style*. P.S we didn’t start a single player from our summer signings.

He even said that “this side needs improvement”. Well then, you should’ve ****ing signed someone in the winter when Levy was offering!

I also do agree with him, we are not meant for a top four finish this season if we can’t win against the top four. It’s that time of the year when we start to fall and try to pick back ourselves up but in the end, it’s too late. Typical Spurs.

We’ve managed to stay in the top five with a goal difference of zero and having just 2 goals against the top 4 (whereas, they’ve scored 23!).

For me, this season started going down hill from when we lost AVB. A lot of us lost faith and now it’s just being torture at times. The fans have been optimistic, but realistically, we are going nowhere right now. If we manage to win the Europa League this season, I’d like to call us lucky.

We currently have an inexperienced manager, playing a lot of English/youth team players who are not even top class. The results are going wrong and there is no fighting spirit, no determination and no passion while playing. It’s really disappointing to watch your  team play in such a way.

I think as a fan, I honestly want this season to end and get a fresh start. We need a lot of changes, on and off the pitch. The summer window will be decisive and hopefully improve us for the better.

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  1. To me, it looked like he wanted to field a team that didn't include any of the new signings and it didn't matter where on the pitch they played ! 3 centre backs, 2 fullbacks on the same side of the pitch, a wandering winger, and a player no one had seen for weeks !! Im afraid coming out like Mike Bassett at the end of the game and spouting off a few home truths that we all are fully aware of, earns no brownie points what so ever. Immature sunday coach way out of his depth with a back up team of nobodys.

  2. What a bunch of s##t. Tim is the genius when Spurs win, but takes no responsibility when they lose. As for gutless, the starting XI that Tim picked was all but admitting defeat. Did anyone think that we had any chance of winning after the starting XI was announced yesterday? Tim picked that team hoping for a 0-0 tie; not to win, and then rips the team as gutless. Lets look at the facts before we blame all the players and give Tim a pass on his tactics and team selection ability.

    Fact: We lost to the team with the best record in the BPL and the best record at home. Did we think we were going to beat Chelsea at home yesterday?
    Fact: We are not MU with a history of winning titles every year. Spur fans have unrealistic expectations if they think we should be at the top of the league. Fifth place is still a very respectable position. Most teams would kill for fifth.
    Fact: Tim did not start one of our summer transfers yesterday. Now ask yourself why? Is Tim using team selection to make a point.
    Fact: Tim played Lennon behind Ade, Walker as a midfielder, Siggy as a midfielder (who hasn't been on the field in a month), Vert at left back, Naughton at right back, and Sandro and golden boy at DM. Did he try to play as many players out of there normal position as possible? If you put Messi as center back, I'm sure he would be rubbish. Is that the players fault or the genius that put him there?
    Fact: We have excellent players that need a Manager that can put players in position to be successful. That is the managers job. Evaluate talent and put them where they are going to be the most beneficial in a team. Tim doesn't have a clue.

  3. For gold's sake most of the summer signings were injured. Eriksen, Lamela, Vlad, Capoue injured, You can't play 4-4 -2 against Chelsea so that means no Soldado. You play Siggy ahead of Chadli every time as he gives you more defensively. Paulinho had just travelled from South Africa was it was touch and go. Walker was on to keep Hazard quiet which he did for the first 45 and he is a threat with his pace. Siggy and Lennon swapped so Siggy came inside. What the f' else do you want? The only thing is Sherwood did not react when Oscar came on. That was the time to make a change – Paulinho needed to come on then – followed by Townsend. But for 40 mins it worked. The we made some mistakes. Which is something we do. The problem with Spurs was selling the Huddlestone and Caulker, British players who understood this league. Now we are shot at centre back.

  4. Pretty much agree with that although I didn't see anyone not trying out there – more like confused as to their position and role. What on earth was Walker meant to be doing – if as pundits suggested it was to man mark hazard then afraid it did not work! When Chelsea bought Oscar on why didn't manager react either by adjusting on pitch or using Palhinho early.
    When Liverpool struggled in last few seasons with Rodgers you could always see the shape he was trying to create and supporters stayed patient. Here we have a team clueless as to the objectives (if there are any). To be honest didn't really like AVB tactics but, you know what, at least he had some and where it might have gone. What is all this rubbish about a new attacking line up – less chances, less shots and one inspirational move bringing Ady back ( which history says won't last long). Maybe if AVB had swallowed his stupid Pride and bought Ady in from the cold he would still be here and we would be sitting pretty with a number of the new signings now playing well.

