What Alli said to Young to spark pitch scuffle


Manchester United’s Ashley Young was clearly on a wind up mission on Dele with their 30th minute spat in Saturday’s match well documented.

The incident occurred when Young felt he had been caught in the face by Serge Aurier.

Alli then decided to get involved and he went head-to-head with Young which in turn lead to players from both sides separating the pair.

It wasn’t clear what the 21 year-old had said to spark the row but Young’s response was clear and well received by a lot United’s fans.

According to the Manchester Evening News, Alli told Young to ‘retire with a zimmer frame’.
Alli’s cheeky retort quickly led Young to reply, ‘Let me know when you win the Prem’.

Young was clearly tasked with trying to get a rise out of Alli the entire game, and our man did very well to keep his cool. Alli’s critics are quick to point out his fiery side but less critical of players or tactics designed to wind up opposition players.

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  1. As good as dele is… He's got to LEARN not to get involved in spats. We all love the guy, however hes ways may cost the club a game or two as when he reacts he gets suspended.
    We all know how it goes with him.

    • Dele Alli didn’t get involved in any spats despite attempts to rile him and, in the first minutes, also to try to spark something with Aurier. I imagine that United players were told in pre-match briefings that these two players could be provoked, yet despite provocation neither one was provoked. It was good to see both players stand up to provocation but without falling into the intended traps.

  2. Herrera was the wind up he spends most of the match feigning injury and trying to get the opposition sent off , time the referees took action against Herrera, his persistent fouling alone merited a yellow card , his cheating holding his face when hit in the chest merited a red card

    • Correct dude. Think he complety destroyed hazard last season. Refs are not consistent
      .spurs still need fighters in the team. In my opinion they lack players to drag the team across the finishing line…… ?


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