Chelsea should pay £60m-£70m for Modric


Luka Modric - Tottenham Hotspur News

Tottenham should not sell Luka Modric to Chelsea for less than £60million – that’s the view of former Spurs captain Graham Roberts.

Chelsea are rumoured to be considering making a final £35million take it or leave it offer for the Croatian international, but Roberts feels that Modric is worth far more.

He told the Daily Star on Sunday; “I don’t think £35m is enough for Modric.

“How much would it cost Spurs to get a replacement in for him?”

“He’s the best player at Tottenham so why should they sell their best player for £35m to Chelsea,” he said.

“If Chelsea want him they should pay £60-70m.”

Roberts added: “Every player can say, ‘Well if you don’t let me go I’m going to sulk’.

“But, if you let one player get away, you’re going to let lots of players get away with it.

“Somebody has got to make a stand and I think Daniel Levy is doing the right thing. If Levy lets Modric do what he wants this year, then it’ll be someone else next year who wants to leave.”

Roberts added: “Tottenham will then just be a selling club again and we don’t want to be a selling club, we want to be a top four club.”


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  1. Graham Roberts is only echoing the thoughts and sentiments of the vast majority of Spurs fans. As for the presumption of Cheatski supposedly coming back in with a take it or leave it offer beggers belief that they could have the cheek. What part of not for sale at any price dont they understand. Perhaps the shady underhanded midget Russian thinks that Daniel Levy is just play acting in order to bump up the price and his palms are really itching to take the money. I wonder what his reactions would be if Man Shity went after his star player with such irritating regularity. He’d more than likely cry foul and throw his toys out the pram. I hope they do come in withg a final offer and Daniel Levy can give them a final FU response.

    • Typical delude Sp*rs supporter. Small club run by greedy small minded men in cheap plastic suits. You can stick your 70 mil where the sun don't shine. Modric clearly doesn't want to play for the nearly men. Get over it.

      • Chelsea were a nearly team for 2 or 3 decades until a Russian with deep pockets came me along. They still have a shit stadium and besides fulham have the smallest global support of all the london clubs. spurs have always had a bigger support than Chelsea and that's why their supporters are still jealous of the lily whites and always will be regardless of how much money they spend to buy titles or cups. No self respecting Londoner would support a team like chelski.

  2. I would not sell him to the Chavs at all. Why should we make our rivals stronger? It makes no sense at all. If we are to loose Modric then sell him abroad. Who gives a chit what Modric wants it’s about us not him. Levy for fcuk sake buy some strikers, what’s the matter with you.

  3. Agree with the comments of Graham Roberts above, Chelsea set the bar by offering £50m for Torres but now they bitch about paying similar for Modric? Chelsea fans haven appreciation for talent just pound signs….muppets

  4. Is this some kind of joke, Modric worth £60M to £70m hahahahah dont get me he is a good player. It seems Ganso and Kaka are our prime targets now, i heard Chelsea will discuss Modric again but for not the price this crappy website states. Remember Spurs fans, you club seems to have no spending money at your disposols to spend. Thats why if AVB decides to proceed with £40m than i just hope for Harry’s sake Spurs accept, it will give him a chance to spend and strengton your poor team. Spurs can than bid for Malouda, Anelka, and Drogba. Well maybe Anelka and Malouda as Drogs is discussing a new contract with Chelsea. Than again how long will Harry be at Spurs for it seems England his next destination, sonner rather later.

    CFC for Life!!!

    • We have no money to spend ??? where do you get your info from as it is clearly WRONG, yes we have to sell before we buy thats because we run a tight ship and need to shed the deadwood.

      Truth is we are a better run club than you and have more money in the bank than you, as for a "poor team" is that the same team you are hardly taking any points off ?

  5. Why are Chelsea fans so stupid? He is worth 70m to us because he can’t be replaced, we don’t need the money and he has 5 years left on his contract. There is really no reason why we should sell unless we’re worried about hurting little Luka’s feelings.

  6. I think Graham Roberts is dreaming.How much did CR7 sold to Real Madrid even as at that time he was Man U’s best player.Modrich is worth not more than 35m.

  7. Just because we are Chelsea does not mean we have to pay over the odds. I don’t want Sneidjer on 200,000 quid a month or a greedy Pastore and an overpaid Aguero.

    Days of Torres and Sheva are over. Unless you are Messi or Neymar, forget it!

    I think we should start a bid for Lyon Kim Kallstrom. A gifted left-footed Swedish international, he is a box-to-box type of midfielder too but also has added asset like long range shooting and great crossing. He may be the 7th highest paid footballer in Ligue One but even at an improved 4.5mil quid, that is still 86K euros a week.

    • yeah, think your right. sugar dadski aint gonna be around forever, you wanna look at getting players you can actually afford.
      you started paying the stupid wages, now we're all paying for it !

  8. I’ve got a bad feeling here bout this issue. With the window’s closing in, the talk of Juan Mata is not over yet. I think it all depends weather we land this chap. If he signs, I’ll think we can say bye-bye to Modric.

  9. My gut feeling says that if we land Juan Mata, then Spurs will sell Modric. And if we do sell him to Chelsea, the deal should be: Modric for 35 million + The Drog.

