Let’s not go overboard (yet)


It has been a great 10 days for us with results over Lyon, West Ham and the Scum, and let’s hope this great run continues.

My only suggestion to my fellow supporters is don’t get too carried away just yet. We are once again in a great position to finish in a Champions League spot, and once again it is all in our hands, but remember we have been in this position a couple of times before.

In our next 6 games, we have Liverpool, Chelsea and Man City to play, and The Scum have generally an easy 6 games on paper. It only needs a turn around of 2 wins and a draw for them (with us losing 3) in the remaining fixtures to see them go above us on ‘goal difference’. As always our goal difference is awful.

The one bright thing is that in all of our last 3 games we haven’t been playing to the top of our game but have still secured the wins. If we can play to our best, then we will take some catching. Let’s hope the lads continue to put in the effort they have shown lately and keep the great run going.

Our fans are the best in the world. We speak as we find and criticise when necessary, but always support our club through thick and thin. We as the best fans in the world deserve a little bit of success.

By CheekyCockney

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  1. Totally agree…been here many times before; 30 more points available for both teams, and we need to make sure we get 6 more than the scum…when it is no longer mathematically possible for them to over-take us, I will really start celebrating…till then its squeaky bum time as far as I'm concerned

  2. totally agree, those idiots on sky sports saying its all done and dusted. With our fixtures we can play well and still come out of the chelsea, city and liverpool games with anywhere between 0-2 points no problem at all. I presume arsenal will win their easy games so thats the gap gone there and then.
    We are far from being safe yet.

  3. You are right Cheeky, we have been in this position before, i just feel we have the team to actually do it this time.

    You are also right that we have the best fans in the world and we certainly do deserve success.

  4. We are in a good position bus as Cockney says it is far from done and dusted. Arsenal always seem to have the luck to make it to champions league and i have the horrible feeling they will do again. For me its the point of beating Chelsea into 3rd or 4th as i hate to say it but think arsenal will get there. So it's Chelsea who we need to keep ahead of in my opinion. Saying that, lets all hope and pray arsenal lose every match anyway.


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