Book Review: Tottenham ‘Til I Die

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Tottenham ‘Til I Die is one of the latest in a series of books from Legends Publishing that collect together ‘real stories of real fans’ of one club in an effort to prove that nostalgia is indeed still what it used to be.

The tales and recollections of about fifty Spurs fans are included, each of whom tries to give a different twist to their connection with the club. There are stories of queuing for, travelling to and attending games; plus others centred around good deeds by the players or supporting from afar. The book plays fast and loose with perspective as accounts of failed marriages, Oswald Mosley and over three thousand days as an Iraqi prisoner of war are interspersed with those of lost shoes, scarves and betting slips. However that’s the point, the common thread of Spurs runs through each story but these are personal experiences and ones that will trigger memories in the reader, not just of football but in many cases of what is often referred to as ‘a more innocent age’.

The design is colourful and cheerful and blends well with the optimistic outlook of nearly all the contributors. The book’s pictures are close to being the star of the whole publication as most come from the private collection of each story’s author but there are also rarely seen library pictures of favourites from both the recent and distant past.

So if you want a mostly light hearted read and a reminder that football is not all about money and glory hunting, well not yet anyway, then I’d recommend giving it a go.

You can order the book, here.


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