AVB: Abramovich went back on his word


Spurs boss Andre Villas-Boas has blasted his former club Chelsea and its owner.

Villas-Boas lasted just nine months at Stamford Bridge despite being handed a three-year deal by Roman Abramovich and has claimed that the Russian went back on his word.

Why AVB has decided to come out with these comments now is a little confusing since things are going well on the pitch at the Lane. Keep focused on what counts AVB, Spurs!

“There are times in football when it’s easier to replace the coach.

“But when you embrace a project you believe in people. There was a commitment from Abramovich and his word was given.

“Yet there was a premature departure.”

Changing the subject to Spurs, AVB said: “We’re achieving what we’ve been asked to achieve.

“We’re still in the Europa League and third in the Premier League.”

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  1. I think it’s about time you forgot about Chelski AVB, I think you have more important matters to attend to, like keeping the Spurs fans happy by not failing in the second half of the season as we have all become accustomed to seeing our beloved team do far too often in the past. Let’s not ship in late goals, lose to lesser teams like QPR at the weekend, let’s keep the momentum going and lets finish in the top 4, get that champions league football secured for next season and oh not forgetting, will you hurry up and push levy into signing Leandro Damiao, we don’t need Belhanda or Willian , although Moutinho would be nice :)
    Enough talk and distractions do your talking with results.

    • Simple, easy ;)

      Agree with all your sentiment, but we probably could do with Willian (cover on the wings), a striker (as always, and said), and more creativity would be nice.

      Will we still go for Moutinho now we've got Holtby arriving?

      • I think we do still need to add Moutinho, I think with Holtby its just shrewd business by Levy and personally I can’t see him becoming a regular too soon so we will still lack the creativity that we so desperately need. I think Holtby will be a bit part player, after a couple of good performances he will get narked at being left on the bench and Levy will sell him , quids in :)

        • You sound a bit down and pessimistic on young Lewis Harry Holtby there: He's got a couple of caps for the German national team and is their Under21 captain. While we clearly can't expect him to be the finished article just yet, i think there is ambition (from all parties) that he will be part of the future of the club.

          Moutinho is the finished article, and as you've said, we do desperately need more creativity as we all know after the departures of Modric, VDV, Pinnar, Kranjcar, dos santos,…
          we are working on a budget with Levy's long-term plans to build a new stadium and make spurs a bigger club. One of the reasons Redknapp said he was given for his departure was that 'the club wanted to move in different direction' (i.e. Harry was all about the short-term), and with that in mind, one wonders where players like Moutinho and Holtby fall on the short, medium, and long-term balancing act.

  2. I think it's about time Journalist stop asking stupid, leading questions. Anyone with any real understanding of the english language can see these quotes were all taken out of context, and evidently, the average fan is not too bright. It's going to take sometime for tabloid journalist to find some new material as far as AVB is concerned. For now, they need to show that he's bitter (of which he probably isn't) so that come the end of the season they can say "it was this that spurred him on" or "it finally lead to his demise". So it's time for all those who follow the Spurs, and football lovers nationwide to rise above the farce and just enjoy the football!

  3. We don’t need Moutinho in this window. Belhanda would be perfect for us. Our first and most important priority should be a goal scoring attacking midfielder. We can look at the striker situation in the summer and if we sell/loan out Hudd, Livermore and Carroll then we’ll need someone like Mout.

    • While Ade is off to the ACN we only have one striker – Defoe. Dempsey and Siggi are presumably seen as 'goal scoring midfielders'. Hudd, Livermore, and Carroll aren't first teamers. We deffinately need a striker, and we deffinately need more creativity.


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