  10. This is ridiculous…How can Modrich be bought for such an amount…Is he Messi or CR7?Or is it because we are desperate for creative midfielder?If this is the amount Tottenham want then they should forget it.There are so many options arround and we will look for that…

  11. What a Joke!! 70 million. Graham Roberts has lost his marbles. It just goes to show that Tottenham are a one man team. Top 4, no chance. If Modric has a poor season or is injured then it looks like Tottenham will have to be content with finishing outside the top 6. Really doesn't say much for the rest of the team.

  12. just be honest to yourselves chelsea and man city, you got no history as a club, players go to you for only money, so put your hand in your russian pocket and lay out the 60 mill, just like you layed out 50 odd for torres you mugs.

    • See my reply, Chelsea were in the Champions League long before Roman arrived.
      Spurs were classed a big club in the 60's but history stands still for some teams. Nottingham Forest, Derby, Villa and if you want to go back further Preston for that matter!
      Spurs are about West Ham's level these days, thus the competition in trying to get the Olympic Stadium.
      Chelsea are recognized as a 'big club' all around the world, look at the packed grounds in Asia pre-season!
      Personally I can't see much between Modric and Beneyoun apart from the age difference and as I said, Berbatov hardly has hit the heights since he signed for a big club, the same could happen to Modric – big fish in a small pond and all that.

      • Erm I believe chelsea were in the champions league once before abramovich. Not ‘long before he came’ also spurs are one of only 2/3 teams that have won something in every decade. So throughout hisory. Chelsea have not. Spurs like all premier league clubs especially in a place like asia where locals go ott at any club arriving so to base your ‘big club’ statistics on that is pointless. Spurs also get mobbed. Its funny as most of the crowds in asia were wearing torres chelsea shirts who made his name in international news at liverpool. A player who only recently signed for chelsea. An a lot of fans support a player in asia not the team. They were probably the same people wearing liverpool shirts with torres on last season. Spurs are a bigger supported team, have won more and have a better history. Chelsea just have money which they bankroll titles with. They have literally brought there success. Without roman they would be a newcastle or leeds FACT! Liverpool were not in decline when spurs qualified for CL. They had players who were not performing to previous levels one most notible being torres. As for city they are just following the blueprint. A team that wasn’t going anywhere bank rolled to top 4 and now probably beyond. If spurs had a rich owner bank rolling us they would piss on chelsea all over. The one thing and only thing chelsea have over us in the who’s bigger is money. An please you really do show your lack of knowledge/ deludedness if you really think west ham and spurs are the same level. For a start they just got relegated! West ham were bigger than chelsea 20 years ago, that’s how much money you have spent to get where you are. An the OP stadium is a bad argument. West ham were always going to get it due to it being in there area.

  13. I understand that Chesea fans find the £70 mil exstortionate but the fact is he plays forus and they want to buy him soit is Tottenham who set the price, not Chelsea.

  14. If Chelsea cant cough up £70 mil we can keep hold of him and they….mmm well they won't have a central midfield replacement for Essien who loses out Tottenham or Chelsea?

  15. Modric isn’t worth a penny over £30 million. Bale is a player that will improve Chelsea’s squad as is Arsenal’s Nasri. Spurs were fortunate to be in the Champions League last season. Man City were adjusting to big money signings and Liverpool were in decline last season and Spurs didn’t have the quality to take advantage.

    Many people forget Chelsea were in the Champions League under Ken Bates’s reign and under the likes of Gullit and Vialli a far bigger team than Spurs.

    Now Chelsea and Spurs are chalk and cheese, nobody can say Chelsea aren’t the biggest club in the South and Europe wise alongside Manchester United as England’s best.

    Modric is a good player in an average Croatian team and is yet to experience a ‘big club’ in England. Same with Berbatov with Bulgaria, he has hardly made the same impact at Old Trafford has he?

    He deserves the chance to step up a level at Chelsea, Redknapp should know that more than anyone.

    For me a certain Dutch bloke at Inter Milan should be Chelsea’s target and he can be bought for 35 million – herewith end the argument Spuds!

    • "nobody can say Chelsea aren't the biggest club in the South and Europe wise alongside Manchester United as England's best"

      Funny that Spurs have won more than you, you may be the team inform due to the large amounts of money your owner has put in but you are not even in the same league as Man U .

      On that point your owner has clearly lost a lot of disire because in years gone by he would have just bought any player now he is watching his money

    • Wasn't Berbatov top scorer of the league last year ? I think 60 mil is over the top but if u're willing to pay 50 for torres ar 27yrs 45-50 mil is a fair price for the leagues best creative midfeilder whos only 24. He still have at least 6 good years left and could if he maintains a standard would be sold for more then 40 mil in 4 yrs time. where were you when you were shit you little rent boy ?

  16. As a Chelsea fan I do get that since Spurs don't have to sell, they can sell him for what ever price they want, but that's not fair against the lad himself. Give him a fair price tag. If Chelsea comes up with the money, fine, we'll get him, if not, fine, we'll look at someone else.

    It's also understandable that the price is driven a bit higher because of his contract length, which is his own fault. Don't get why players sign extensions and just a couple of months later puts in transfer requests. Makes is sooo much harder for the buying club.

    It's all in Levy's hands. I fear he might be staying though.

  17. What is wrong with you most of you? He's under contract and regardless of what he wants he should never, ever be sold to another Premiership Club. The price is totally irrelevant. If he really wants CL so much and somebody is prepared to pay enough to replace him then sell him abroad. But remember a replacement has to be at least as good – tell me – who is that? And if they're that good they will also want CL action.

    Mr L you have my admniration if you DO stick to your stated policy


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