Lennon is a credit to Spurs – AVB


Aaron Lennon’s superb solo goal against Sunderland received not only the plaudits of the Spurs fans, but also of his manager.

Lennon has been superb this season and AVB agrees that the winger’s form has been exceptional. ‘Azza was a constant threat against the Black Cats and while too many people are still critical about his “final ball” but is has certainly progressed a lot this campaign.

Spurs fans will be hoping from more of the same from Lennon when we welcome Reading to the Lane on New Year’s Day.

“It was a beautiful goal,” AVB told the official Spurs site. “It was a moment of magic from Lennon, a player who is a credit.

“This season he’s showing that he’s on another level.

“He signed his contract with us, he’s committed and always gives everything for the team. It was a great goal.

“It was a very important win for us and the players have been immense, both in their desire and ability.”

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  1. no idea what these two are like, have seena bit of cavani but not enough to make judgement – does anyone have more info on them? No point describing their performances in WC, as we all know this isn't the ebst way to judge talent!

  2. Aaron never gets enough credit all we ever hear about is Bale, but usually its when both of them are playing that either one can take advantage of the width the other gives the team.

  3. Lennon is phenomenal and for some reason is consistently under valued, it's no coincidence that last years poor run tied in with his absence. Without him we lack balance in the side and he's at least as important as bale.

  4. In many teams in EPL, there are some skillfull, special guys. In Europe some outstanding guys wud be Messi, Ronaldo, as they can take on, the opposition and a few of them at a run. With Spurs, we R fortunate to have pacy guys who can in their good days win a match for SPURS. I am referring to our Bale and to a lesser extent our Lennon. If Azza can further Improve to a level Messi-like, Spurs will be a top 3-contender in EPL.
    In d Sunderland game, we saw what Azza did, He ran, twist and turned 3 players before him, and scored the Winning goal. Like Messi, small in size, but with speed and trickery dribbling skills, the 3 defenders did NOT know where Azza was going. Even Messi will not win all d time. But those that GOES IN, AZZA wins the game for SPURS. CARRY ON Lennon.


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