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Darren Bent has described his two year spell at Tottenham Hotspur as ‘the worst of his career’.

The striker sealed his move to Sunderland on Wednesday and claimed that he never felt wanted at White Hart Lane under Harry Redknapp.

Bent said: “It was the worst two years of my career.

“Even last year, when I was the club’s top scorer, I never actually felt wanted. I didn’t feel (manager Harry) Redknapp wanted me there.”

“It’s massive to have the support of your manager and that’s not been the case for the last two years,” said Bent.

“No-one goes out to deliberately miss.”

He added: “My career stood still at Tottenham. There’s a lot of politics going on there.

“I scored a lot of goals but it was the hardest two years of my life and it’s a weight off my shoulders that I’m finally here.

“I never felt I would stay in the team even when I was scoring goals.

“Martin Jol was probably the last manager to publicly praise me during my time at Spurs.

“After he went it was always going to be different. In my second season, it was difficult to get in the side even though I was scoring goals. I never really felt a part of it at Tottenham.

“There’s no better feeling than to feel wanted by a club and it’s quite strange to have that feeling again because it’s been the opposite for the last two years.”

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  1. Give this message to darren bent tell him to shut it up, he had his chances at tottenham and thats why we didnt want him anymore 16million pound when we bought him it was such a joke he is only worth 5million with the chances he missed for us and he is so one footed thank god he is gone and i hope his career go downhill from here for what he said he never felt wanted

  2. It was probably Spurs worst two years whilst Bent was there. What about the goals he missed, sitters. He wasn’t a team man. As for his verbal diahorea. it goes to show that he lacks any intelligence. Sure tell the world that you failed to get on with the manager, nothing wrong with that, but abuse on the social network says it all.

  3. Wow, this guy’s a real whiney little bitch!
    He’s such a dull player (seems like a dull person aswell) and most of the time I had no reason to really like him or not, but now it feels great that he’s gone.

  4. Bent you twat, you couldnt hit a barn door at 10 paces ya knob, if you could hit the target then who wouldnt want a top quality striker, but you failed to do anything to warrent your transfer fee, so stop ya whining ya little shit
    P.s – Im really dissapointed that we lost out on Huntelaar, its signings like him that seperate us from the likes of Arsenal and the rest of the top 4, until we start making them signings its not gonna happen.

  5. Bent – you played European football, in front of passionate fans, to a sell-out crowd week on week, got paid extremelly well, trained and played with top class players and now you have got your move. So shut up whining, you have the support and sympathy of most Spurs fans . . . but this will run dry soon enough if you keep acting like a little girl.

  6. Hahahahahahhahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa anyone one without a crystal ball could have told your *F* chairman that signing a championship type striker for £16m was….lmfao…..stupid to say the least lol. Anyhu, he did score some important goals for you lot and I’m sure many here moaning at him were cheering when he hit the net in your 4-4 let off at the Grove or his two goals against Liverpool so I take it the Spuds made some of that “money down the drain” back right lol?
    I don’t blame the guy, when a manager goes on live to publicly humiliate his striker then he’s not soo tactful now is he? Hell, the whole Spuds outfit aint tactful anyways lol. You signing Huntelaar ???? Stop dreaming yid will never happen, he wants to play in Europe and not fight relegation battles every season now c’mon lol.

  7. Hang on a mo gunnerman, Adebayor wants to jump ship with Toure to Manchester’s second team, mmmmmmm how much ambition does Arsenal have this year! Oh and when did you last win something, and your main transfer target is a Norwegian from Fulham. How the mightly over rated arrogant reds from north london have fallen. Still could not beat us last season even from 2 up with minutes to spare.


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