Blades to get Spurs loanee’s as part of deal


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Sheffield United are in talks with Tottenham about loaning Kyle Walker back to Brammal Lane next season.

The 19-year-old moved to White Hart Lane along with Kyle Naughton in a double deal earlier on Wednesday.

As part of the deal, it was also revealed that the Blades now have the opportunity to consider taking Tottenham players on loan.

Keith Edwards told the Blades official site: “Having Walker available is a very important part of our strategy and it is exciting to have the chance to talk with Tottenham and judge whether any other of their players might fit into our squad.

“If we think that someone could help us we could take them on a short term loan throughout August and, if required, extend it to a season long arrangement after that.”

Are you happy with the double deal? Is this the start of a busy transfer window for Spurs? Have your say below.

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  1. Seems like a good move all round. It will be interesting to see where Harry fits Corluka into the back line. I understand Naughton also plays on the left and I don’t think he was bought to sit on the bench I have a feeling that one of the current defensive squad will ne playing in front of the back four I hope not. Its hard to figure out but all will be revealed So if Naughton plays . How do you guys think the the team will shape up will we be playing one up front?

  2. Not happy with this deal whatsoever-even if Arry know’s a player or two- he did buy Nugent. This is bewildering purchase with a squad loaded with able right backs- we purchase not one but two who will be right back on loan or bit part player. Whilst the left winger, Ledley replacement and Carrick replacement still goes on and on and on. Only spurs will do such a thing. What’s bet we get Crouch to overload forwards and still no LW; CD; CM.

  3. Personally, I see this as a sign that Ledley may be on his way out if Naughton has indeed been bought to fit straight into the first team. Naughton would play RB while Charlie moves into the middle. Ledley will be more of a bit part player if this is the case as his knees are in truly bad shape.

  4. Tottenham seem to have a kind of a sieve policy with young players, they are brought in and tested, if they make the grade we keep them, if not, they are sold on again for a small profit or the amount paid for them, this goes back to the Jol/Arnesen days. We have a fantastic future if the likes of the kyles, bostock, rose, mills and other english youngsters make the grade along with bale, dos santos and taarabt. I was sad to see Terry dixon didn’t make the grade, i was told by a friend who’s son plays for spurs, he was going to be our wayne rooney.

  5. Reply to Bornasthe king

    Leigh Mills was released by the club. Terry Dixon was also released by the club after a series of crippling knee injuries, and was advised by the club’s doctors to retire from football or risk his ability to walk as he grew older!!

    He know seems to have made some sort of a recovery, as I last heard that he had signed up with West Ham. He is yet to play for their first team, and I’m not even sure he has played academy or reserve games yet; but your mate was right, he was going to be a world class player, and was actually calle dup to the Republic of Ireland 1st team when he was just 16, when Staunton was in charge. However, I did hear that he had massive attitude problems.

  6. All you doom mongers get on my nerves! We have just signed them, why don’t you wait until the season starts and see what happens before moaning. These two youngsters could be a very astute buy and if they come good you will be wearing “I knew they would be a good buy” hat!! I have never heard any other set of supporters in the EPL moan about signing like our lot do. We are not a top 4 club and the chances are we won’t be this season or the next so get a grip! We will not be signng all these big name players with CL football so forget it and enjoy what this season could bring.

  7. Thanks for the info. I didn’t realise mills had been released by the club, a shame really, he was being spoke of in good terms a couple of seasons ago. I read recently on the spurs site that Terry dixon had been released, i didn’t know about his knee injuries, i hope he makes a full recovery and comes back, he did have a reputation and got involved with the police, i also heard he was caught stealing from the club dressing room. Even so, i’ll check his progress and i wish him all the best. cheers again king yid.


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