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Spurs are guaranteed a place in the Champions League next season after the 1-0 win at Manchester City.

Come and join your fellow Spurs fans on our forum and begin the celebrations!

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  1. YIIDDDOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! LETS GO FACKING MENTALLLL!!!!!!!! all together now……. YIDD ARMY!!!!!!!!


  2. Sheer unadulterated joy!!!!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! Now to get top 3 to cap off wonderful season…Good ole 'arry and the boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Tevez £25m,
    Adebayor £25m
    Robinho £32m
    Lescot £24m

    1.0 to the Spurs and champions league footie…

    Theres some things money cant buy. For everything else, theres THFC.

  4. Well done to my super fans and to my super super TEAM every fan in the north west where for us to win except CITY PETROL HIKERS . love you all DAVSPURS FOREVER A COCKEREL.

  5. I'm getting goosebumps thinking of that Champions League song and the CL flag fluttering at the Lane. "THE CHAMPIONS!!!!…" How does it go? Ledley King was like King Leonidas today. Majestic and rock solid and ready for war. Gomes, I wronged you early on. Hands up hand to heart zero to hero!!! BAE, Bale, everyone magnifique!!!!

  6. I'm getting goosebumps thinking of that Champions League song and the CL flag fluttering at the Lane. "THE CHAMPIONS!!!!…" How does it go? Ledley King was like King Leonidas today. Majestic and rock solid and ready for war. Gomes, I wronged you early on. Hands up hand to heart zero to hero!!! BAE, Bale, everyone magnifique!!!!

  7. what a fantastic feeling, THFC ARE A CHAMPIONS LEAGUE TEAM, 30 years a spurs fan and this is the greatest moment of it all, very proud of the players, harry (where are the haters saying he not good enough for CL finish?), coaches and of course daniel levy and the boardroom staff who have believed and backed our club, the glory days are back where they belong, we are tottenham super tottenham we are tottenham from the lane COYS

  8. G-d bless all the players, coaches, directors, ball boys, ground staff, programme sellers and fans of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club. And G-d bless Harry!

    Well done to all my fellow yids for sticking through thick and thin and always giving 100% support to our team.

    Never felt so proud.

    Tottenham till I die!

  9. From all the way out in Borneo South East Asia………. Go you Lillywhites!!! I can't believe this. The Spurs army awakens to a new dawn!!! COYS!!!

  10. This is such a joyous night. Never wanted to sday so publicy but I couldn't see us losing tonight. The team of supposed bottlers grinds out two priceless 1-0 wins

  11. Great night tonight and Spurs deserved the result
    Can't get too excited yet about CL Group Stage football
    Look at the potential sides we could be drawn against………….
    Ledley was right – not there just yet
    Ledley was immense and Dawson not far behind
    Cant' wait for the World Cup with at least 5 YIDS in the squad
    the future is bright – the future in Tottenham White

  12. never ever thot wed actuali do it, feel daft nw that i never had total faith in our troops bt doin stuf the hard way is the totnam way, roll on champions league – i fear no1 total faith here we go. Coys yid army

  13. I just can't believe it!!!! We actually did it??? No heart ache ….
    No despair!!!
    I mean….wow…. just speechless….
    We played like warriors all season….
    Ledley My hero!!!
    We're in the champions league…wow…it even feels weird saying it.

  14. Im speachless, as i sat watching the game and kept shusshhing the Mrs as she kept on with the stupid questions….. whys crouch so lanky ?…. he should be a basketball player….. whys everyone on about King, whats so good about him ?……blaah blaah blaah, eventually i had to say, LOOK Mrs , if you can manage to keep stum and if Spurs win tonight, ill buy you those bloody tickets to the V festival off some silly tout OK !!!!!!!! That shut her up and just as she made a sneaky comment on how it was never gonna happen and i only promised those tickets as i knew they wouldnt win, Crouchy pops up with a header to make it a season to remember. Well done Tottenham Hotspur, well done to all the players who have played there hearts out, not just over the last few games, but week in and week out since the season began. I have had so many text from Utd, Liverpool and even a Scummy Arsenal Fan to say that Spurs finally got what they have deserved all season. Not much else to say but lets hope Arsenal loose on sunday and we win to take 3rd…..oh and has anyone got any V Festival tickets ?????????????? LOL


