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Harry Redknapp has reflected on Tottenham’s embarrasing 5-2 defeat to Arsenal.

It looked to be going so well when we took a two-goal lead through Louis Saha and Emmanuel Adebayor, but Arsenal took control of the game and we never looked like we could compete.

The defeat also means that Arsenal lie just seven points shy of us in third place. It was a frustrating day and there’s plenty which could be said but I don’t want to mull over that performance again. Let’s just hope Harry, Joe, Kevin and co have the players in at the Lodge tomorrow to go through some defensive drills.

“I didn’t feel comfortable to be honest at 2-0 up,” Redknapp told the post-match press conference. “They were creating chances at 2-0.

“To be fair, when they got back to 2-2, they had an opportunity to go 3-2 before half-time so I wasn’t exactly sitting there feeling comfortable. We were hitting them on the counter-attack, but we were camping deep in our half and they were making opportunities.

“At 2-0 I didn’t feel comfortable and at 2-2 I felt even less comfortable and the momentum was with them at half-time. They came off to a standing ovation and you knew it was going to be a very tough second half.

“Van Persie with the second goal was amazing. He had a foot to aim in and stuck it in the top corner.

“They had a bit of quality about them today. They were busy in the middle of the park. It was one of those days for us. We weren’t the same.”

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  1. Hahahaha

    Your best team for decades, our worst in Wenger’s reign – and we still put five past ya!

    Top team in London?

    Dream on mugs.

      • Still 3rd, Man Utd to come next, no Parker, Diving cheat Bale has been found out – and the only reason you are in 3rd is because unlike the rest you didn't qualify for the Champions League – and have a week off whilst the Top teams play in Europe (sending a second string for the Europa doesn't count)

        It's Febuary the Title hopes are over – and God have we heard about them for the last few months – you would have thought it was in the bag. This time next week the gap could be four points and the slide will be well and truely in motion.

    • Ur such a typical goon twat… At 2-0 u would hav been shitting it.. It’s been 2 1/2 yrs since u have beat us.. Were 3rd n ur still 7 points behind us. Look at our run in compared to urs… We will still finish above u.. U have history n today but there is only one true team in north London.. U pikie woolwich mug.. Coys

    • Yeah we are TW*T!! Its one game and were Arsenal and Chelsea ever in contention for the PL?!? Na!
      You had to win it otherwise you'd probably be managerless!!
      Makes me laugh reading Wenger saying anything is possible if we were more consistent! Yeah IF Wenger IF.
      I`m sure there's many an Arsenal fan saying oh if only we could play like that every week! Yeah Spurs fans USED to say that! Arsenal and Chelsea are and have gone backwards. Spurs are on the up! FACT!!

      • Were Tottenham ever in contention….? Really…. ? it's almost March and your out the running.

        51 years….. but your obviously the best club in London as you have had a good half a season. How do you seriously come to that conclusion….?

        Rednapp is about to be found out…. he's not that good. It's no suprise that 30 years of Management have only delivered a single trophy and that sent Portsmouth into administration. Great record that.

        • You are simply a silly little boy, knee jerk reactions must be easy after that but as you said, this is your shittest side in years, one result in a derby where form goes out the window does not change your shit season. Enjoy this and wait to get brought back down to earth by the likes of Sunderland and West Brom because you have a team of uninterested bottlers. Cunt

    • You said it all there mate your worse team so why the sudden high tempo performance there is energy drugs all over football are you sure this is your worse team.. Also Adams drug addict Merson Drug addict how many games did they play using drugs if i was you mate i would be asking why you lost 2-0 to Sunderland who lost 4-0 to West Brom also 4-0 in Milan . Because next week you play another offender i no got reported for using Ephedrine and you have a player who was in the team at the time skelaton Benayoun what a coincidence your defence looked energetic and attack i wonder fucking why.

  2. embarressing, if were going to lose the game, yeah its hard to take but its much more acceptable if we just lose, rather than go 2-0 up it gives all us supporters a bit of hope and sense of feeling we might win here, but time and time again we are all left dissapointed becasue we have surrendered such a lead. i am not looking forward to the united game now, especially without parker

    • Graig we would have struggled with Parker i said points would be harder after Christmas we beat Newcastle because we scored four goals before there energy kicked in tempo tampering is going on by desperate teams and Arsenal where on death row and next week Liverpool will match there despeartion.