  5. Went wrong when we sacked AVB, what nonsense. Sherwood has won 8 of his 13 league matches and the side have scored 3 or more in a game 4 times in this period. Not once under AVB did they do this. The summer signings Sherwood did not play that were available were Chadli, Paulinho and Soldado the rest were injured. The season went wrong when we sold Bale and went on to largely squander the money. The best part of 60 million wasted on record signings Soldado and Lamela neither of whom have made any impact. We are not a top four team we are miles away the players are not good enough. How can a manager be to blame for the kind of error Vertonghen made? He wants Champions league football but the way he has performed for the last month he would not get into the top sides.Take away the first four minutes and for the next 50 Chelsea did not have a shot on target. We then self destructed with individual mistakes of schoolboy proportions. The mistakes were made before Sherwood took over, the sale of Caulker for instance, the awful purchases and the negative tactics employed by AVB all contributed. Sherwood has a much better record this season than AVB had and the side has actually scored a few goals. This was a bad result but it was not like Liverpool when we were taken apart and could easily have lost by double figures. Chelsea had only four shots on target all gifted to them. Redknapp is the only Spurs manager to get us in the top four, why sack him and bring in a man who almost ensured a talented Chelsea squad finished well out side the Champions league places? Bale saved AVB with brilliant individual goals out of nothing. His insistence not to select Adebayor would have seen Spurs finish in mid table. We have been better under Sherwood the results show this, it is a fact. I am not saying he is the man for the job but he does not deserve the type of comments above. Were you saying that afer the victories at United and Newcastle?

  6. Avb glad he's long gone,he's the reason we are in the state we are in .Clueless conman no managerial expertise at all.Why hire a bloke whose just failed miserably at Chelsea,totally bonkers.Is tim the right man,I dont know but he's done better than the other bloke so far,we are still 5th which if it stayed that way would be ok by me at least.Get the under 21's in they would at least try.COYS

  7. Honestly, when I took a first look at the team sheet, I thought “Tim knows history is against us, so he’s rolling the dice big time; that way, if we lose, he’ll take the blame for the team selection but if we win, it would be huge.” I saw the tactic of Walker moving up before when Lennon was subbed in a game and we didn’t want to lose the pace on the wing with Naughton coming in for Walker’s position and in that game, we won (a Europa game I think, not sure) and I thought the tactic was brilliant…the same for yesterday when we totally starved Hazard -aside from the first five minutes of chaos lol- and we went in half-time 0-0

    Knowing The Sarcastic One would make a change, I expected Tim to counter Oscar’s inclusion by taking off Sandro for Paulinho as he was on a card and Paulinho’s better pace, skill and attacking ability would neutralize Oscar as well as put some pressure on Chelshit’s defence. That didn’t happen…and the rest as we know, is bullshit.

    One thing I haven’t heard so far is anyone commenting about Adebayor’s role yesterday…I hope he realizes now what Soldado was going through all those months with nothing or less than zero to work with and having to find himself almost back in his own half to TRY to get a touch…let’s face it, the attacking midfield still have not much idea how to get the ball to the strikers so we always look dominant without being threatening…BEFORE we capitulate, that is.

    I disagree with Tim’s blowup in principle but I agree that maybe the players need to understand publicly how hard it is on us fans when they go out and jellyfish all over the field so maybe this will help light a fire under their *collective* asses and go down fighting for the right to wear the shirt instead of dreaming of wearing another.

  8. Not one of our 7 summer signings started yesterday. Dawson continues to be picked which is baffling. Our wide men never take on the full backs. We have no creativity, we lack backbone and heart. How we are fifth shows how bad the standard of the premier league is to be honest. We have three players that would challange for a place in the Chelsea and Man City teams (Vertongen, Walker and Lloris). The rest are overrated. Looks like Sheerwood is out of his depth and AVB got a bit of a raw deal.


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