Are we Arsenal in disguise?


Are we Arsenal (fans) in disguise? Well we might be mistaken for such if the treatment Wilson Palacios received on Sunday afternoon from sections of the home support is anything to go by. It was very reminiscent of that meted out to Abou Diaby and more famously to Emmanuel Eboue by the slack-jawed tourists at the Emirates during the past couple of seasons.

Why boo a player on your own team? What’s the point of getting off your arse and screaming abuse when he misplaces a pass or joining in the sarcastic cheers when he makes a good one? How’s that going to help him get his confidence back & play better? Palacios’s passing has always had an erratic side. It’s not ideal but it’s not his strength and it’s not why we bought him.

When he joined us less than two years ago we had Championship brown stuff swimming over the top of our boots; he was one of the key men our recovery was built round. He was one of those who started the raising of the bar on the pitch, especially in midfield. Those refusing to support one of the leaders in the relegation battle of only two seasons ago are the same ones sitting back whilst our captaincy is handed to a former Arsenal skipper.

The relative success of the past season and a bit has raised expectations and led to complacency amongst some of the fans, a quality that is one step closer to the nauseating smugness that is palpable when you pay a visit to the New Library or Old Trafford. One bloke near me regularly yells at Palacios “get him off the pitch, he’s not a footballer, he’s not a footballer!”. What? I wonder if he sees the irony in his shouts betraying the fact that he’s nowhere near fulfilling the much easier role of being a supporter. The clue’s in the name.

Any success we achieve this season will be on the back of our home form and we’ve developed a reputation for creating an atmosphere that even the best of visiting teams struggle to cope with. Let off steam about the players on message boards, in pubs, on Twatter, on your I Love Prawn Sandwiches Facebook page by all means but don’t do it at White Hart Lane or anywhere we’re playing, you’re just doing the job of the opposition fans for them.


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  1. Sorry but thats a stupid and quite frankly unfair thing to suggest. Wilson's been off the boil for well over a year now. Fans by and large have sympathized with his personal grief and given him the benefit of the doubt. But if his heads not right then he shouldn't have played, but one assumes that he'd given assurances that he was OK to the management and selected accordingly. Wilson has been atrocious not poor, not off colour, but a liability to the club, their performances and ambitions. If any other player had performed as poorly as he has both this season and most of last, he'd be out f the door. He was so poor on Sunday that the crowd had no option but to vent their feelings, but in true gt Wilson fashion, he did respond and played well 2nd half, where most of those who booed then applauded!

    • He looked good against Bremen and showed a hint of returning to form, try getting behind him… Or do you still think we should ship out Bale because he had a bad run of form? Modric misplaced a couple of passes against Arsenal and nearly set a goal up for them – Get rid eh?

      WP was a hero of our CL campaign and deserves time to get his form back. More than time, he deserves respect. To use the word 'liability' is frankly shocking.

  2. On the contrary, WE ARE NOT WEST HAM. Spurs fans never have done happy-clappy like a bunch of when standards drop. It's always been the same ever since Mark Falco used to get it in the neck. To be fair, the crowd were just expressing their frustration. Maybe you need to go easy on them, the way you want THEM to go easy on Palacios. But it is the way. The second rate player gets it from the fans. The fans get it from the blogger. The blogger gets it from the commenter. I'm just glad that the bar has been raised, in the 90s you'd lose count of the wayward passes during a Spurs game.

  3. I totally agree, Palacios was probably our best and most consistent player in the "8 games 2 points" season. I was appalled at the ironic cheering he recieved. He is a sensible guy who keeps himself out of trouble, doesn't drink and is a very useful member of our squad. His form has seemed to dip since his family tragedy though and I don't think Harry rates him like he used to.

  4. I was there, I have to question whether you were though. No one was booing Wilson a few moans a bit of frustration, but the fans all sung his name to let him know we are behind him. Dont be so quick to write this shit as it gives me the arse.

  5. Great Article, couldn’t have put it better myself.

    Some people have very short memories and forget exactly where we were this time 2 seasons ago.

    You cant thank Palacios enough now, bad passes or not, he is one of the main reasons we are in the Champions League right now

  6. he needs to go to a new club and have a new start, yes his brother was tragically killed but it shouldn't make him a crap footballer, sell him and buy diarra from madrid problem solved sorry wilson but you are not good enough anymore and a change of scenery might actually do you some good also.

  7. Bit annoyed by it as it was not constructive, because he was outstanding against Werder and only gave away the ball once then.

    His passing was terrible though and 50% of Liverpools attacking possession was provided by him. The ironic cheers were similar to what Gomes and BAE have experienced in recent seasons.

    As a supporter the only way I can think it makes sense is if the manager cannot see something for 10 matches and 35000 others can and want to get their message across

  8. I totally agree, Palacios was probably our best and most consistent player in the “8 games 2 points” season. I was appalled at the ironic cheering he recieved. He is a sensible guy who keeps himself out of trouble, doesn’t drink and is a very useful member of our squad. His form has seemed to dip since his family tragedy though and I don’t think Harry rates him like he used to.

  9. Totally agree; a complete disgrace and anyone who was responsible should be ashamed with themselves. I remember the same thing happening to Vinny Samways about 16 years ago when we went 3-0 down at home to Sheffield Wed and just felt embarrassed to be called a Spurs fan.

  10. Although i like palacios, he is a liability and deserved the sarcastic cheers when he finally made a pass to one of his own players, it’s all well and good sticking up for him as we won the game in the end but had that been against arsenal and we ended up getting thrashed you would be calling for his head, i don’t agree with booing our own players but he certainly needs to ship out and diarra brought in simple as that.