  3. felt uncomfortable and did nothing, wenger, rednose, and every other manager with half a brain would have seen what was coming, and done something, given intructions,ect,ect. you redknapp did NOTHING, and laying back and going for counterlong ball tactics, against arsenal away, with our midfield? arsenals defence was shaky everytime we did go forward, but as we tok the lead we stayed back, to far back, so mutch that our defence never got a break. please redkrapp, aploy the same against man.utd?? we will get even a worse beating. this has happend two times this seasong, and we still have chelsea and manure. it could get worse. you did all wrond today redknapp. youre tactics was-is-and always will be bad. you clearly dont know how to fill in a team sheat, do you??? go to manage england, you inept muppet!!!!!!!

  4. We played like the old Spurs, Harry. Face it.. we absolutely bottled it – as soon as they pulled one back I was expecting the worst and the sad truth is I know every other Tottenham supporter was too. 5-2 though was unacceptable.

  5. Just admit you screwed up with the subs! We thank u for getting us this far, but u should take the england job…please. Why go defensive when we should be winning the game? Embarassing is an understatement!

  6. I told any one who would listen Arsenal would up there tempo and Harry should have played Lennon too cover Ekotto who looked like he had a groin operation and Sandro was not fit and after one tackle he was holding his calf. So why no Defoe and Lennon who would have stopped Wallcot who had all day too score both goals and Friedel was off his line for every goal have another look i played in goals and that is criminal and a strikers dream. Next up a team who have just won with a two players aged 38 i rest my case for Top up second half Tempo one last thought both our main rivals scored 3 goals after going down the tunnel and coming out with a high tempo we need too learn this or suffer more second half heartache we beat Newcastle in the first forty five we let Arsenal back in the game and paid the price Utd and Chelsea will both be topped up the FA and Ukad have lost the battle excepting Toure excuse he had taken his wife's slimmers when it was Ephedrine Caffeine and aspirin

  7. it goes to show we are out of our league againts the big boys as today showed we can not beat the top sides away from home are we going on the slide???

  8. just goes to show we are no good away from home when playing the top sides we have lost at man utd; man city; and now arsenal will chelsea be next .man utd at home next are we going to rollover like today cav

  9. Anybody who tells me BAE is good enough is deluded. The man is a hoofer and is a disaster waiting to happen. Get rid ASAP. I have been waiting to say this for a long time but now is definite. He is CRAP. Where is the definsive coach at Spurs? Great midfield, great attack but defensively always suspect. Hopefully we can hold 3rd……


    • What is your history and culture in football muppett??!! Where was Bale on Sagna? Where was Bale when BAE was alone against Walcott and Rosicky? Just near Adebayor so please shut up and support your team!

      • You should be looking at Parker not stopping the cross coming in before having a go at Bale! The man is spot on, Assou Ekkotto is liability, and so is Harry, the quicker the England job comes the better! I’m a Welsh Tottenham fan, so I don’t have to buy into all this Harry crap! He will be your next Kevin Keegan! Good riddance!!?

      • The amount of goals that comes from BAE side of the pitch is shocking. IMHO he's not good enough but with your marvellous history and culture you obviously know better. May I suggest you apply for Harrys job when he moves on to manage England.

    • Bloody hell for fuck sake wake up i told you all what would happen if i no we are going to struggle when we are winning 2-0 fucking don't you think i have information there is something in the water. Tom i fucking reported a well none team in my area for using energy giving drugs one of there players was in the Arsenal team today and not one of you would have picked him i did yesterday.on another blog Benanyoun so just like there past Adams and Merson they have history when it comes to big games .

    • Spot on Tom. I've been saying this for a couple of seasons now. Just because he has a pretty good left foot, is reasonably skilful and a bit of a character some people seem to think that he is a good left back. Not so – to many goals are scored from his position. 3 came from that side yesterday and he also kicked it over his head straight to RVP on the edge of the penalty area for their 2nd goal. Not good enough, replace him or it will continue to happen!!

  10. Gooners & City fans warned us that Adebayor will be great for a 6 months then stink the house out… Today, the stench was unbearable. DO NOT BUY!!!!!

  11. Do u people not understand this is football this can happen u cnt always win. 1 bad result and were slating r team wots wrong with u. No1 was saying this wen we were beating liverpool arsenal newcastle comfortably. Were 3rd aving the best season of my life still 7 points ahead of r rivals playing sme of the best football in the league (apart from today) still in the F.A cup. This happens to the best teams who thought city would crus united like they did and who thought blackburn would win at old trafford. Harry has gotten the best out of r team and u r calling for his head coz of 1 bad game. Its stupid.

