Brady launches attack on Spurs and Harry Redknapp


Harry Redknapp

Karren Brady claims Harry Redknapp has killed off credibility surrounding the Olmpic Stadium bid.
Brady wrote in a column for The Sun: “To demolish the Olympic Stadium would be an outrageous waste of money and resources.
“The energy used to build it for £500million, knock it down and then rebuild a football ground would be the equivalent of running the Olympic Stadium for nigh on 90 years.
“Let me put it another way. The Spurs bid is equivalent to building more than 100 new primary schools – then bulldozing each and every one of them after just four weeks.
“Still, Tottenham have clearly decided North London is no longer good enough, which is why former legacy champion Sir Keith Mills and Daniel Levy have their eyes on moving closer to Canary Wharf. Is football only ever about money?
“Theirs is a Spur of the moment money-making bid. Ours is a phenomenal partnership proposal which came together with a true United approach.’
Brady went on to say Redknapp’s claims ended any chance Spurs had of winning the bid:
“For my mind, his words ended up being a form of Harry-kiri that sounded the death knell on any credibility Tottenham had to getting support outside N17.
“Actually, scrub that. They don’t even want the Tottenham plan inside N17. You would have thought someone who grew up with claret and blue in his blood would understand why we have to leave the beloved Boleyn behind.”
Brady also rubbished several other aspects of Tottenham’s bid, from the finances, to the claims that they will fill the stadium with more ease than West Ham, and the backing of Pele.
“We’ve also heard from Pele apparently endorsing the Tottenham proposal.
“Good job he didn’t have to mention that in 2009 when he successfully asked the IOC to give the 2016 Games to Brazil.
“But this comes from a man who also endorses Viagra, at least that’s one product that stands up!”

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  1. This women knows nothing about football, if you think your supporters want to watch their players from the otherside of a race track, some 50 yards from the pitch?. Really karen your only thinking about the money, the money you think you can save, and make from the sale of Upton park. you have your eyes so much on the money, you dont see the wood for the trees. West ham would play in a half empty stadium, you cant fill it, so you wouldnt afford it. The Sun, that paper will soon be as popular as your gaffers old rag, the sport. why not add you and
    Sir Sebastard Coe story just under the artical entitled, Elvis Presleys left nut found in Tescos

  2. She’s such a mug, this situation doesn’t suit anyone. If West Ham do win this bid,it will kill them. I don’t want Spurs to move to stratford but the likes of Harry and Levy are definately correct in saying its an awful venue for a football club and needs to be rebuilt to be capable of hosting a club team. I’ve been and watched teams like Lazio play in similar stadiums and its been rubbish, your miles away and theres no atmosphere at all when its near full, plus they will never get anywhere close to filling it. Karen Brady needs to jog on and stop getting involved, she’s an embarrasement to West Ham fans and is gonna end up tucking them up. There in a bad place as it is and looking like the could end up going down, but things can always get worse and this situation could be it.

  3. if spurs representitives keep quiet and let these jealous minds of west spam keep rabitting on then we will maybe just stay away from the stadium. financially good idea, but it all our hearts we would want to stay in north london and build what has been drawn up as a startling stadium. let west ham get the stadium, it wont be a bad thing with their fans that far away from the players that the’ll end up buying binoculars anyway. im getting sick of the jealousy from west ham…..we are bigger and better and richer and stronger and… balls – they are gash!

  4. it is all so self-serving and tiresome. if the olympic committee paid 500 mill for a stadium with no concessions stand and proper toilets etc and spurs can build a state of the art facility for 200 mill will someone please put the olympic committee in prison for criminal negligence with taxpayers’ money?

    or is it that 350 mill of the 500 was used to build the foundations and other things spurs and west hame will still use. it was designed to be taken apart and reduced to A 25,000 seater. she is either a moron or deliberately trying to mislead people. the lack of honesty about this is very depressing, form many sides

  5. I sincerely hope West Ham get it over us.
    Then spend the rest of their days regretting saying they'd keep the poxy running track.

