Chelsea officials to meet to discuss another Modric bid


Luka Modric Harry Redknapp - Tottenham Hotspur News

Chelsea officials are planning to meet to discuss the possibility of bidding once again for Luka Modric.

Tottenham have already rejected two bids from Chelsea for the Croatian midfielder, the most recent being £27million.

Chelsea chief executive Ron Gourlay will hold talks with manager Andre Villas-Boas whenthey return from Hong Kong.

“I don’t like talking about players from other clubs, but that’s something we’ll look at during the week and we’ll take it from there,” Gourlay told Sky Sports News.

“We really need to sit down with Andre and talk this through. Even though we’ve been travelling away you can still be active in the marketplace nowadays.

“The communication is always there with our guys back in London or wherever they are at the present time around the world.”

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  1. Talk all you want you twat,he is not for sale and you will not get him for the money you are offering so let me put it in a language you will understand 50m or fuck off you chavski dickwad.

  2. It never ceases to amaze me the amount of attention being paid by certain factions in the media towards Luka Modric. Every week it’s Cheatski are going to come back with a new improved offer including cash plus player. They dont care if there is a grain of truth in it which is quite frankly amazing. It’s as if they have a vested interest in prizing Modric away from Spurs on behalf of Cheatski and if not then to Manure. They do not respect Daniel Levy and do not believe him when he says that Modric is not for sale at any price. They remain determined to make him out to be a weak livered money grabber not at all interested in the betterment of Spurs but devoted to money. I feel that they underestimate Levy’s determination to stand his ground and has dug his heels in. Afterall, his reputation is on the line not Redknapps.

  3. The problem for Levy is does he deal at £40-45m, thus risking the danger of other players wanting to leave (Bale, VdV etc.), and also strengthening (a weak looking) top-four rival ? Or does he go an buy Mata and Affelay and have the replacements ready for a departing Modric…or, does he go for Llorente, Vucinic or Rossi in a bid to appease Modric and keep him at WHL for one more season…decisions, decisions…

  4. You go for all 5 of those players cost 120mil approx. we bring in approx 160mil by letting moders go for 45 mil to manure. never to chelsea let them stew. sell bale to inter for 45mil as well, and van the man for 20mil, pav for 15 ml, crouch, for the same, gomes for 8mil, keane and jj for 6 mil each. We will have a stronger side and about 40mil in the bank towards the new ground.


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