    • U If you think this is just a one of your deluded this result means the Fa and Ukad are not stopping tempo drugs Our next game is against Utd they have a players aged 38 with superb fitness one is a well none asthmatic who had retired for 8 months yet came back and just started playing in the hardest league in Europe Giggs scored the winner in the last minute aged 38 this is because fitness is enhanced with these drinks and if you believe that your miss informed. I was told by Ukad what it really is and Kolo Toure was just using an excuse for saying his wifes slimmers was why he failed a drug test if you except this then Arsenal 5 Spurs 2 and Arsenal 0 Milan 4 Sunderland 2 Arsenal 0 and West Brom 4 Sunderland 0 are a funny old game or what i found out eneregy drugs being swallowed before and at half time both these despearte managers teams scored 3 goals after half time Chelsea and Arsenal enough said

    • Agree with everything you said- win the FA Cup and finish 3rd in the league and this will all be forgotten! First though we need to beat United on Saturday!

  12. I knew this was going to happen. Tottenham are 3rd in the Premier League and have been the real entertainers and one loss against stupid Arsenal is not going to change that. It sonly 3 points – we were bad today and it as simple as that. We are not going to win the league this season but 3rd is where we should and where we are going to finish. We should just concentrate on the next game which is against Man U- beat them and this loss will probably be forgotten. Saying that, we were not good today and why we didnt Start with Modric, Parker Lennon, Bale and van der Vaart with Adebayor, I really do not know. Oh well- next game is United at Home which is in my opinion the more important games as it would be the final obstacle in being able to beat everyone around us. I am kind of happy it has happened because the players will be hurt from this defeat which should Spur us on against United.

  13. All, we lst our first two games to Man City and Man U respectively, we came back and kept winning, the difference between this Spurs team and Spurs teams of old is that we know how to bounce back, we will win and we will end up inthe Chamos League next season and that is all we want, we have proven we can beat Milan so bring it on….

  14. Spurs fans are hilarious, they moan toooo much, I love it. Spurs are punching well above their wait and only Harry could do that. Some overated players BAE, Parker, Friedal. Plus some players who are up themselves and think they are better than they are – Adebeyor (no effort) and Bale (Should be playing in the middle coz it’s all about him lol). And crocks King and Saha will be out soon. You want Harry out you’re crazy you’ll go back to an avg team again. But you got problems as Your chairman never spends much and the players are already playing like Harry’s gone.

  15. INCONSISTENCY is what Harry, coaches & playing staff should take note of. We did not have a plan B in place & thats when the coaches need to be on the alert. Very despondent as a Spurs fan

  16. Well, firstly, Harry did mess up with the subs… 2 on at half time!? Whassat about? That's daft, for a start. And then later, when we're all thinking 'LENNON!', 'DEFOE!'… on comes… DAWSON!?! That was pretty much a statement of "Let's try not to let this be 8-2", rather than "Let's get 3 back", which is what this season's Spurs are all about.

    All a bit of a mess, Harry.

    But Gooners, you lot are pathetic. Don't think no-one else noticed how the entire stadium was booing their own team at 40 minutes in. After our second goal you lot were booing Wenger and Walcott. Totally pathetic.

  17. Not good enough from us – we can be losing a 2-0 lead to a team who is playing awfully – especially after we slapped them around at home this season. I think 'arry messed up the subs – van der Vaart and Lennon should of come on – we needed Scott Parker to get on for Sandro – already on a yellow soon as I saw him get a yellow I knew he was going to be off due to his style and in a game like this.

    Harry messed up the tactics – he got this TOTALLY wrong – I be happy with a Spurs daw this week at Man Utd – another loss will kill us off 3rd place that we had in the palms of our hands – we should be 13+ points clear. Instead we are 7 which is NOTHING!

  18. Dirty Woolwich Scum, well done for yeasterday every shit team has to have something to crow about at least once in a season, like when our shit team beat you 5-1 in the cup back in the day. As for calling us fickle, all I have heard on talksport for the last six months from you mugs is"wenger out" now you love him again??
    Anyway hope you enjoy the europa league next season, while were beating the likes of the Milans again in the champions league, something the Woolwich Nomads failed to do, HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    • Oh dear.
      You think we have never won against the Milan sides?
      A monumental error, and proof of your lack of knowledge.
      You will have to start winning leagues and doubles, and at least qualify for the CL 10 years in a row to be even in the same breath as Arsenal.
      And whats more, you know it too.

