Beckham or Vieira – Who do you want?


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Two footballing veterans have been linked with Tottenham Hotspur over the past couple of weeks.

It came as a shock to Spurs fans when former Gunner Patrick Vieira was said to be attracting interest from Harry Redknapp – something which has caused a mixed reception between the White Hart Lane faithful.

On the other hand, David Beckham’s name seems to come up suggesting a possible switch to Spurs every time the Sunday papers are printed.  It’s common knowledge that Beckham’s grandfather was a season ticket holder at the Lane, but is that enough to persuade him when AC Milan and Carlo Ancelotti, now in charge at Chelsea would certainly be in for the midfielder.

Both players are in the twilight of their career, but which one could make the most impact at Spurs, if they were to join?

Who do you want to see joining Spurs – David Beckham or Patrick Vieira?  Have your say below.

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  1. BECKHAM! i cant stand viera! plus we can play beckham CAM and if lennon gets injured he can move into RM or even play bentley RM and keep becks central

  2. fgs cant we for once just once either discover our own or get someone in their prime not since gazza have we had a superstar plenty of next big things which never are …..

  3. Although I have great respect for Beckham and Viera, neither of them for Spurs. For Gods sake look at the players we have at the club especially in the midfield(centrally) Palacios,(guaranteed starter you would imagine), Huddlestone, Taraabt, Boetang, O’Hara, Jenas, Modric, Bostock, and Im sure I have missed out 3 or 4 others…why not try working with what we have in central midfield, theres some great players at the club….left winger needed for sure, and one striker in, one out!

  4. viera deffo would love beckham but he would bring nothing to the club as much as viera was arsenal scum he would be a great mentor for palacios and would be useful also reports suggest viera would be on a pay as u play therefore at a base week of £30,000 so he would not cost the world like beckhsm

  5. I cant believe there are those of you who would accept vieira in a spurs shirt. it would make me feel ill. we’ve already got strong central midfielders. beckham and vieira arent for us. lets focus on players under 30 who havent captained the scum yeah?

    also, please no crouch!

  6. I think there could be something in these rumors, I see Harry looking for an experienced world class leader to come and set an example for all the younger players…. If Beckham came I think it would be great for Tottenha, Beckham and Lennon would be fighting week in week out for a place in the spurs team and also for England.

  7. F**k Vieira, he’s well past his best and the supposed mentoring qualities are being massively overplayed – this is the guy who spat in Niel Ruddocks face remember. It’ll bring nothing but shame and embarrasment to the club. Beckham is completely different, don’t think he’s what we need, but I wouldn’t be upset to see him join. Unlikely though realistically i think. Just pray we don’t end up woth that Ar5ena1 reject.


  9. Vieira and Roben are done deals to be announced shortly.We are waiting for Huntellar to make up his mind about joining us , he seems to be waiting for a Champions League Club to come in for him. However ,we are on the verge of signing Crouch if Huntellar can't commit to us by Monday.This is true knowledge fron inside the club

  10. I think Beckham is in better shape and if we about sign Crouch, Beckham can be very usefull, he can cross the ball, play well with Crouch for England

  11. ex arsenal for spurs? hell no. beck’s too POSH. he doesn’t play for the team, he plays only for himself. just to get his name in capello’s book. as i said b4, dump more money on ASHLEY YOUNG.

  12. I would take both depending on the price. Viera to bring some experience to the midfield; I think Jenas and Palacios would learn a great deal from him. Becks would be great for PR and sales… also, he would bring a certain aura of class (not from my personal view) and commercial value to the team. I know we do not care to impress anyone but ourselves, but I think it is important to have big names on a team every once in a while… twilight years or not!



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