Arsenal fan Piers Morgan claims he will be pope before Spurs reach a Champions League final

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Piers Morgan has claimed that he has more chance of becoming the pope than what Tottenham Hotspur have of making it to a Champions League final.

The shamed former Daily Mirror editor believes that Tottenham’s new 62,062 capacity stadium will not be of benefit in trying to take the club to the next level.

Morgan, who is known to be an outspoken Arsenal supporter has stated that the ground move may actually hinder Spurs after experiencing such issues when the Gunners relocated from Highbury to the Emirates twelve years ago.

Tottenham have finished above Arsenal in the Premier League table for two successive seasons and have enjoyed Champions League football while Arsenal continue to battle it out with the European minnows in the Europa League on a Thursday night.

Both sides meet in the North London derby on Sunday with more than bragging rights on offer when there are only three points separating the rivals in the table.

Morgan told talkSPORT: “Don’t get too excited.

“I have more chance of becoming pope than they do even getting to a Champions League final, let alone winning it.

“We know the new stadium will be very fancy and great, but rather like with Arsenal’s new stadium, which we were assured would drive us to the pinnacle of world football within a few years, actually had the opposite effect.

“I’d go back to Highbury tomorrow!

“I think new stadiums are fine for the corporate side of a football club, but I see no evidence that these big, fancy new stadiums make any real difference to performance in the pitch.”

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  1. Oh really, arise Pope Piers! Considering Arsenal have only 2 European trophies to their name against Spurs 3 you would the no he’d keep his gob shut… but this is Peirs Morgan we’re talking about!!

  2. Exactly, who cares what this knob thinks. When are Arse going to get to a CL final, worry about your our team, he just says these things to get a rise out of us, bollocks to him

  3. I bet you €10,000 Morgan that Tottenham will be Champions of Europe before you become Pope. You my friend should be ashamed to call yourself a Morgan because the name Morgan stands for Brave, Honest, Humble. You dont come near to being any of these. Do one!

  4. These kinds of comments/views are what make me love the Arsenal even more!!

    Thank you Papa (Pope) Morgan. Please release one more statement via twitter, just some hours (if you may) to Sunday show down with our noisy neighbors sp*ds.


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