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Unconfirmed reports on the internet are claiming that Andre Villas-Boas has been offered the vacant Tottenham managerial position.

One Twitter user Agent_ITK who has a decent record in ‘inside info’ is claiming that AVB has been offered a two-year deal with the option for a further two years but insists that nothing has been signed yet.  He went on to claim that if the deal is signed he will be unveiled on Monday or Tuesday.  Roberto Martinez apparently refused to speak to Tottenham.

AVB was Chelsea’s least successful manager since Roman Abramovich’s took over the reigns with a win percentage of less than 50 per cent which led to his sacking with 11 games of the Premier League campaign still to play.

Sources have previously claimed that AVB is interested in taking over at White Hart Lane and is determined to do well in England after his disappointing short tenure at Stamford Bridge.


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  1. Why are we going into such a ridiculous situation AVB lost the backing of the dressing room at Chelsea in a very short time. What is there to say he will not do the same at White Hart Lane? This is madness. I wish Daniel Levi would realise that footballers are very fickle men and they will back their last manager till the end. No 4th place or champions league next year at this rate,and another few million to pay for compensation if he fails.

    • And what is to say he will not do the complete opposite and make us the team everyone knows we can be. I think its unfair to judge anyone on what they have done at Chelsea. World Cup winners have been sacked from there so its not a massive deal is it? Remember it was AVB who asked RDM to become his assistant and also remember RDM got sacked from West Brom and won the Champions League in less than 2 years…if it is AVB- give him a chance- we have players better suited to his style of play than Chelsea do- just because he didnt work out at Chelsea does not mean he will not work out at Tottenham- we talk about wanting Guardiola etc- what makes you think that he would be a success at Spurs? Having one of he best players ever makes your job that bit easier in a league where your only competition is a team from Madrid. AVB is one year older, with one year more experience and of course he made mistakes at Chelsea but he has had a good few months to go through them and try not to make them again. Give the guy a chance. COYS.

      • Gotta say ilovespurs that i kinda coming round to your way of thinking! I mean it might just work.It would b massive gamble cos he’s damaged goods but he’d b so motivated to stick two fingers up to chelski n da press it might work in our favour. Would his appointment keep luka at da club n entice big players to da club?? Who knows but im becoming more open minde to his appointment!

    • AVB lost the backing of the Chelsea dressing room because his remit was to "clear out the old guard". Unfortunately, the ever impatient Roman hadnt considered that the old guard were his best players and that one has to replace said players over a period of time. When the squad turned on him Roman took that most noble of positions and went missing and allowed AVB to fall on his own sword. AVB wouldnt be clearing house at Spurs – he would be building a squad – a squad that currently is heading in the wriong direction. Under Redknapp, the most impressive training ground in Europe wont have any of our youngsters being trained because they are all loaned out. Harry and his fleet of coaches haven't got anything out of Falque, Bostock, Cellabos, Couliyabe, Townsend etc….. In 2 years we will be replacing Parker, Friedel, Cudiccinni, Gomez, King, Gallas, Nelsen and we dont have Adebayor signed either. We could even lose Modric, Bale and VDV. Harry has slowly placed us in a position where we could find we have no freaking players one August Saturday afternoon through bad planning and failure to address the balance of the squad. That is why we are looking at AVB

  2. Check AVB CV before Chelsea – then you might realise why! He has wone more than Harry already at the age of only 34. The Chelsea dinisaurs did not want to get dumped. Spurs shall dump the pldies and play the younger players all good for the future I think. But let us wait and see

  3. AVB i think he do well for you guys alot of the reason he was revolted against at chelsea was he tried to change to much in a very short space of time another reason is he was a scout there during the mourinho days no imagine seeing this guy in the background as a scout 4-5 years later telling you what to do hence why the old guard didnt like it.

  4. He’ll do nicely,He was sent in to get rid of the old guard at Chelscum and was let down badly by the owner.He has a point to prove and I think it could be a master stroke by Levy.

  5. I think he'd be alright. Ancelotti got sacked after winning the double so him getting sacked doesn't tell you much He'd have come good there if he had got a chance to build his own team.

  6. The appointment of AVB might at first seem ridiculous but you have to take into account what was happening at chelsea whilst he was there and also who the boss is there. The guy didn’t really stand a chance his rebut probably went something along the lines of, get the team playing the bertrand of football that Roman likes his team to play and also to shift the lle players out whilst bringing in the new batch. Unfortunately for AVB he tried to do the latter too quickly and just plain lost the dressing room and the rest as they say is history as was he. But the fact remains that prior to the chelsea episode he was the bright new star even endorsed by the special one. Personally I don’t think that he is the right man for the job at my beloved spurs but if the article is to be believed then we just have to accept it. My choice would be Rafa Benitez. He knows the premiership his record stands up well, he knows how to put together a winning team with a winning mentality, what might go against him is his tenancy to want total control of the running of the football club. Whoever we choose please let it be a good appointment because now that we have had a taste of the the good life it’s hard to go back to mediocrity. Lets not waste this opportunity. lillywhitetilidie.

