Adebayor hints at AVB upset over Togo decision


Emmanuel Adebayor is in Togo’s African Nations Cup squad despite hinting Andre Villas-Boas isn’t too happy about it.

It was expected that the striker would remain at Tottenham during January but Togo have pulled out all the stops to persuade their star striker to play in the tournament which takes place in South Africa.

He reversed his decision the following year, but he then retired again in 2012. Initially he said he would not compete for Togo due to a row over unpaid bonuses, but then claimed his refusal was down to fears the Togo team could be subjected to another horrific attack similar to the one in Angola.

Adebayor retired from international football following the deadly gun attack on the Togo team bus at the competition in Angola in 2010.

“That is what he said to the press, but not what he said to me,” Adebayor said.

“There is a difference between what you say to the press and what you say in private.”

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  1. This guy is a real wan**r. He just stirs s**t where ever he goes. We should get rid of him asap. He’s second choice at Spurs and we all know what happens when he falls down the pecking order. AVB in line at the mo could be anyone or everyone next. Hopefully this is the beginning of the end for Ade. Not sure what anyone else thought but I’ve never seen him as a long termer at spurs. He’s proved over the years he’s got no stomach for a fight to keep his place in the team.

  2. Oh dear, maybe the sceptics were right about him. Already stabbing AVB in the back & deserting Spurs to come out of retirement for hard cash, plus the wages Tottenham will pay him while he's away. It's sad Adey but, good luck at your next club. Remember Kanoute. I hope we make a profit on him though.

  3. Its not really the point of whether Ade goes to the Nations Cup or not. The point is AVB did'nt buy a striker in the last transfer window therefore putting us at risk if either or both our strikers got injured, suspended or in Ade's case goes to play for Tonga. AVB should have known 2 strikers are never enough for a club like Spurs, so the fault lies with the manager, not the player.

    • First of all, Ade was bought last window.

      Second, it is Levy that signs the players, not AVB.

      The displeasure on the clubs part about Ade going to the ACN is probably due to the 'umming and arring' which will have inhibited their ability to plan with more certainty.


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