  19. The bottom line is spurs were out played, deployed the wrong tactics and did nt react to change things. Arse played the best they have all season and deserved the win. Im spurs through and through but this was on the cards, 4-4-2 was suicide. Im also very embarrassed at Bales dive.

    Sometimes you got to say , f*** it and move on.

  20. First let's all get a grip with were we are in the Premiership and FA Cup. Winning the cup and taking 3rd would be a superb effort. This result was extremely disappointing but the tactics from the manager and corresponding effort from the players was woeful. Why Harry decided to play a narrow 4-4-2 when it was clear to all that a 4-5-1 set up would have been far better. Some will say it worked, but hand on heart they know it didn't. The Saha goal was a lucky deflection and the Bale penalty was clearly a dive after losing control. Arsenal had threatened to score 5 times and the 0-2 scoreline flattered to deceive.

    Some of the fickle comments regarding Assou Ekotto are astounding, as he has been absolutely superb in the LBb role. For me the first issue was King who looked unfit unusually as his pace seemed void and his normal effervescence missing. Dawson & Kaboul would have been a better partnership but you can't blame Harry as King is normally the rock. The second issue was the midfield who tried to play a narrow game and with Walker and Ekotto bursting forward left us wide open. We have Bale who clearly need to stay on the left wing and why on earth we played Krancjar over Lennon is beyond me. Surely the better set up was Bale Modric Parker Sandro Lennon with Defoe upfront to terrorise them with pace. This would have suited a passing game on a superb potch built for passing. Instead we had Bale roaming and leaving huge holes, Parker getting literally triangles out of the game, Modric exposed and forced into defensive duties and Krancjar doing something but not quite sure what to be honest. Upfront you had Saha and Adebayor who were forced to move deep to pick up a ball and effectively received nothing from the flanks were we are normally so strong.

    So let the Gooners enjoy their success as they have nothing other than this to show for their season. Spurs will still take 3rd and win the FA Cup and Chelsea will finish 4th and soon extinguish their pride. Well done Wenger for out thinking Redknapp, and congratulations to you Gooners for restoring some pride, bit the end of the season will establish our true positions like you always said when you were on top. Enjoy your victory against Spurs and get ready to watch Hazard, Vertonghen and Damiao play for us next season. Sure Redknapp should get England but I am sure Mourinho will do a great job at Spurs. If this sound like a Spurs pipedream, just watch this space as we cement our dominance over you. The next humiliation will be our new stadium which will outshine yours and take Spurs into the new era. The sad thing is you all expected to lose and hand on heart you know the future is ours.

  21. I am not really a Harry fan to be honest, despite the fact that overall he has done a good job for us. Sometimes I feel he gets unfair credit. Our Chairman is the main reason for our rise. Agreed Parker and Saha were Harry's call, and credit to him for that. However, with the players Harry has at his disposal, frankly we should be match for anyone. Yes his man management skills maybe good but I often feel his tactics are not the best.
    In this match we were somewhat disrespectful to a good (not great) Arsenal team. To allow them the extra man in midfield on their own turf, for me, was a mistake. We allowed them to take control in the middle of the park, and despite the substitutions could not get a foothold back in the game. Our shape was wrong, there was no support, players were isolated and hunted down. I do not think one player came out with credit.
    Worse still, heads went down to easily. Champions fight for their reputation, and have total belief even if things are going against them.
    This result could be far more harmful than just losing to our enemy. We need to show metal and get something from the United game.

  22. What a bunch of fickle twats who are shouting rubbish about our team. One defeat and all I hear is “Redknapp should go” and “this player is that, that player is that…”

    Seriously, call yourself Tottenham fans? Bollocks. All you are is embarrasing yourself and the good Tottenham name – 3rd in the league, very consistent most of the season, one of the best Spurs team we’ve had in years, big chance of CL qualification….seriously if you are doubting Harry and the team after yesterdays’ result, bearing in mind it was just a bad day in the office nothing else, I think you should fuck off and stop supporting Spurs. We dont need fans like you.

