A look back at the Blackpool farce


We fielded a team with barely any goals between them all season and by the end of the evening, despite creating enough opportunities to win three or four games, they’d only added one to the tally. Defoe, Pavlyuchenko, Pienaar and Modric all missed clear chances or had shots cleared off the line. We had 25 attempts on goal according to the BBC website compared to the home team’s 8 yet by the end Pavlyuchenko’s 30 yard volley over Kingson’s head was only a consolation.

Off the pitch we started raucously but the team failed to match the efforts of those stuck behind pillars or queuing for the portaloos in the Meccano stand that fills one side of Bloomfield Road. A string of hoofs forward to the out of sorts pair up front were easily dealt with by the home team who chased and harried every time a man in a white shirt attempted to put his foot on the ball. Bassong in particular was struggling to maintain composure when under pressure. He provided the out-of-season entertainment lacking elsewhere on the Golden Mile with a series of comic impressions of a seasoned defender. After executing several misplaced passes he was lucky to get away with he decided a more direct approach to getting our evening horror show underway was needed. An oafish challenge in the box on a player heading away from goal meant that Adam was able to slot past Gomes from the spot.

The home crowd cranked it up (I really hope that drummer has got a dislocated shoulder this morning) and on the field we did marginally too with Modric and Lennon coming more into the game . The scene was set for the sort of comeback we’ve become used to but instead, from a breakaway that we should of dealt better with – Assou-Ekotto and Dawson both could’ve got tackles in before the ball reached the danger zone – an offside Campbell volleyed in a second for the Tangerines just before half time.

We’d had comedy from the Spurs defence and the assistant referee and the hilarity continued in the second half as again and again we contrived to miss from close range. Converting one of these with say, half an hour to go, would’ve given us a real opportunity of staging a Man Utd style revival but instead heads were held in hands or eyes raised to the heavens in disbelief as we contrived to shoot or head weakly, miskick or just miss completely when in sight of goal.

Harry went for broke with his subs, eventually replacing Palacios, Pienaar and Bassong with Jenas, Kranjcar and Crouch. Thus, lightweight in midfield and at the back we were vulnerable to the counter and Ormerod nicked a third late on to finish us off.

So the chances missed (have I mentioned that we missed loads of chances?) led to us not going third and putting pressure on Chelsea and City. But goalscoring has been our problem all season and it’s not a surprise that it has eventually cost us. Some of our play, mostly involving Modric and Lennon was excellent, but a lot was ponderous and we were often too slow in the build up. We had little down the left & Bale can’t come back soon enough. Not only does he provide width and pace, he also scores goals. Defoe used to do that too, now when he gets the ball near goal he display the timidity of a man with a pin and a balloon who is afraid of what might happen when the two meet. He needs a goal and some confidence desperately otherwise more frustrating nights like this are inevitable between now and the end of May.


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  1. It's time to sell our strikers and buy new ones. I really want to say to keep Defoe, but I don't really see a reason anymore. Surprisingly, we should keep Crouch. Defoe and Pav should go. Let's use some of our Champions League money and buy someone on par with Dzeko, Ballotelli, or Torres (yes, I am aware he's not playing well right now, either).

  2. Harry has got to stop messing about with the team. We haven't got strength in depth so can't afford to rotate. I agree with Hagen – Sandro and Krancjar had to start having been two of our form players of late. And why oh why does he continue to go back to Pav ? He's lazy and doesn't score enough of the easy chances. The WHL faithful sing his name but in truth it's Crouch who puts in the effort and deserves his name sung

    • Why does he keep going back to Pav? You mean why does he insist on crouch and bother with defoe. I would keep Pav, he has score three times as much in the league as the other two put together. Defoe is fininshed and is not good enough for our club anymore

  3. @Kyle, I disagree with Torres not playing well. Ok, not as good as before but he's certainly improved and that was apparent against Copenhagen. Just unfortunate not to have a goal yet but he links up well with Anelka. That's irrelevent, we really do need a top striker. Our 2 top goal scorers are midfielders. But I can't help with think we're just going to target more midfielders in the Summer. Like what happened with Pienaar and Charlie Adam. There was VERY LITTLE focus on a striker.
    @Big Johnny H, Pav has a much better record than Crouch domestically having scored 7 more goals than him this season. I know he missed a lot of chances against Blackpool but I'm sure he's been made aware of that! I think Spurs should sell some players (including Defoe and Jenas and Loanees Bentley and Keane) and invest in a young upcoming striker (like Dzeko).

