“I’ll take him tomorrow”


Harry Redknapp - Tottenham Hotspur News

Spurs boss Harry Redknapp says would not hesitate to sign Man City’s Carlos Tevez.

Judging by Redknapp’s comments he may be speaking hypothetically since it’s unlikely that Manchester City would loan the striker to another Premier League club and also pay his massive wages in our case.

There is no doubt that Tevez would be a fantastic coup for Tottenham – but it’s highly unlikely that it would come off.

“I would take him if he were available for sure, warts and all. Who wouldn’t?” Redknapp told a number of national newspapers.

“If Manchester City want to let me have him on loan and massively subsidise it, I’ll take him tomorrow.

“Say what you like, but he’s a world-class player and you can’t say he doesn’t work his socks off when he plays.

“When he gets on the field he’s a right handful.

“It’s all right people refusing to condone his behaviour but, to be honest, I’m only interested in what he does when he plays.

“And world-class players are in short supply.”

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  1. idiots. both the man saying this and the man its about, both have no class and the game will be much better when they are both gone.

  2. What a ridiculous comment! If city pay his wages I’d take him tomorrow! Obviously you would but the chances of that happening are slim to fuck all so why even print this? Redknapp your a cockney chancer and you’re no where near as good a manager as you think you are.

  3. I support Harry, but sometimes he just needs to stop commenting about other teams' players. He didn't like it when Chelsea were commented about Modric, so I think you need to respect other teams and not go about making your views known public..it's hypocritical and if it's only hypothetical, does he really need to make any comment?


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