YOU’RE THE BOSS: Who should start vs Werder Bremen


Jermain Defoe

Tottenham Hotspur take on Werder Bremen in the Champions League tonight and we could book our place in the next round with a win.

What we want to know is, if you WERE Spurs manager, what would YOUR starting XI be?

Here’s what we have come up with:-


Hutton Gallas Kaboul Assou-Ekotto

Lennon Modric Van der Vaart Bale

Defoe Crouch

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  1. Considering that Bale and VDV might not take part? Your team looks good.

    However, a team without the two aforementioned:


    Hutton Kaboul Gallas Ekotto

    Lennon Palacios Jenas Modric

    ……………..Defoe Crouch

  2. Do some research guys! Bale and VDV are carrying niggles and I beluieve they will/should be rested anyway. Corluka needs a run out and he does play better with Lennon then Hutton does.

    Tonight Matthew I would go with


    Corluka, Gallas, Kaboul, BAE

    Lennon, JJ, Modric,



  3. As there are doubts over vdv and bale, i’d have them on the bench and go with:


    Hutton Gallas Kaboul Assou-Ekotto

    Lennon Jenas Modric Kranjcar

    Defoe Crouch

  4. Considering Bale and VDV are fit to play? Your team looks good to me.

    A team with the aforementioned missing:


    Hutton Kaboul Gallas Ekotto

    Lennon Palacios Jenas Modric

    ……….Defoe Crouch

  5. Gomes

    Hutton Gallas Bassong Assou-Ekotto

    Modric Kaboul Van der Vaart Bale

    Defoe Crouch

    lennon has been a bit lightweight recently, it seems he does not wont to take full backs on. also jenas and palcious are crap do we need a defensive player in the middle. Kaboul it srong fast and has a great array of passing (is a very simular player to huddlestone)

  6. First of all we have no protection with this team above very attack minded Plus VDV does dive in like scholes and will vulnerable for cards…Anyway I would however have a differant view….Given Lennon form I wud discard his place and play 4 1 3 2 Formation….


    Hutton Gallas Kaboul Ekotto


    Modric Van der Vaart Bale

    Defoe Crouch

  7. gomes

    curloka gallas kaboul asso

    Hutton modric jenas bale

    PAV Defoe

    i’ve taken injuries into account. lennon isn’t good enough his final ball is not up to standard. hutton’s showen good attacking play but has been critised for his def so why not stick him further up the field?

  8. Are you having a laugh? The midfield is entirely unblanced, and would be hugely susceptible to being overrun without a more physical / defensive player in the middle.

    The best 11 players aren’t necessarily the best team.

  9. I heard bale and vdv might be out.

    id go with


    hutton bassong kaboul BAE

    lennon jenas modric kranjcar

    pav crouch

    thats bearing in mind, resting gallas for satuday,

    and that would be if vdv n bale are injured. but they are due a rest anyway. also bring defoe at half time again.

  10. Looks about right to me, barring injury to VDV, like the look of a Modric and VDV central midfield parring, although some have their doubts. The only issue with that team is Lennon considering his indifferent form this season, might be a good game to start with Bentley, people continue to slag him off but he was excellent last season when Lennon was out, just needs a bit of a run imo.

  11. Your formation is an exciting attacking one, but you know for sure that he will play Jenas. The pundits thought Jenas had a great 2nd half against the gooners…….the jury is still out on that one but he play tonight. The team will be (unless injuries rule them out):


    Hutton, Gallas, Kaboul, Assou

    VDV, Jenas, Modric, Bale

    Defoe, Crouch

    Thats my guess, and I will be dissapointed if he goes one up front.

    I’ll be there tonight shouting them on!!! COME ON YOU SPURS!!!!!!

  12. What im most interested in is if VDV and Bale don’t play (heard it on SkySports News last night) would Kranjcar Play?? Reports are avid that hes going in Jan with even Arry saying it could be possible.. but surely playing him would reduce his price? if a team wants him who are in the Champs league that is because he will be cup tied.. Just a thought and something i thought i’d put out there (saying that he may already have featured as a sub, just can’t remember)

  13. Paul- you should do some

    research before you comment because kranjcar is also injured

    And also I think we should play carlo instead of gomez

  14. whilst I agree with many of the team selections offered by all of you. Why, tell me Why, are you all putting them out of position in your team line-outs, are you daft or do not understand what you are saying Fcuking amazes me.


  15. I’ve looked into my crystal ball and it will be:


    Hutton Kaboul Bassong BAE

    Lennon Jenas Modric Krancjar

    Defoe Crouch

    The score will be 4-1 or 4-0 and Krankie Crouch and Defoe will score. You heard it here first…

  16. Also anyone who doesn’t rate Jenas has to ask themselves why managers do and they don’t… Do they have a better understanding of the game than Jol or Redknapp? Mourinho put him in his fantasy team for godsake!!

    Just because you can’t see the value in his game doesn’t mean there isn’t any. If you can find one football pro who doesn’t rate JJ I’ll give u my car.

  17. Gomes

    Hutton kaboul bassong bae

    Lennon jj palacios modric

    Defoe crouch

    Where’s dos santos? He’s not been mentioned for a while. Vdv and bale must be on the bench for support if things aren’t going our way.

  18. I think we def need to use our squad players with the Liverpool game in mind.





    keep it fresh with the big names on the bench.

    Plus the germans are shite anyway.

    com on u yids

  19. Frank – not sure how a Modric VdV pairing would work… Vdv has played as withdrawn attacker or roaming right-mid this season. Vdv has injured ankle, at most put him on bench. Save Bale and his shoulder for Liverpool – 7 full days to recover since last game. With Hudd out, we need Modric in centre-mid (in disciplined mode) with Palacios or Jenas. Kranjcar is the obvious replacement for Bale/Modric on left, with license to attack freely in Vdv/Bale's absence & with Modric playing deeper – this is his chance. Lennon on right. I'll go with Defoe & Pav to start because without Bale or Vdv's delivery from set-pieces and crosses we'd end up doing long balls to Crouch. With luck, ideally we can be winning after an hour or so, Defoe can come off and rest. So…


    Hutton, Gallas, Kaboul/Bassong, Ekotto

    Lennon, Palacios, Modric (c), Kranjcar

    Defoe, Pav

    Similar to Tomo, but I feel that with Bale and Vdv we shouldn't be resting anyone else so Gallas plays.
    With that team, knockout stages here we come…

  20. With reported niggles to Bale and VDV I would resatthem up for Sundays visit of Liverpool. I would go 4-4-2 with the following players:


    Hutton, Bassong, Kaboul, BAE

    Lennon, Palacios, Modric, Kranjcar

    Defoe, Pav

    Giving Defoe 60 – 70 minutes by which stage we should have scored enough to then put the lanky streak on..

    4 – 1 to the Mighty Spurs!!!!

  21. I think this is one where we should rest our best players but bring them on if we look in trouble


    corluka bassong gallas BaE

    bentley jenas palacios kranjcar

    crouch defoe

  22. I think this is a must win go for it game, be great to say we have qualified ahead of Arsenal. But an air of caution, so perhaps might be good with important league games coming up to give VDV and Bale a rest, they certainly deserve it.
    For me………Gomes, Gallas, Kaboul, Corluka and BAE, Palacios, Jenas, Lennon and Modric, Defoe and Crouch


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