  4. When I play Football Manger it's exactly the same thing that happens… first season my Defenders& Midfield do all the work but the strikers can get the job done so what do I? I sell them and bring in new strikers like Adriano,oscar Cardozo and funny we start to bang in them goals. I agree with Big Jonny they need to really go I'm still pissed from that Blackpool game we could have easily been third on the table

  5. im a long life spurs fan,my dad,grandpa were also dedicated…i live practicly near WHL…and i cant watch maggets like HR destroy my beauty…soon he will leave,and this year he puts the middle finger toward us – the true fans of the club,by making jokes of selecting first team squad…he's such a bad bad manager…everyboy can see that players like kranjcar are top 10 world players,and he is just blind…im in process for doing rebelios action in purpose of eleminating HR from the club,starting with paroles on WHL and louding anti HR songs,this cant be tolerated anymore,hes just 3rd class manager having luck that ramos gave him modric,without him he would be relegated from the position long time ago…WE MUST DO SOMETHING,this is a blind street and a sinking ship which harry will leave when the nationals save him and us…disgrace,complete disgrace he is…GO HARRY GO AWAY !!!

    i give the COPLETE CREDIT to people going to blackpool and leaving the stadium 20min before that farse ended…true fans they are,and are seeing what everybody can see except magged harry,that this was an disaster…
    …we must completely ignore HR and his ways…well,i really want to slap him next time he bypasses :)

    p.s. and please harry dont give those stupid interviews after the game and in magazine…he was a drunk-he stays a usual drunk from the bar…everythime he lavish the players the fans,and everytime he stick two fingers towar us with his managing…what a hypocrite…im not some of your alcoholic friend you magged,so when you betrayed us like that its better for you to shut up and please dont give interviews,because they really open up how of an idiot you really are

    • People like you make me so angry!

      Harry Redknapp is the best manager we've had since Venables. He got us into the CL for the first time and there's good chance he'll get us there again this year or next.

      Why don't you show a bit of gratitude instead of spending your life moaning! In the meantime learn to spell, you might come over as less of a complete idiot.

      • Less of a complete idiot? Completion is completion, it cannot be less or more complete. If you're going to insult someone for poor spelling make sure your insults make sense, you'll sound like less of a fool that way.

  6. wow. Anyone who disses arry is not a real fan. Hell yeah, he can be unbelievably frustrating, but come on, name me one manager, who is free, that can help spurs the way 'arry has. However frustrating he can be, remember that without him, we would not be in the CL, we would be wannabes who throw away everything. With 'arry, we have the chance of becoming a real danger. Bring in 2 quality strikers and we are sorted. Arry is immense, so shut it marcLONDON and just get real.

  7. i cant believe how blind you are,arry is just low class manager…i will be very brutal : i think almost every other manager from the league is better than him just they oesnt have players for it…cmon you guys,he almost let bale on loan,he buys pienaar when everybody can see that we need striker and change for huddlestone,ramos invited modric and corluka … he plays trotter and defoe up front- 2 golas combined in season,while Pav was also called by ramos…so what do we got here ? only rafa and kranjcar was his idea,both brilliant for sure,but his magagement when big time comes is just too much fear involved…we need someone with experience in big matches and with guts…inter 1.game,gomes red card- modric out? lunatic mind…

    he just isnt capable of doing big time management thats all,hes just low class when tactics come … if somebody else was managing milan we will be butchered,arry got lucky

    and what are your arguments for arry? please tell me a few because i odnt see any,except 4. place last year which modric and kranjcar secured…we could be now in 1.st place not figting for 5.-th … one year without CL and everybody of our top players goes,including arry…

    no need,but he must open his eyes''AGAIN'' and thats it,nothing else

    he could be the best,but he is the only one standing himself out of it… just need to play always our world class players – kranjcar,modric,rafa,bale,lennon,corluka,gallas .. all of them,even if just kranjcar is out of it we miss alot of beutiful pass game…all of them and nobody cant beat us….


    • 1st; victory over arseholes 2wice in a row.
      2nd; we have beaten inter, a.c ,Bremen, and Twente, by my reckoning, thats pretty good,
      3rd; where are we in the league? 3 points away from 3rd place.
      4th; His comments are fuckin hilarious!
      5th; van der vaart for 8 mil, signing of the year. He has made incredible signings, and will always be remembered as the "wheeler dealer"

      So, a few pretty damn good reasons for you.

  8. its nice to chat with you boys,no matter the difference in opinion

    nice arguments you have,but im sure you also see that his knowledge of football without stars like modric will be manifested in estetics like our crappy national team play…

    he has nice scout nose,but when it comes to making right decisions in right moment on the pitch hes very bad…
    so i wonder what will be the situation if modric and kranjcar idnt save his ass too many times…bale and rafa are good players,but they wouldnt take us any further that 6.spot on the table,let be honest

    so,of course that zidane and xavi will prevail in game no matter what coach they have…but his capability of management is seen in every other espect that few people saving us from draw…how many games in league we wonn with 2 goals difference this year ? like 1 or 2 :) … remember last year? two strikers – kranjcar-lennon,or instead kranjcar modric we were buthering almost every team with more that a 2 goals difference…hes just bad in use of VDV lineup spot (too much forwar and not so much involved in the mile where hes the best,well hes a playmaker i suppose,and bale almost underperforming in leaguen in almost 80% games,but only becuase he needs more space,and playing him as left wing while having modric in the middle hes useless because we hold almost every team in ther half of the pitch),so even a blindman can see that we need more kranjcar and rafa in the middle serving our strikers…

    usage and time of substitues is disgrace,keeping defoe till he dies if necessary for finding his forever forgotten form…jenas-palacios-pienaar? come on you guys! while having sandro-kranjcar on the bench,and rafa upfront?

    hes just good scout,but very bad bad tactician…


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