  23. Our defence was a shambles. I fear the King's reign is coming to an end. Kaboul was not his usual dominant self. BAE was very disappointing against Walcott, and failed to track back. His worst game of the season.
    Our midfield was overrun, particularly Luka who drifted out of the game after a brightish start. Bale was undisciplined and upset the balance of the team. Krancjar and VDV did nothing.
    Adebeyor had a shocker after his wonderful performance against Newcastle.
    The team just seemed badly set up, certainly did not have the right mental attitude and will to win. Harry must take more than some of the blame for that.
    Next game could define our end to the season. Harry must pick them up and find that vein of invincibility that was evident before Christmas.

  24. I will refrain from name calling, as it gets us nowhere. Spurs are a team on the up, despite that result, and I think most Arsenal fans would agree, that theirs is the worst Arsenal team in a good few years. I don’t think any of us really thought we ever had a chance at the title, not this year, but 3rd or even fourth, would be a tremendous result. It’s embarrasing when a Spurs fan claims we are the biggest in London, we’re not, but perhaps some can forgive us for getting carried away with our results, when we have accepted mediocrity for so long. I think both clubs aim to play similar attacking football, and both are hugely enjoyable to watch, and great adverts for the premiership. I think the gap between us will no longerr exist following this season, and perhaps supremacy will be decided by who either club decide to appoint as their next managers. Congratulations to Arsenal for a ruthless display, and I hope this will bring us back down to earth, as we have clearly started to believe we are better than we actually are. Oh, and for Christ’s sake someone make Bale stay out on the bloody left, he is no Ronaldo!!

  25. Well done Micky Hazard and all the other numpties who were trumpeting on about power shifts and balance of power before this game. The Arsenal players were clearly up for this game even if many of their fans weren't when they went two down. Bale's dive for the penalty and his weak challange on Sagna for their first puts a bit of perspective on all the hype surrounding him at present. 'arrys old tactical failings came to the fore again. Now we have to replicate their performance against the Mancs next game.

  26. Management 50% players 50%.

    Harry got the selection wrong, Lennon and Bale should have been kept wide on the wings with parker holding behind modric

    if necessary bring sandro on for saha or adebayor as a second holding mf.

    That said, other than parker everyone else bottled it. Ledley King wasn’t great. Walker was clearly hampered by his injury. Bale spent most of this time ignoring his marking duties and trying to run at 3 people at the same time. Krancjar was woeful in terms of effort. Modric the same. Adebayor got his goal but it seemed like he was unnerved by the crowd reaction because unless the ball was played to him he wasn’t going to chase it. Saha looked lost similarly.

    No heart. No realisation that this was THE match for Spurs’ fans. No leadership on the pitch in minute 41 to ensure that all 11 kept the 2-0 lead to half time.

    Abject, abysmal, atrociuos……..Arry.

  27. Harrys thought definately but he has never been a master tactician as I have said all along

    I could pick that spurs side he has excellent players but basically Arsenal overloaded the middle and we needed width to counter it……I cant believe Lennon didnt play, I cant believe Krancjar did……

    I do hope he takes the England job, he wouldnt have a clue how to win anything with England, imagine his run around tactics against Spain loool they would wipe the floor with us.

    We are 7 points clear and have to move on…..what I will say is every big game this year with have flopped, Man City twice, Man Utd, Arsenal, Chelsea and we shouldve lost against Liverpool at Anfield.

    Fergie will blow Redknapps mind on Sunday…..no point in watching tbh

  28. the terrible thing about it was that the scum were given a football lesson in san siro and were incredibly shite.they will be given another when milan visit that crap ground of theirs ,Milan will lose bout 2-1 0r 3-2 odd goal, they'll be typically Italian and let the scum do the running but unlike us will do the bizz, lets face it we're total shite.

  29. One result against a side we have already beaten this season . I wouldnt be crowing too much . I would be more worried why the Gunners cant play like that all the time . No , same as us you cant . Come back at the end of the season and we shall both see the real result, whatever that may be. I couldnt care less if we get beaten by the gunners or fulham tbh its the same to me . Brush down get on with the next game.

  30. Why you all barking so early? Season is not over yet. 7 point gap is nothing. It can be wiped out in 3 games. You lot should know it because you are football fans. But it was good to see good old tottenham back in the business. All scared like bunch of headless chickens:) And looking at theitr fans faces:) Classic Spuds:) Arsenals worst team in 15 years beating Spuds best in 50 years. Says a lot about cock representinf Spuds!


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