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Steve Bruce blasted the referee for what he deemed as a failure to dismiss Spurs hero, Heurelho Gomes in Sunderland’s defeat to Tottenham.

Despite Bent seeming to be heading away from goal, Bruce was disappointed that the Brazilian stopper was not given his marching orders for what he viewed as a goal scoring opportunity.

Gomes was only booked and dusted himself off to save Bent’s poor penalty and Bruce decided to focus on the performance of the referee, as opposed to his side failing to convert any of the large number of chances they carved out.

“For me the goalkeeper’s denied him a goalscoring opportunity, so I can’t go along with the referee’s explanation to me which he was going away from goal. That’s a load of nonsense.

“I think he’s taken the ball around him. If you look at where the ball goes, it doesn’t even go out of play, so Bent for me gets on the end of it and yes there mightbe somebody on the line, but I would fancy him to score when he goes round the ‘keeper in the situation.

“Now it might have been a different result, the reserve goalkeeper might have come on and saved it, but we would have been playing against ten men with half an hour to go, so that would have given us a huge advantage.

“I have to question if that had been the Stadium of Light, we might have got a different decision.”

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  1. then he should have felt the same way about the beach ball goal. his player dived blatantly, so he should just keep his trapped shut…

  2. Why is bruce supporting bents cheating, admittidly if the ref thought it was a foul gomes should have gone. But surely he can see that bent has dived maybe if he stayed on his feet he would actually of scored so instead moaning at refs how a bout he asks for some proffesionalism from his player and ask why when more than likely through on goal with an empty net is darren bent falling over with zero contact. Rant over

  3. What makes Bruce think if Bent gets round the keeper he’s gonna score. He’s made a total balls up of the penalty, the all said after viewing the replay it wasn’t even a foul the cheat dived. Its just a shame he didn’t pick up and injury in the process!

  4. Clearly a dive. And this is the second week in a row that Bruce has defended his players for stupid actions. Jones deserved the red card and he knows it, and Bent dove as it clearly shows on the replay. Man up and admit that your players are cheap. COYS


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