  6. Stupid slag. She should stick to polishing her bosses’ golden dildo awards. I think Richard Keyes was a couple of days early with his comments, and got the wrong person, other than that he was spot on.

  7. This is all drivel, all from West Ham. Brady talks complete and utter rubbish and this is some so called business woman, if it is about money for us then yes erm it actually is as any half brain twit can see we get a better deal for the club going there, yet why are WHU moving there, well it is becuase they are skint and need to re-finance so theirs is the same money orientated reason. Spurs wont get it anyway so who cares, let them have it and see the club fold – hooray.

  8. We can’t lose: if we get it, we’ll become a global super-club, no question. And WH will go bust coz the only way they can pay off their 80m debts is via the olympic route. If WH get it, they will be an even bigger joke than they already are with 25k in a 60k stadium, the fans will hate it and they’ll struggle to give away tickets to local kids. It will also mean we stay in N London (probably unless ENIC fancy moving us to Crystal Palace lol).

    As for Karen it’s nice to see she cares so much for athletics and the local community and indeed the whole of London. I bet WH fans share her heartfelt concerns. And the 2 Davids, they are not here for the money at all are they. She is the new mother theresa. Money is not an issue for her (LMFAO), it’s all about your athletics legacy committment and community outreach ..

    As for seb coe, jog on (pun fully intended), you like so many other anti-spurs bods in this debate actually have no vote to cast and no-one gives a monkey’s about what you did or didn’t promise the IOC 5 years ago, same way FIFA didn’t give a monkey’s about our honourable and very English fair play world cup bid. As for our credibility in the eyes of the world being “dead” according to some IOC fatcat if spurs win, well the day I give a hoot what the IOC think is the day I start wearing an arsenal shirt. I remember Juan Antonio Samaranche when he ran it, what a lovely character he was.

    Finally, we are not proposing to rip up a 500m development. Only part of the 500m cost as the actual stadium, the rest is roads, pavement etc etc as Karen well knows. You’re fired, love.

  9. Most of my points are already covered by previous posters regarding the blatant hypocrisy of Ms Brady regarding the money motive. This would be a ghastly sell-out for the West Ham faithful who (I hesitate to say), deserve better. Brady, Gold & Sullivan will make a shedload of money from the sale of Upton Park, together with grant money fron Newham Council. They’ll spend as little as possible on the Olympic Stadium and probably hope to make some money on sale of naming rights. Meanwhile the poor West Ham fans will have to rattle around in a half-empty stadium, devoid of atmosphere and too far from the pitch to see the action. The ONLY motivation for the move is to provide profit for the shareholders. Regarding the emotive language of Ms Brady, it is just laughable – The comparison would be more like having built 100 new primary schools in a cachment with only 5000 children under 11, but where there is an overwhelming need for a large Senior school – Where is the crime in knocking down a facility that no-one needs and replacing it with something more suitable that meets everyone’s needs? As previously said, Ms Brady is either deliberately trying to mislead, or is just plain stupid!

  10. Having worked as an architect for the past decade I have this to say:

    As far as I know, the part of the stadium that we are proposing to demolish cost £30M, not as Dixta correctly points out £500M.

    Furthermore we are intending to dismantle the part of the stadium £30M stadium and partially rebuild it at Crystal Palace, so there will be very little waste.

    Spurs are being made to look like the bad guys. We are not.

    The blame lies with the people who originally proposed and planned this mickey-mouse stadium with little or no thought as to how the site would be used after the games.

    They should have been finding a tenant 1 year before they even submitted the Olympic bid, not 1 year before the event!

    This whole thing has been an immense balls up! Spurs's plans can't please everyone, but in my opinion they are the only realistic option on the table.

    I've read that the majority of Spurs fans live more than 40 miles from the ground. I'm not sure this is true, but I'm willing to bet that a move to Stratford would see most fans journey times reduced and may even lead to a reduction (or at least a slowing down in the increase of) ticket prices.

    5 miles is not a long way and the move would be massively important in our attempt to secure regular CL football.


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