“The club have not spoken with the player or with Spurs”


Giovani Dos Santos - Tottenham Hotspur News

Sevilla have denied claims that they have agreed a deal to sign Giovani Dos Santos.

The out of favour Tottenham playmaker has been linked with a move to the Spanish outfit and is said to be keen on the switch.

However although Sevilla admit that they are interested in the Mexican, no deal is in place.

“The club have not spoken with the player or with Spurs,” Sevilla’s sporting director, Ramon Rodriguez Monchi said.

“It is certain that we are interested in the footballer but we have not spoken with the kid and it is not true that we have signed a pre-contract.

“This is not legal and Sevilla always takes this subject seriously.”


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  1. Dos santos has got talent. He’s well loved in mexico. If he leaves I would blame the left footed forward. How can it be so hard to get in the team. their not winning nothing. The likes of lennon should be sold, whats he doin for the club apart from running around franticly. The way lennon plays cancels out walker. walker can run with the ball and deliver. cash in on lennon. I don’t hear england beggin for him.

    • Please tell us how many times Lennon has even played with Walker!?!?!?
      – I can't think of one, even in preseason.

      Defender's jobs are to defend, that's why we're keen to get rid of Hutton, because he can't do it. He actually gets in Lennon's way in an attacking sense, just like Johnson for England. Are you telling us that Lennon should make way for the fullback to attack?

      Lennon is actually one of our most consistent performers: rarely loses the ball, tracks back, provides an outlet, doesn't conceed possession needlessly, and his crossing is actually pretty good! It is a really lazy old sterotype to say that his crossing is poor, it's based on when he was lumped in with Walcott a couple of years ago. He has been injured when England HAVE come calling.

      GDS? – His attitude clearly leaves something to be desired: "if he could pass a nightclub as well as he could pass a ball" (Harry). Is he better than say Kranjcar? No. Do we need him?

  2. no – give him a chance – he has made 10 appearances in 3 years and some of those are only part games – i would love a proper explanation of why he hasnt had a chance

  3. He should stay and be given a real chance. Find his best position and work with it. Hes a real talent that could potentially become world class. It would be like a new signih if we had him at the top of his game next season.

  4. I've said previously, this kid needs playing time & most importantly needs personalised coaching.The fans need to know why such a talented youngster is finding it difficult to settle down at Spurs yet excells when playing for other clubs & his country.

  5. he looks like a queer with that silly fucking hairdo. I hate blokes who look like fuckin tarts, when they go bald they have bits hanging here and there as if to say "yeah this is my new style"when in reality they are fuckin bald.

    • Fuck you, you piece of shit! You're probably bald and hate your life right now. I bet you're a skinny ass little white who kid, who all he does is get high. Get some proper education as well, dumb ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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