Bale tries to be positive after comprehensive defeat


Gareth Bale believes that Tottenham will learn from the 4-1 defeat to Villarreal.

Even the most ardent Spurs fan would admit that we were second best to the Spanish side, with former Manchester United player Giuseppe Rossi netting a hat-trick.

We all know what you can’t take a pre-season defeat as an indication of what we can expect, but hopefully Harry and the boys will take it as a stark warning for the European campaign.

Tottenham’s only goal came from Giovani Dos Santos, who will be finally looking to make an impact – or could find himself shipped out for good.

“We came out in the second half all raring to go, started well, scored an early goal and we were all confident of pushing on from there,” he told the official site.

“Unfortunately they caught us on the break and scored a deflected goal.

“To be fair, they played well but it’s something we’ll look at, we’ll learn from this game and take that into the season.”

“We all knew they were a good footballing team and they showed it, they played well,” he added.

“For us, the result isn’t the most important thing.

“Okay, it isn’t nice to lose like that, especially at home, but the main thing is fitness and preparation and the lads will have got something out of the game.

“We’ll learn from it and take that into the season.”

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  1. Just what we needed, the pre-season before last we were smashing everybody, Bent was averaging four goals a game and we went into the following season completely deluded and were all shocked when we spent most of the season in the relegation zone! Could be the kick up the backside we needed before it starts to matter!

  2. Why in the world can't Gio Dos Santos get into our first team? He is such a talented young player who has come out and said he wants to succeed at Spurs rather than transfer, so why not play him in the hole? Surely he's better than Keane, who has aged 12 years in the past 9 months.

  3. The thing that worried me was Notreals Tempo there most shocking part of there game was the defending and there energy. levels where staggering . We broke with pace at times and when we got behind them there appeared eight or more players in the box the same thing happened when they Attacked this Tempo and a five man midfield is gathering more and more teams . This also happened in Rugby League and now the bottom Team can beat the top there game has also suffered players collapsing and dying in alarming numbers in both codes and since i discovered this all over Europe three seasons ago more and more teams good and bad are using this method of playing . Teams hunt the ball in packs and dominate possession by denying space with high Tempo defending . Its this Tempo that should be questioned by the press along with sudden deaths not the three goals scored by Rossi the lad who come home early with Italy and was sold by Utds Man and Newcastle . We should be worried Burnley showed what high Tepo can do in there second half energised performance 4=2win if you new what i no last night result was more than a 4-1 beating ii could see the bigger picture and the intense looking stair eyed looks on there faces showed me the new testing is not working yet and even Blackpool worry me i wish with all my heart and sake of some players heart i had not stumbled on this increasing form of high Tempo and shock results and sadly premature deaths the Spanish lad playing for Seville aged 22 i watched that game for ten mins and i swear he was involved in most of those mins i turned over and five min later he dropped dead this is the sad part as well has our defeats. Harry should keep our money players are not the answer better testing is .no one has failed a test since the premiership was formed only Mutu by is own manager. The Team we replaced in Europe played with a high Tempo and is the main reasons a high profile player signed for them . The chances of us getting in the Exlusive membership is going to be extremely hard judging by last nights tempo

  4. WTF are you on about DAV? Tempo is the pace of the game. Are you a non English speaker struggling to get the point across that you think players are on drugs??? Your English is so poor I thought you were the one at the crack pipe!

  5. The result really doesn’t matter. It was the first time our WC players had played, having not been on the US tour. We’ll be better than that, don’t worry. I think HR is going to go for a 4-2-3-1 formation in the new season. It would explain our pursuit of Parker and Bellamy and a strong centre forward a la Drogba. Bellamy, modric and Lennon can play behind the forward, with Palacios and The Hudd infront of the back 4. Kranjaer can cover the 3 behind the striker, as can Gio. Parker and Sandro provide competition for the more defensive midfielders and Bale can bomb up and down the left, knowing that he is being covered by Palacios when we get countered. It’s the formation most top teams seem to play these days – pack out the midfield and have a creative link (modric) to the forwardan who is good with his back to goal, can hold up the ball and feed Bellamy and Lennon in the channels. It’s easy to revert to a 4-4-2 during the game, with Bellamy or Gio or even Lennon becoming a 2nd striker. Thoughts?

  6. @McArfa: I had a feeling this formation was coming. There would no way we'd be able to compete in Europe if we played 4-4-2. The ability to adjust will be the big improvement this season; especially against Wolves and others like them that will be pack the midfield and hope for a counter.

    I truly hope Gio is a part of this squad, he looked great at the World Cup and looked solid against Villarreal. He took his goal very well.

    @DAVSPURS: WTF is going on? I'm sorry but that was a mishmash of everything you were thinking at the time and really horrible to read.

  7. at least DAVSPURS is more coherent than the rumourman. But on a serious note, should we be worried about the scoreline? maybe. The champions league playoff rounds are creeping up and we still havent signed a world class striker. These teams are coming hungry but I'm counting on Spurs

  8. Every time we lose the opposition are on some undetectable drug that gives them superhuman powers according to Davspur. I normally read every post but always skips his as they are just rants filled with facts directly from his own head. He is one person who I would not want to share a pint with

  9. Davespur…. You and rumourman are obviously on the epherine! The lengh of your post couldn’t possibly be achieved without energy enducement!! Also you’re so hyper you’re ramblings don’t make sense…. Stay clean mate!


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