  7. I think AVB will do a great job for us. As shown by the difference the primadonnas are running the show at stamford bridge with di matteo posing on the side; whereas at N17 we are in dire need of tactics. We are one of the most attacking sides in the word but NO TACTICAL SENSE WHATSOEVER! Harry was the top when it comes to man management but tactically weak. I think one of the reasons why Sherwood was kept is that he can back AVB especially with what he has gathered from Harry. Do not forget that at chelsea he did not have any backup as everyone was against him. NO MANAGER COULD SUCCEED AT chelsea IF HE WAS NOT ALREADY PART OF THE OLD REGIME.

  8. madness to sack harry unless a top manager is available to take us to the next level. Harry has proved he can get us in the top 5 on a regular basis so anything less than Pep Guaduola or the likes will see us going bacwards. AVB is still young and hopefully he will have learned by his mistakes in dealing with older players. You need a blend of experience and youth to win things. If he came in with the attitude he did at Chelsea the only thing he will do is trigger an exodus.

  9. Given the list of candidates touted for the job the appointment of AVB would represent the high risk high reward strategy. Moyes would undoubtedly be the more conservative appointment, but expectations at WHL, however unrealistic (in the eyes of others especially) demand significantly more than a ‘dogs of war’ mindset and while Moyes could possibly represent Tottenham’s Ferguson appointment his track record is more reminiscent of Gerry Francis at QPR – i.e. getting a run-of-the-mill squad with minimal financial backing to punch above their weight. At least Harry Redknapp had one FA Cup win on his CV when he took the Spurs job. As to the other names in the frame much the same applies; Martinez gets his Wigan side to play a nice brand of football and scrape clear of relegation each year, but hardly has a cabinet full of trophies to show, while Klinsmann, much loved by all Spurs fans (he will always be in my all time Spurs XI but then so are Ossie and Glenda, and look at their managerial records for the Lillywhites) has hardly been a success in club management. In summary, AVB has won things, both as number 2 to Mourinho and on his own at Porto. He was dumped on from a great height by Chelski having been given a remit to build a new side only for Terry, Lampard, Drogba et al to run to Abramovich and fatally undermine him as soon as they weren’t automatic first choice any more, so if anyone has something to prove it’s him. If he takes the THFC hot seat he will know that his credibility will be shot to pieces if he messes up in the EPL again. I say let’s support Daniel Levy, he’s our David Dein, and if he delivers us a new stadium and a manager who provides us CL football (and perhaps a tilt at the title that lasts in to May) then we should erect a bloody statue of the man 30 foot high in the Tottenham High Road

  10. I like that comment about sherwood Learning the Harry style man management, would be an ideal assistant for villa boas who has learnt from Jose , they will compliment each other perfectly.

    I like the attacking 4-3-3 formation he plays like Jose used to, and u can see he was trying to set up a project for the future at Chelsea with lukaku replacIng drogba etc I like his choice of player aswell mata a great player! I can see us as a young financial club using a combination of different coaching methods and tactics and a great scouting (as he used to be one!) so I think this could work out really well comolli coming back aswell and a comitee style approach on transfers could be interesting, with our new stadium and training ground facility I coming aswell I believe this is a brilliant move by the club to get a real future cemented in place. Comollis signing on the face of it were pretty good, Im looking forward to dos santos finally getting some appreciation like he does for his country, caulker and naughton to come back too , we should some south American flava at the lane , leandro damaio, hulk (actually may be possible now!) falcao , dos santos mixed with bale, modric (maybe) vertongen caulker Kaboul walker Sandro Parker ganso huddelstone, lovely jublee

  11. i like avb and hope he gets the job lets not forget he has won more cups and league titles than harry and any other recent spurs managers when he was at chelski and had a team older than he wea what chance did he have. come on appoint avb and give him a chance all u haters give over and get a life

  12. AVB will do great, i have no problems with him, its a gamble, yes, but a good one, he could be the next mourinho, i liked the way porto played, and he knows how to change things tactically, lets give him a chance.

    The reason we had to sack harry, was that after his operation, and then the stressful court case, he was not the same manager as before, surely ,you all saw that, (examples)

    I dont think 442 suits us, and what does he play 442.

