Bent flies north for Sunderland talks


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Tottenham striker Darren Bent has travelled back to the north-east to discuss personal terms over a move to Sunderland.

A £15million deal between the two clubs has now been agreed, which includes a £9m down-payment plus add-ons for the England international.

Last week, Bent was fined £120,000 by Spurs after he vented his frustration at Spurs chairman Daniel Levy on his Twitter page.

The image below, which was posted on another Twitter account apparently shows Bent’s plane ticket for his flight to Newcastle airport last night.

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  1. I am a Sunderland supporter and excited by Bent’s arrival. Spurs are daft to let him go though and here’s why
    1)He is a proven goalscorer at premier league level.
    2)He was Spurs leading goalscorer last season
    3)He is a player capable of getting an england place.
    4)He has premier league experience.
    So spurs say your goodbyes because I think when Bent is gone you will miss him. Bent is a fucking mackem now!

  2. I still go and see Sunderland .. takes me hours. I’m in the midlands; some of the lads I play guitar are Spurs fans. they could believe they sold steed, might not be good for 120 Mins but bloody good in the top half of the prem. Same Spurs lads are worried about wholesale changes after yrs of doing so and achieving little. As A Sunderland fan for over 25 yrs I believe Spurs have some good players now, they just need to know they are going to be supported and trusted. The Lads up here think Bent is better than Crouch , I can’t disagree.
    All the best for next yr, but it might be one that come back and bights you, but i wouldn’t have thought so with H at the helm.

  3. good riddance, not good enough for Spurs, never was offers nothing to the play so if not scoring is a passenger, now get rid of Keane as well!

  4. Anybody who pays 15 mil for DB has got to be barking.

    Well done to the nauseating Levy and his vile barrow boy pal Saggy Face.

  5. Now that we’ve let DB leave do we really think Crouch is an adequate replacement, personally i don’t.
    Sunderland could be the big winners here

  6. yer barking is correct, so what are we for paying 16.5, crouch big mistake chimbonda awfull keane why ? all signins by redknapp. bring back jol.

  7. no harsh words for you benty. you’re a proven goal getter in the league, it’s just that you did not click well with spurs. if you do go………….thanks for the good memorries and good luck to you and your future undertakings.

  8. When will we learn,Darren I feel for you fella you’ve done nothing wrong except maybe cost four million
    Too much and that’s not your fault either. I honestly
    Believe if the price we paid was around 12 million there wouldn’t even be a problem because the lad has done what’s been asked
    Of him and if we had given him better service that coupled with fact he was on the bench for how long? Darren is not a run at defenders
    Like say robbie or jd but play that slide rule pass just behind the defense for him to run onto and he will hurt u but that’s not our style
    Pains me to say it but good luck in your new job hope it works out better than it did with us.

  9. When we signed Bent everyone wanted him to do well. We all knew that the price we paid for him was madness but we needed another striker at the time.
    He’s had a few years with us now and despite being the leading scorer last season it really is time for him to go. I’ve never seen a striker spurn so many golden opportunities as Bent and although I wish him luck, I’m chuffed to bits that he’s gone. He is a truly frustrating player to watch, I still think we should be going for Huntelaar for his replacement but Crouch is still a better player


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