Are we over achieving?


Run out of puff, steam, bottled it or even choking are the sort of words I’m reading today. Some people are being very critical whilst others seem far to relaxed, I’m also hearing and seeing things like “it’s now time for the lads to step up” whilst others are saying “we’d have happily taken 3rd spot and an Europa League Quarter Final at the start of the season” and yes, in one way or another there’s truth in all of that, but fact remains season isn’t over yet. We could still do achieve both or even fail in both, either way both those phrases me sod all to me, because I am hearing them week after week, year after year. Me being me always try’s looking for a reason, I know some of you say “why waste your time and energy- what will be will be” again also very true, yet I can’t seem to shake these question that I ask myself.

*Why do we hit a wall about this time of the season?

*Would a different manager have better results?

* And would a stronger squad allow us to finish off the season rather than collapse?

Truth is there isn’t one correct answer, simply because people will always see things differently. As I’ve said in previous articles I’m not that fan that can just say “don’t worry it’s all good” nor that fan “that calls for a manager to be sacked or Boo our own players” but what I will do is talk about our problems, become very vocal, but least of all say “don’t worry”

As I get older I hope I see things with a bit more logic than when I was younger? Some would laugh at that, yet I’m very aware whether I agree or not people will have a view, so I’m sitting here in the bath trying to work out “what” is the one thing that we’d surely agree on? And that has to be that these end of season jitters have got to stop.

It’s happened to Martin Jol Harry and very possibly AVB, so again surely we must all agree if the same thing keeps happening but to different managers at the same time of year then it “Can’t” be the manager? Yes they’ll make mistakes but I’ll allow that, yes players will have off days but i’LL also allow that BUT what I can’t allow it to get to this time of year season in season out and then fold. So what’s the answer? I’ve looked back over last 5 seasons and there is a common theme standing out in glowing neon letters 20ft high..

“Our squad is too small AND too weak”

The only time we reached the CL we had a bench of players that COULD come on a do something, not always, but a player that was capable of 1 or 2 bits of ability. Look at that bench, likes of Dawson, Jenas, Kaboul, crouch Defoe or Pav, Bentley, Palacios, Huddlestone etc etc. Granted, not all top, top players but at that time five years younger and capable of coming on a taking part.

Now, no disrespect to the lads on the bench last night, nor the people that started ahead of suspensions, or rotation but the fact remains the 1s still here are older, or prospects or frankly just not top five club players.

So the squad players who were squad players back then if they’ve not made it as a first team regular now then maybe they just won’t, after all they are older now.

I’m not gonna start giving out names after all they pull on our shirt, but regardless of who performed up to three quarter’s of the season last year they are the same players that are going through this again? And to me every last 1 of them looks shattered? Surely if our squad players are either not good enough to start even when the others are dead on their feet then surely this has to be the reason we fold. Our 1st teamer’s are not getting a rest regardless of Europa League or domestic League. We went out of both home cups first attempt yet they still play week in week out, people will say drop the EL but not me, I remember 1984 and I want to win this, I also remember last year when we all moaned at Harry when he went weak, yet we “Still” collapsed….

It’s so obvious to me that our squad is far too small and far to weak meaning the lads have to play nearly every week and when this time of year comes round they’re shot to bits.

So we need a bigger squad, or better replacements it really is that simple..

AVB though still young has a lot to learn, yet he’s learning on the job with either a team of lads that are beaten or just simply lost form, yet he must have something – as bad as Milan, Fulham, and last night was – the boys no longer give up, despite very average performances we are 3rd, and though looking hard we are still in Europe. I will be gutted if the Chelsea ******** win this and we don’t!

But when all said and done our strikers a scoring, our left and right backs are having a bad season, our midfield is either injured or out of form and the general atmosphere at the Lane is we must be over achieving because it just wouldn’t make any sense to view it any other way.

Yet Mr Levy,
Give AVB the tools in the summer and all “could” very look good, yet don’t and I’m afraid it would be another collapse this time next year!

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  1. an interesting observation. But there are issues. Why are so many players out on load? surely greater rotation over the season would be of more benefit than sending players to different clubs to learn a different culture then when they return to re learn what they have been taught earlier. Although there are no "easy games" surely some of the less experienced players could have been better utilised. Also remember a new manager brings new ideas and new methods and adjustments in playing style.
    Why look for big transfer signings? spurs should be looking at youngsters they are pushing through their academy.

  2. It's crazy that a club with CL aspirations, and currently 3rd in the PL, does not have one top playmaker or striker, while the clubs around them have them by the bucket load! So ..can we see it through? Without Bale, the one player who single handedly clouded the issue of our weak and unsure midfield and woeful attack? Yes we can! The loss of Modric was enormous and the failure to replace him, plus add a top striker, and Sandro getting injured, has finally told ..but we can do this if AVB now makes some BOLD decisions. Starting with Everton, bring Carroll in and let him have a central playmaking role. Rest Parker and Vertonghen. Bring in Hudd alongside Dembele and let the man attempt a last chance of showing that all that potential wasn't just .. er, potential! Let Holtby off the leash ..him and Sig can start on the flanks but they can also move inside to strengthen this new midfield and support Ade.

  3. A back five of Walker, Daws, Caulker, Bene and Lloris ..protected by Hudd and Dembele ..and with Carroll, Holtby and Sig supporting Ade ….well, it's the best we can hope for but I think they can nick a good result against the Toffees. And with a Di Canio renewed Sunderland playing Chelsea, Baggies capable of a point against Arsenal, and Utd wanting to grind City's noses in it ..there's a chance we may come out of the weekend on a decent footing. By the way …where's KABOUL?? He was due back a month ago!

  4. Have read all comments and have come to the conclusion that spurs fans still dont have faith in the team and management ! To see them play poorly on my several visits to the lane yet still be 3rd has puzzled me a lot, Arsenal, chelsea and city have all had a troubled season which has helped spurs to a lofty position, but i feel this
    is about to change. Huddlestone, livermore, gallas no longer make any impact, gallas should have gone last year and hudd this season.Dawson is revered among spurs fans but he is guilty of awful defending at times, his never say die attitude is his plus point. This current team is ok but was more dynamic under harry, we now rely on bale too much and he knows it ! Finally, we always start games by spending 15 / 20mins knocking the ball sideways around the back 4 before we mess it up and start being more attacking, we should be more assertive otherwise this season is going to blow up again.

  5. Although its controversial and seemingly sounds bonkers Bales 1 man Shows may in fact be working against the team? Although coming inside has allowed him to frighten defenders and goalkeepers to death I can't help but wonder if its been working against the performance of our strikers…
    I don't buy into this "that Adey ain't interested now he's got a contract" as it don't make sense, lose interest lose your place and get moved on , simple. Defoe not scored in what 12,13,14 games? Now Bale isn't bombing down the wing creating cross's and for the strikers they are looking ineffective, though he's scoring loads himself. Also am I the only one who thinks Gareth has started to back chat refs more so now as we'll as always seems to look for a run and shot opposed to a pass? I know he shoots he scores but can this be upsetting the others?? Tough one!


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