  11. sgt is jus of form. This article is a bit pathetic, when u r 1-0 down and every time something looks promising he wrecks it, it gets frustrating. if we want 2 win anything and become an incredible team, we have 2 stop farcical play.

  12. Not sure I agree about the Gallas implication but there are many other squad members more deserving of shit and derision before the serjeant. He’ll come… he come.

  13. I Agree…Anyone who Boo’s or “Sarcasticly claps” (Taking the piss Basicly) out of any player on your own team that you support should not be allowed in the ground…you dont deserve to be a fan show support to boo or belittle them thats just for Dickheads!

  14. Spursman it is silly to say he deserved it, you make it sound like he wasn’t trying. Wilson tryed very hard he jus lacked the confidence to make a good pass and the reason wilson is in the team is because he trys. He is a hard worker. Ironic cheering is as bad as booing, so give the guy a break he needs us on his side.

  15. Let's not forget this guy got thoughts above his station- I can remember him intimating he'd like to play for a spanish giant club- ironically with this in mind, it might be fitting for the supporters to remind Pal to get the basics right= pass to a player. This is just pure slackness & their really ought not to be any excuse for Pal to be misplacing passes when not under pressure. I can excuse poor passing under pressure, but not poor passing per say, are some forgetting he is a professional player. Take JJ- he had the same issue- couldn't pass if he's life depended on it. But he has been applying himself- which is what Sgt Pal, needs to do. It might not be his strength, but it is a disgrace to have a player, pass like that, he is lucky we had already used 2 subs, or else he would have been benched for sure!! The booing & mock cheers should serve as a wake up call. Pal NEEDS TO WAKE UP….it's been months he's been like this!!

  16. I agree that Wilson has not lived up to standard for a year now, no discussion. But at the same time, it is all about confidence, and it is not up to WHL to make it worse. Maybe he won’t come back to the standard that he showed when he got here. Maybe that kind of player is not what we need anymore. Most likely Sandro could fill his role better when he gets used to the pace of the PL. But make a player want to move away, the club would have to cut the price. Secondly, it is plain dumb booing a player when there is no alternative (at the moment).

  17. I didnt hear any boos… as said above just 1 ironic cheer after a string of awful passes. It wasnt planned it was spur of the moment followed by singing his name – noone can doubt Wilson’s commitment. However, your comment about supporting the club is bollox. I pay a lot of money to watch those overpaid tarts and although I didnt and wouldnt boo an individual player (apart from g**ner scum g*llas – however well he palyed against the scum I can never accept him) if I want to boo at half time or full time to let them know that I am not happy paying £60 to watch them ponce around for £60k a week then I have every right to.

    • You are a knob mate. Paying your £60.00 does not give you the right to abuse someone who's form may have dropped due to a family tragedy. If you support the club and want to see us do well then do exactly that SUPPORT THEM. Can you not see that booing and deriding individual players is counter productive? If there are so many negatives for you at Spurs (Gallas for example) save your money and stop going to the Lane. You wont be missed you ignoramus.

  18. Form is temporary… I would have thought the lesson learned with Gareth Bale would have taught us that. How many of the keyboard warriors slamming Wilson on here were the same one’s booing Bale and demanding he be shipped out 18 months ago.

    WP along with Daws were the backbone of our resurgence last year and it only takes a run of games to get that confidence back… Confidence that is not going to be helped by ironic cheering.

    The fans singing his name were the one’s embarrassed by the morons who booed. Thank god we still have a few fans who understand football.

  19. As bad as Palacios was in the first half and his passing was dire, he didn’t deserve the stick. I never boo a spurs player but it is easy to lose faith.

  20. Look Fellas never boo somebody who is on you side, boo the bloody opposition, make them uncomfortable …..NOT your own, If you disagree then piss off ond support another team simple as that because we can do without you.

  21. Is it not part of a professionals duty to expect a bit of stick when he is having a sketchy run of form? He’s an adult FFS. Treating him like one is a sign of respect. We ought love our Club as adults. Knowing that we can do wrong and that if we pretend to be blind to those wrongs we are doing a disservice to ourselves and the side. Blind faith is a fools errand. Having said that, COYS!!!!

  22. I read some of this garbage with embarrassment, I have been a Tottenham fan since Martin Chivers, Peters, Gilzean and Co blessed our stadium with beautiful skills and goals. Yet they had bad days, poor home performances but the crowd supported the team through that, giving them encouragement, letting them know we were behind them, the only time a player deserves stick is when he gives less than 100% committment. Wilson always gives his all, he is sometimes clumsey, sometimes wayward with passing and deserves a shout but ironic cheers which is detrimental to the players mental state is not what we should be about.

    Suddenly because of our relative success last year a number of you "fans" now think we are elite and should be playing surblime football every minute of every game. Get real guys, we beat the scum with a tremendous second half performance, we have been down in a number of games and fought back to triumph. Believe in the guys on the pitch, support them, it actually works better than giving them stick. We can't be "silky smooth" all the time.

    If your too young, look up our record in the late 70's… We had Barry Daines in goal and Ian Moores up front, got relegated from Div 1 and played very poor football, but the players always tried hard and the crowd cheered them on week after week. The following season in Div 2 we still had crowds of 45 to 50 thousand. The crowd helped the boys gain promotion.

    Support the boys in lilly white through thick and thin…. That will help with our future success.


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