Conte: I want Kane and missed out on Walker

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Chelsea boss Antonio Conte has been running his mouth by stating that Tottenham striker Harry Kane would be his dream signing.

After signing Alvaro Morata for nearly £60million, I find it baffling why he would come out and publically state his admiration for another striker.

Kane has finished as the Premier League’s top goalscorer for the past two seasons, and when answering a question about Tottenham’s title ambitions, Conte told several national newspapers: “Tottenham is a really good squad if they are able to keep all the players.

“For me, Kane, now, is one of the best strikers in the world.

“If I had to buy one striker I would go to Kane. He is a complete striker. He is strong physically, with the ball, without the ball, he fights and he’s strong in the air and acrobatic on the right and the left.

“He’s a complete player. He’s one of the top strikers in the world. If you go to buy Kane now it would be at least B#100m.

“At least. For me, if I see this price for a striker I know for sure he’s a big striker.”

Reading Conte’s comments about how it is ‘not a tragedy’ if Tottenham don’t win the league or qualify for the Champions League are massively belittling in my opinion. Maybe Conte is unaware that around 20 years ago, Chelsea couldn’t even fill their stadium.

He said: “My question is this: What are Tottenham’s expectations?

“If they don’t win the title, it’s not a tragedy. If they don’t arrive in the Champions League, it’s not a tragedy.

“If they go out in the first round of the Champions League, it’s not a tragedy. If they go out after the first game that they play in the Europa League and go down against Gent, it’s not a tragedy.

“Maybe for Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester City, Manchester United and – I don’t know – Liverpool, it is a tragedy. You must understand this. You must understand the status of the team.”

Conte also revealed that Chelsea missed out on right-back Kyle Walker: “We tried to buy Walker,” he said. “Honestly, I think now every single player is expensive. For you to even enquire about one player, he is expensive.

“You go to buy a right-back, a left-back or a central defender and he is expensive. It is very difficult in the transfer market for the teams that need to improve their squads.”

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  1. These comments show how little Conte understands about what has happened in English football since Roman A bought Chelsea. There are some clubs who are bankrolled by what are effectively “sugar-daddys” including his own. They manipulate fair play rules, spend what they like and as Daniel Levy said inflate prices for everyone. Man Utd and others are still in huge debt – I am just glad to support a well run club that is trying to do it the “hard way”. Grudging respect for Arsenal who have taken a similar approach….

  2. Conti, is only stating the obvious regarding Harry Kane, he’s scoring goals for fun in a very good team and everybody wants a prolific goal scorer like him however, without a good team of players around him he’s not going to be successful. With regards disrespecting Spurs, again Conti is stating the obvious and that attitude towards Spurs will continue until they win trophies on a regular basis. When that happens, we will be seen and regarded in an entirely different light. It’s hurtful but true and I blame Levy and ENIC for the disrespect shown towards us. What Spurs were in bygone years is history. It’s what is happening now that counts. I don’t think that Conti gives a stuff that 20 years ago Chelsea couldn’t fill their stadium and hovered on the precipice of extinction or for that matter Manchester City hadn’t won even a teacup for 50 odd years until the Arabs invested in them 5 or so years ago. I repeat, It’s all about what’s happening now that counts and we have to shape up and win things or our better players will sadly ship out including the manager.

    • If we are to understand Contes comments about spurs then everyone involved with Chelsea must understand why anyone not involved with Chelsea or City do not see them as big clubs. They have rich owners who have purchased success, they didn’t build it and they certainly didn’t earn it.
      People laugh at Spurs supporters when we say we believe we can win the league (which, funnily enough, is showing ambition) but everyone laughs at Chelsea and city when they call themselves bit clubs. Big wallets, not big clubs

      • I certainly laugh at both Chelsea and Manchester City whenever I hear or read about them being mentioned as big clubs. I realise of course that it’s not fan based but simply because both of those clubs are owned by Billionaires who aren’t afraid to speculate in order to accumulate.

    • You blame Levy and ENIC for not being sugar-daddy owners?
      You blame them for making Tottenham the best run club in the division?
      You blame them for showing how a club should be run via its own revenues, just as recommended by UEFA?
      You blame them for taking us away from being a mid-table team?
      You blame them for taking us to the cusp of success via organic and sustainable growth and development, with more obviously to come?
      You blame them for having the team perform consistently above par for the last eight seasons (and more), because that is what it is when the sixth best financed club finished fifth or higher as Spurs have done in seven of the last eight seasons?
      You blame them for having Tottenham consistently in a title race for the first time since the 1960’s?
      You blame them for revamping the youth set-up and making it one of the most innovative and productive there is?
      You blame them for building one of the best (the best over a two year average) teams in the division and the youngest?
      You blame them for hiring one of the best young managers in World football?
      You blame them for one of the best, most advanced training centres in Europe?
      You blame them for building a new stadium that will be the second biggest but best and most technologically advanced club ground in England?
      You blame them because what we see is only half way through the process and when the stadium is built, this team develops, Poch develops and the youth set-up continues to improve the club will kick on again?

      And back full circle, you blame them for not being sugar-daddy owners!

      • You bet I blame them. It’s only taken 20 years to get to this stage. I won’t emulate war & peace with you but lets touch on a few points you brought up. After countless efforts to find a manager worth his salt, Levy finally stumbled across someone we can all be proud of. Thank the Lord LVG turned him down. Remember brainless Tim, Ramos the Spaniard who couldn’t speak a word of English, yet we managed the 2 bob cup with him, clueless Gross, the undermining of Martin Jol, kicked out just when we were getting some stability and pride back. 2nd & 3rd hand players bought by Redknapp. The sale of Berbatov, Carrick, Modric and Bale none of whom were adequately replaced. Squandering the proceeds of the monies made on the sale of Bale. Penny wise pound foolish springs to mind. I could go on and on. His insistence of a Director of football which was doomed to failure and yet he persisted. Instability, uncertainty, mediocre and over the hill mercenaries bought and sold. In the meantime, our neighbours with their stability stole a match and accumulated trophy after trophy and extending the gap that was forming whilst ENIC and its favourite son fiddled and fumbled. The stadium. This project was in the pipe eleven years ago and it’s finally upon us at last but do you remember the shinnanigans with the Olympic stadium nonsense? What on earth was that episode all about? Spurs are a NORTH London club and have been since inception, we are not from the East end of London although many of our supporters are from that region. Spurs are not an American franchise where teams in the NFL can pick up sticks and move to another State at the drop of a hat because the owner thinks it’s time for a change of scenery. The new training facility is fantastic but is it really that big of an attraction to players or is a bigger salary more Appealing? And there’s more, Levy tells us that the building of the new stadium has no bearing on transfer activity. I wonder if he means sales only and not purchases? Everyone is in no doubt that Spurs now has a team and a manager capable of achieving but we need to consolidate this status by bringing in a few experienced and exciting game changers, no drastic changes but strengthen. Show the fans the players and everyone else for that matter that THFC are here to stay at the top. I and I’m sure every single Spurs fan truly love our club and sense that the time has finally arrived to truly succeed in the winning stakes. After all, levy needs to fill that new stadium of ours and if he fails or refuses to see what is needed, players will find success elsewhere irrespective of a new state of the art stadium and world class training facility.

  3. Conte is not happy because Levy obviously wants to keep his money and in the end that will make us stronger. Onwards and upwards. Plenty in our academy, more stars to come. At the same time Levy is bumping up the prices for everyone else. 53 million for walker. lol.

  4. It just shows that these teams actually fear us now. They’re scared about what could happen in the very near future. They want us to spend our cash in a panic, derail us and f;ck it up! COYS!!


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