Bassong: We need to improve to finish fourth


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Sebastien Bassong believes that Spurs need to improve if they are to break into the top four of the Premier League.

The defender picked up a hamstring injury during the defeat to Arsenal at the weekend, which is going to rule him out for at least a month.

Bassong said: “When you see that game, we can’t stop at this level. If we stop working, we will be disappointed again and again. So to be in the top four we need more, much more.

“If we want to be in the top four, we have to win against these teams – Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City – and if not it’s going to be difficult.

“This game just proved that we need to keep working and really work every day. We lost the game in one minute. In one minute we messed up the whole game.

“We’ve got big quality in the squad and we can still look to take that fourth position in the table but we need to work hard, stay focused and we need to improve.”

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  1. Tell me this how long have we bean watching football and seen the odd result were a goalkeeper has bean inspired and the pitch is muddy and pundits say its a good leveller.Well them days have gone and results are getting more and more baffling by the week.Lets look at some of these and there is one word that crops up in all these games this year and last year.The word is energy Stoke had not won away all season we had only bean beaten by the champion. There defence had bean leaking goals and Huth was suspended they won and kept a clean sheet . Arsenal no problem winning but concede goals a clean sheet .This is called collective targeting all the teams using this energy play the same tempo and defend in numbers and when they lose the ball chase it till they get it back and at half time they top up if things are tight there is always a window of opportunity till this energy kicks in and you will see when it does but medical staff are finding ways to make it happen quicker by mixing it with caffeine and aspirin .The team i reported would stagger you and are now in trouble because of my campaign and people calling them energy bunnies and comeback kings . I swear this is true and uk sport told me they no about it but cant catch them when i asked why she said they are taking just enough this was a startling admission that was hard to if you see games like this and odd results like happened yesterday then have a think is it because of energy abuse .


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