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Luka Modric - Tottenham Hotspur News

Chelsea chairman Bruce Buck admits he does not know whether the club will pursue their interest in Tottenham’s Luka Modric

“Most clubs don’t want to talk about players they are interested in but the Modric situation became public,” said Buck.

“We did make an offer, (Tottenham chairman) Daniel Levy has rejected that offer and I don’t know if it will go any further, we will have to see.

“Andre didn’t give us a shopping list but he did tell us where he thought we could improve.

“He did mention some players but it was not a case of ‘I want this guy and I want that guy’ because it is more than just selecting the players.

“It is whether the player is available, what the price is and every other dynamic that goes with it.

“But Andre is working very well with the board and directly with Roman (Abramovich) in terms of looking at the squad and trying to see whether there is anything that needs to be done.”

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  1. “Most clubs don’t want to talk about players they are interested in but the Modric situation became public,” said Buck.

    erm. It became public because Chelsea made it public DESPITE Levy’s request not to do so. What a piece of work Buck is. The american Delboy

  2. There is an early lesson hear no team has won at home in the premiership and apart from City and Spurs who got called off its already a record. I cant stress the link to the one and only positive drug test for energy drugs that help you run and defend without the ball for a long long time . This means you can play players anywhere and the level of performance wont drop the only indication apart from the results the other indications are massive weight loss like Young Roone and others. . Jeff Reeves asked Ferguson about Rooneys weight loss he stuttered and said no he is the same well his noisy neighbor Toure lost weight and he run a lot . Let me warn all the enerey cheats i will be watching for overheated faces when Jeff comes calling with the mike and for staring . eyes Ashley . We should not spend til the Fa except the magnitude of this problem before deaths and illness strike the latest in Japan. There is a player ill with a wasting virus and i no a girl who starved to death with ephedrine trying to lose weight all her organs packed in aged 21 Now there is a Utd player. Darren Fletcher who has looked ill for two seasons and now he is.with a weight wasting virus is what Utd have said. . Just look at how ill Woodgate looked playing for Stoke on Sky sport. Tony Pullis complain City never got tested before or after there cup win yet Stoke did before and after they where off the pace City where not this is the problem the new equalizer is now energy levels staying high ., Levey should keep our Money and hope it stops or deaths will happen and dirty tackles causing major injuries by over energized players this will be my last post on the subject but its true and Jeff Shreves is suspecting something is not right with the resultsUtd will be in sixth gear when we call i no .

    • This is a good question. It was different with Keane, Carrick and Berb, because we had to sell due to what they had left on their contracts. The FA and the footballing system allows the benefits of tapping up to far outweigh any POTENTIAL repercussions. We needed to insure that we were properly financially compensated for the loss of our players.

      With Modric however, we're in a really strong position, and it'll be two years before we even need to worry about his contract dictating a sale.

      Modric's head has clearly been turned, but rather than from an invitation on to Roman's yacht I assume this has all come through his agent. I was under the impression that clubs aren't allowed to talk to a player without the parent club's permission, but does this include agents? Also, as agents no doubt represent multiple players proving anything must be extremely difficult. I'm sure Daniel is looking into it and would do something if he could.

  3. Modric is our linchpin,how many times have we sold players.enough is enough if once again we want championship football then lets keep hold of our assets.


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