  15. Can I just say as a Spurs fan for nearly 40 years now I just love how we do things – the club have it right there's lot's of City's, United's & towns but only one HOTSUR – We are Tottenham, we do it our way, whatever happens you are my club, you are my 10 year old sons club you are TOTTENHAM – I was fortunate to see most matches during the 80's but now live in Exeter so don't see then live so often but you are my club & you are great!! well done to each & every one of you tonight & all season – we have qualified and now for the real thing next season – Lets push on & make a statement to football about the right way to do things WE ARE TOTTENHAM COYS

  16. City fan here. Well done spurs hope you do well in the champs league next year. over the season you were better than us and thoroughly deserve it.again well done

  17. We are Tottenham from the LANE! Well done boys you are fecking gladiators, lets get 3rd! Come On Fulham!!!
    Tottenham Till I Die!

  18. What a game. What a season! This is hardest working team we've had in years and their hard work has paid off tonight. Congrats to Harry and the boys. COME ON YOU SPURS!!

  19. Yid's in Mexico join in celebration with our brothers and sisters around the world tonight to mark an historic moment in OUR clubs history……we are well known for our dreaming and i cannot remember another day which has left us with more cause for celebration and dreaming than this…..bring us the Barca and Real….isn't it what we all want, to see the likes of Messi and Kaka grace the lane…..Harry, never doubted you….the whole squad have played their part this year and deserve praise and recognition….Spurs in the Champions League!!!!!!!!

    The future is Lillywhite…..YID ARMY!!!!!!

  20. So so proud of the lads, Arry, the coaching team, the club and the fans. Even shed a few tears at fulltime. A long long time coming and worth the wait. What a stirring finish to the season. Blood and guts effort the past month.

  21. As a life long supporter dating from the days of Cliff Jones and Tommy Harmer,and now living in Canada, it was a great day. A real squad performance with grit and class. The game was broadcast here but I did not have the stomach to watch it but taped it and only watched it when I knew the result, such was the imprtance of the game.
    The best thing is that if you look at it is that this squad has yet to reach its full potential and I think it is stronger that the other big three. Being in the CL will make it so much easier to hold on to the likes of Bale, Lennon, Dawson, Modric.

  22. I'm in Papua, most of you have no idea where that is – but we had ESPN.. I watched it at 4am and couldn't be prouder! Wish I was back in North London to celebrate! Keeping it alive in the jungle! COYS!


  24. 47 years a fan now i can relax and enjoy the summer i dont think we can get 3rd place because i dont think many of the players last night will play on sunday i think harry will play the kids we must now strenghen the squad and hope for a good draw in the qualifiers celtic would do us fine but whoever we draw they will not like a buzzing night at the lane well done the players the coaching staff and well done mr levey and mr lewis for keeping the faith also well done each and every spurs supporter all over the world our time has come lets enjoy

  25. I think the fact that we can potentially finish 3rd shows that this is no fluke! Sure Arsenal missed Van Persie and Fabregas, but we spent most of the season without Luka, Aaron, Gareth & Ledley!

    I'm not sure we need to spend too much this summer, maybe some quality young players and I'd welcome Stephen Ireland and Micah Richards from the City substitutes bench.

    Other than that let's spend 20 million on a pair of bionic knees for Ledley!

  26. South African Spurs fan who went absolutely bloody crazy last night…waking up the neighbours close to midnight with my shouting.So many tears, so many dissapointments over the years but hell this was worth the wait.
    Thank you Harry…thank you to every member of the squad from young Danny Rose and his wonder strike to the Octopus and his safe hands at the back.
    Haven,t done much work today…in fact don't think I will…it's just so bloody unbelievably good to be a Spurs fan today. Up you Spurs!!!! Up You Spurs!!!! UP YOU SPURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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