    I dont think the players care whos the manager, it doesnt affect them, now recently, of course the players care who the manager is, it makes them feel at ease, knowing whats going on, and who is in charge.

    the arsenal game , where the wheels came off, he played the non moving ledley king, (a tottenham great before his knee trouble) in the heart of our defence, with assou ekotto, outside him, we went 0-2 up, but we kept on going for them, and leaving ourselves open to the counter attack, ekotto left his position totally vacant, and left ledley exposed, and who was running down that wing, speedy walcott, he had a field day, arsenal did not win that match , we chucked it.

    And what about bale playing down the middle, instead of wide, where we needed him, because his agent thinks hes better there.

    the signs are all there, harry redknapp before his operation, was great, but after it, he was not, he had to go.

    • Tim makes some good points about HR's tactical screw-ups. We'll never know if it was his heart op, his tax case or the FA dithering over appointment of Capello's successor, but one win in nine at a crucial stage of the season plus shambolic performance at Gooner Park and Wembley killed us. But it didn't just start there – the opening two games of the season were shockers too. And right at the end of the season after the Goons had thrown us a lifeline with a home draw against Norwich the day before, he comes away from Villa Park proclaiming a one all draw a great result – against the worst Villa side in 30 years who scored with their only shot of the match, yet twenty minutes to go in that game the result of the Newcastle – Man City game was in and meant even if we lost to Villa we could only be overtaken for fourth if we lost at home to Fulham by a ridiculous margin, yet he persisted with safety first football and Defoe getting splinters in his arse on the bench. Didn't anyone of the holy trinity of HR, Bond and Jordan have a calculator or an i-phone to update them on the scores? And also look at the quality of the squad – it's a far better squad than BMJ had, yet he got us to successive fifth places, and that to me is the key issue; whoever comes in will be taking over a club that doesn't need massive upheaval, just one or two additions and some tactical tweaks. Yes, the media will be looking for AVB to fall flat on his face – but so will they be looking for Brendan Rogers and Di-Matteo, so let's not get paranoid about that

  13. lol at the guy who wrote that agent itk, a guy who has the worst record of any itk on the internet (to take one example he has been pushing for years that celtic will move into the eredivisie, the dutch league), has a decent record. get some proper itk…

  14. It was a shock and disappointment that Harry was let go. The best guy out there and available is David Moyes. DL will be most unhappy with AVB by Christmas.

  15. unconfirmed reports from the internet?

    Here’s another one for you then; Alex Ferguson is in talks with Daniel Levy and is set to be announced as the new spurs boss in 18 minutes. He has also made contact with Ronaldo about a possible move to the lane in which ronny is “intensely interested”. Also, unconfirmed reports in Spain are linking Messi with spurs, claiming he is ready to demand a mutual termination of his contract in order to move to the lane on a free – publish that, its just as credible

  16. Spurs are a cup team at most whoever manages you,you will always be

    2nd best also rans.why you persist with this talk of being

    As good as the arse or it’s our time the tide is turning I will never know.ive supported arsenal since 1975 and things have never changed.whilst arsenal have gone forward(stagnated since new stadium) spurs have just been hanging on to our coatails.realisticly I like the rivalry I’m from hackney so half my mates are yids but come on fellas get realistic you are meant to be arsenals whipping boys and whoever manages you it will always be sorry fellas harsh but true

    • Forums like these are designed for the supporters of the named clubs. Not little men like you who are too scared/too weak to confront people in public.

      Do people a favour and spend less time on rival fan forums and more time in an education facility.

  17. Let’s face it. For all of what Redknapp achieved at Spurs, there was a huge number of fans that felt he ruined this season, especially after the England vacancy! Missing out on the CL for the next season meant that we stood to lose Modric & Bale. Appointing Moyes or Martinez would return us to mid-table mediocrity AVB would be the most risky, radical and audacious choice, but, if it comes off, it might prove to be the most inspiring. Others before me have pointed out the attributes, and the only ones I can add, are that Chelsea forked out £13m yo prise him away from Porto, where they were unbeaten for the whole season, won both the title and domestic cup, and the then UEFA Cup! If you was offered Jose Mourinho, you would be ecstatic, so, you are getting ‘The Son of Mourinho’ instead. He could be at WHL for a very long time, I hope! Don’t forget, on the Chelsea forums, the supporters are sweating over AVB going to Spurs, because, although not deemed a success, they know he will prove a winner for us and will hurt Chelsea in every encounter. Bring it on!

  18. I never really was a fan of harry especially when he was first appointed and I remember a lot of spurs fan fuming because there was noting on his CV apart from FA cup with Portsmouth believe it or not now some believe appointing AVB is going backwards really?…. I personally kinda like AVB even doe he didnt do well with Chelsea his CV Speaks yes its gonna be a big gamble but hey Alex ferguson didnt win his first trophy in his1st, 2nd,3rd 4th 5th but 6th year


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