Sagna to Spurs? Will that really happen…


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Is this Sunday’s silliest transfer rumour of the day or is there some credibility in this? According to the Sunday People, Tottenham are planning to sign Arsenal full-back Bacary Sagna.

According to the report Sagna would be interested in a move to White Hart Lane as apparently the player is just one of those who is disillusioned with the impending departures of Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri.

Spurs have Kyle Walker, Vedran Corluka and Alan Hutton who can play right-back, but Hutton is being linked with a move to Aston Villa.


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  1. Three deals that wont happen Lennon to City and Modric to Chelsea and Sagna and they shouldn't we have made one mistake Woodgate for newt

  2. Anyone heard about Shitky Oilers Scarf Face boss want Lennon for the bullet Dodger this has made me sick at the thoughts. of it. Remind me who do we play after Utd oh ye City they don't want to face Lennon and Walker with there energized defense being watched by the testers and me. We have a chance to stop City getting in the champs league by leaving them with a massive wage bill and Plattini will be looking into there suspect naming rights from the same owners. This is wrong and Arsenal and others are waiting to object and they are helping the list grow by tapping players like Lennon and Nasri. .

  3. HA HA HA … You really believe something like that would happen?? Sagna would leave Arsenal for a lesser team a lesser salary and no champions league? Wow just wow. This is not Logical.

  4. Y wud sagna leave arsenal for spurs??? Wud be like him joining villa??? Them two can leave like we have always been bigger than spuds we will replace them.

    Up the gunners

  5. The “rumour” is about as nonsensical as the knuckle dragger up there saying that, “we have always been bigger than spuds.”

    Bigger than potatos? Sure. Bigger than Spurs always? I’m guessing your time following football has been VERY brief. Oh and replace them with whom? More unproven kids for multimillions from the lower leagues or crocked Germans that will never get a game?

  6. Can’t see that happening to be honest and I would rather have Walker anyway.Then of course there is Kaboul who though a centre back by trade makes for an amazingly attack minded right back too.

  7. I think that since the 25 man rules came in we’ve waited until the end of the windows to get players off the big clubs on the cheap might have another van der vart type of signing in the pipeline well hopefully :).

  8. This is the daftest transfer story in a summer of crazy arsed transfer stories.

    As a Gooner, I cant see Sagna leaving the club fullstop, this is just a lazy hack having to meet a deadline and not having anything better.

    Sagna is the best RB in the league, but I doubt Arry boy is on the look out for a RB.

    He is probably in the market for a cake with a file in it!


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